Top 100 Romantic Movies Of All Time

I have Chosen Romantic Movies from Hollywood alone and few Japanese animations that are dubbed in English because they sound better than the original. I have not seen some of the famous movies known for Romance and few movies that I have seen but could not be taken into the Chart below and this chart will act as a good reference in case your heart is craving for some Romantic Movies. I hope you guys like it and would love to know some of your favorites among the list as well as those that are not one the list.

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1 Pride & Prejudice 11 The Time Travellers Wife 21 The Terminal
2 Titanic 12 PS I Love You 22 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
3 Before Sunrise 13 The Secret in their Eyes 23 Atonement
4 Before sunset 14 Love Actually 24 Modern Times
5 Before Midnight 15 Notting Hill 25 Top Gun
6 The Notebook 16 The Proposal 26 Her
7 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 17 500 days of summer 27 Groundhog Day
8 Pretty Woman 18 Sweet November 28 50 First Dates
9 Love & other drugs 19 Definitely Maybe 29 The Lake House
10 Silver Linings Playbook 20 The Fault In Our Stars 30 It’s a Wonderful Life
31 One Day 41 About Time 51 Mary and Max
32 The Theory of Everything 42 Moulin Rouge 52 Cinderella
33 Gone With The Wind 43 City Lights 53 Beauty and the Beast
34 True Romance 44 Forgetting Sarah Marshal 54 Whispers of the Heart
35 The Perks of Being a Wallflower 45 Roman Holiday 55 UP
36 Blue is the Warmest Color 46 Flipped 56 Wall E
37 Carol 47 Hitch 57 Tangled
38 The Handmaiden 48 When Harry Met Sally 58 The Secret World of Arrietty
39 Indecent Proposal 49 Crazy, Stupid, Love 59 Tarzan
40 My Best Friend’s Wedding 50 The Holiday 60 Corpse’s Bride
61 Allied 71 Lives of Others 81 Up in the Air
62 La La Land 72 Revolutionary Road 82 Closer
63 Mr. Nobody 73 Blue Valentine 83 The Graduate
64 The Reader 74 Sleepless in Seattle 84 An Education
65 Match Point 75 The Apartment 85 Something’s Gotta Give
66 Remember Me 76 Slum Dog Millionaire 86 Let the Right One in
67 Midnight In Paris 77 Vertigo 87 The Last of the Mohicans
68 Cinderella Man 78 Casablanca 88 Never Let Me Go
69 Safe haven 79 Little Children 89 The Blue Lagoon
70 Forrest Gump 80 Juno 90 You’ve Got Mail
90 The Illusionists
91 Four Weddings and a Funeral
92 Cascablanca
93 Yes Man
94 Back To The Future
95 As Good As It Gets
96 Just Go With It
97 Friends With Benefit
98 No Strings Attached
99 Eyes Wide Shut
100 Sense and Sensibilities

“Airlift” is a Masterpiece, Brilliance & one of a Kind. 5/5 – FS

AirliftAs we all know by now that India carried out the Greatest Human Evacuation in History saving more than 170000 Indians with 488 flights in 59 days. An Operation such as this in itself is a Proud moment for Indians no doubt and to justify its recreation on Big Cinema is no less than a Challenge. It not only accepts the challenge but stands out on par with the best of the best Hollywood movies ever made based on true events. I can proudly say that “Airlift” is one of the Greatest Movie I have ever seen in Hindi Cinema and it would be in my list of Top 10 Movies of All Time.

The scenes directed by Menon in Airlift after Iraq invaded Kuwait are as real as they can get. First 20 minutes are absolutely The Best 20 minutes you will ever see in Indian Cinema. The cinematography is one of the Best; indeed, it changes the whole dimension of Indian audience’s perspectives. The movie is visually rich and enchanting, looks as though shot on a very high budget with stunning artistic works on war, invasion and Crisis.

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#PRDP: Prem Ratings Aur Dhan Dono Payo – FS


My Review of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is very Simple and to put it bluntly it is like “Enjoying Sex With and Without Condoms during First half & Second Half respectively”

In today’s modern times, watching a movie that takes you back to 80’s and 90’s subject of teaching values, reminding of culture and tradition is like expecting to watch and listen to a boring lecture from Mullah’s, Swamy’s or Fathers on their respective Auspicious days. But when same subject are lectured / preached by Specialists who are Modern but culturally rooted and knowledgeable, whose works are recognized world over, cherished and appreciated, your expectations bounds to be sky high. You seek to gain knowledge, learn values and become righteous. Sooraj Bharjatya is one such personality who is a specialist in this genre, hence the expectations are huge, tremendous, unbeatable and to meet such demand is challenging. Sometimes best of the best would fail given the time and circumstances in a Modern Day film making. Did Sooraj meet your expectations? Did he recreate the magic of HAHK or HSSH? It’s you who have to decide that. I can only give my views and my opinion on the film.

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Brothers Movie Review – FS

BrothersWell, I never expected this movie to touch me so much but it did. The depth of emotional scenes in this movie are beyond words, only to be felt, experiencing the trauma one goes through each characters by putting oneself in their shoes.

You might find many couples in most part of India just like Mary (Shefali Shetty) and Garson Fernande (Jackie Shroff) where a woman struggles every minute of her life, fighting off herself in midst of relationship crisis & injustice bestowed upon her just to save & protect the family she love, for the sake of her children, their future & their happiness from being destroyed in minutes. One may find happiness to be a distant dream because of their sacrifices but not for them as they are strong enough to find the happiness in little things, things that would mean world to them, things they wished to hate and in happiness of their loved ones.

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Phantom Review – FS

phantom-poster-saif-ali-khan-katrina-kaifI am bit confused about Phantom

On one hand they have named all the real names of masterminds behind 26/11 attacks and the actors look just like them. It needs guts to name those who are still out at large with followings in their home country which could pose a serious threats to the director or anyone associated with the film anywhere and anytime.

On the Other hand the screenplay lacks which impacts good direction by Kabir. For example, the execution of the targets that takes places is shot brilliantly but it don’t impact on the viewers that such thing was really executed, it lacked conviction.

I think Kabir got carried away with the emotions related to 26/11 while shooting but failed to recreate that onscreen or in reel life. The impact or the thrill was missing whenever each target is executed or action took place. The whole Syrian mission (Though shot well with brilliant locales) hindered the flow of the movie that could have been taken out of the book without screwing the mission.

Kabir didn’t deviate from his mission but there was lack of some sort of imbalance between the emotions and the actions. Saif was brilliant and surprisingly Katrina was very good.

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Happy New Year Movie Review – FS

Happy_New_Year_Poster_(2014_film)When you go for a movie, you go with the hope to get entertained, thoroughly enjoy, come out with smiling faces and Happy New Year exactly does that. It’s thoroughly entertaining, witty and totally paisa vasool movie and you will come out with smiling faces. We all know what is the story of the movie, we all know there is no secret in the movie, we also know that this is mindless entertainment and we also know that it is somewhat inspired from couple of Hollywood movies but in spite of these “we know things”, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie with my family.

We all know how good the movie “Chak De India” is and how brilliantly Srk performed but one thing I observed that whenever there are any dialogue deliveries related to the country or patriotism, his voice tone gets Hindustani from filmy and ignites some kind of fire, magic, passion and love for the country within. His speech from “Filmfare” award on “best personality award”, his speech and dialogues of the movie” Chak de India”, his emotional and heartrending dialogues of “Swadesh” and a small but stirring dialogue of HNY during the last dance enraptures you completely.

Now let me tell you about the performances and I would like to start with “Boman Irani & Abhishek Bachchan’s” deadly comic duo but if you want to segregate the performance based on individual than you can’t decide which actor was better in the two. The next best was the team’s (all actors together specially in the first half of the film) enthralling performances followed by “Srk”, “Deepika”, “Sonu” and 50gm ka paneer as the Leading actors. On the other hand, Jackie Shroff was looking fab as villain and he justified his role without much hazzle or show off.

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Additional Songs of this Month to my regular everyday appetite

Not a Bad Thing – Justin Timberlake

I hardly liked any song from Timberlake after Sexy Back I guess. This song is one of the best romantic, meaningful and very addictive song in recent times.

Can’t Remember to Forget You – Deadly Combo of Rihanna and Shakira

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My Take On Jai Ho – FS

jai hoJai Ho is a movie that showcases the same thing what is being showcased from past 100 years or so that there is always a Hero, a Heroine, a Villian, a Sister and a Mother with innumerable other characters. Salman Khan is the Hero of the film and so he kicks each and everyone who stands as a villain in the script. Villain does all the evil acts knowingly he’ll be kicked one day by the Hero. Mother always worried of his Son’s marriage, sister always cries out for her brother and all the supporting actors intentionally or unintentionally praises out the Hero with slogans like “Jai Ho”.

There are so many instances in the film that reminds you of the previous title of the film called “Mental”.  I think they should have gone with the previous title instead of “Jai Ho”. Sohail Khan had a very good opportunity to make it one of the finest films of Salman Khan but unfortunately ruined everything with overdose of action, irritating quote like “thank you mat kehna instead teen logon ki madad karna” and all the clichéd emotional scenes. The comical scenes had no humor, the action does not excite you, the emotions scenes are too rotten and too many known faces for small bits and pieces roles just projects the film as a community show or a charity show instead of a “Movie”.

In most of Salman Khan’s films, if there is too much of action, there will be few good scenes here and there or some humorous scenes but in this I could hardly recall any. If first half is torturous then second half is suffocating. No doubt the film’s response is so low. If Salman Khan don’t rectify his mistakes immediately like postponing “Kick” and doing Sooraj Bharjatya’s first then he’ll hardly have any audience for very big numbers at boxoffice. Enough of Charity, let him have clarity is my wishes to Salman Khan.


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Salman Khan Ki #JaiHo

jai ho posterSalman Khan has rocked the nation innumerable times and will continue to do so with #JaiHo too till he is out of his wits, waist and witnesses. He has been a Rockstar throughout his professional career as well as in his personal life. He has been the face of the daredevil attitude, handsome Macho Man, evergreen bachelor and dearest star to his fans.

I didn’t like the promos of #JaiHo and so of many other films but I have liked many of those disliked promo’s movies as a whole. Sometimes one tries to value a film apart from its entertainment and films are major source of entertainment in India and if you look it that way, any kind of movie that entertains are entertaining movies and most probably they end up exceedingly well at the ticket window. Salman Khan mostly claims that he makes entertaining movies that has drama, emotions, comedy, actions, a lit bit of all ingredients that caters to all sections and society but sometimes the treatment of movie goes horribly wrong in most of his choices that could be his bad luck or bad choices.

Different people have different kind of thinking, taste and not everyone likes regressive masala movies of 80’s and 90’s but many still adore such larger than life characters onscreen, 10 people flying with one punch, a Hero that wins on the D-Day and who protects and take cares the responsibility in his own hand, the savior of masses and dares to defies the law of justice. #JaiHo is one such a movie that is soon going to be released in theartres near you that caters to three kind of section, one – that is proud intellectuals avoiding the movie based on regressive masala flavor similar to Salman Khan’s previous movies and other loads of shits that released recently, secondly – those regular movie goers who watch no matter which movie releases and third – the dearest and crazy fans who watch 2-3 times no matter what the content it contains.


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When Salman Khan is Simple, others are Explicit


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Dubai’s Grand Welcome Of 2014

Palm Jumeirah Fireworks

Burj Khalifa Fireworks

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Senna 2010 – Must Must Watch

sennaSenna (2010) – Have you ever heard of Ayrton Senna? If not then you need to know everything about him. He is one of the Greatest Sports Star in the world and those who follow Formula 1 definitely know about Michael Schumacher but very few of them know about Ayrton Senna. This movie in itself is the greatest documentary ever made on a sports personality. This documentary is so intriguing and captivating that you may end up with tears and instantly become a Huge Fan of Ayrton Senna.

This movie is a documentary based on Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna who won the F1 world championship 3 times and created many records at time of his reign. The best thing about the documentary is that they have documented it as a Movie casting the original stars such as Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, F1 Director and other people instead of someone else performing on their behalf. They have made use of every last video on Ayrton Senna in this movie and given us a better look on real life of Senna. Don’t miss it guys; it is one of The Best Movie I ever have seen.

The movie has covered almost everything from politics, money, fame, rivalry, tabloid etc… in the best possible scenario. This movie will be at No 1 in my list of Best Sports movie ever even though it is a documentary. I don’t think anyone can make a better movie on Senna than this documentary and top of that, Asif Kapadia (The Warrior starring Irfan Khan) is the director and Manish Pandey (road to Sangam starring Paresh Rawal) is the writer. Highly  Recommended!!!

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Dhoom 3: Akhh… Thooooooooo


Lift gets jammed during the crucial shooting scene, Aamir runs down the building to pull up the lift with his sheer raw power and gravitational force to his advantage so that Acharya doesn’t suffocate inside the lift. Then Aamir comes home, watches Dhoom 2 DVD chase sequence 2-3 times. Bored of being jobless, he runs circus only to be strip teased by Smoking Hot Katrina. As you know one can always expect something different from Aamir, this Indian Circus in Chicago have totally different stunts, unimaginable, unfathomable and dangerously life threatening, no, not to the stuntmen but to the viewers. Imagine Bike on rope, Auto on rooftops and Auto Wheeling and if not enough Abhishek displays his shooting skills hanging from the Helicopter. Saddened from the horrible show and poor response, he buys the formula to clone himself from the famous Prestige(ous) magician. Things do not turn up as planned for all three, hence Aamir decides to Rob a bank with his clone and shares profit with Abhishek & Uday to clean up the mess and justify the act.

Once in a while we see a movie that is liked and loved by almost all moviegoers.
Once in a while we witness the History being repeated and old records being broken by the new ones.

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A Song dedicated to Dharmendra on his birthday

One of the most memorable and beautifully sung song

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Top 10 Most Viewed Songs On YouTube

Songs that have highest no of views on YouTube. Except two I agree with others topping the no of views in the list.

1. PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V – 1.8 Billion views (close to 2 billion views)

2. Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris – close to a billion 940 Million views

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Few things I learnt from TV series and Movies

There are so many things that one can learn from Movies, TV serials and other stuffs that airs on television or big screen. Many films & series usually tend to showcase contents that results in positive outcome, happy ending or prove statements such as truth always triumph, work is worship or fortune favors the bold etc… But in process of such attempts they deliberately or unintentionally provide all sorts of violence, schemes, plans etc… implementation of which may result in dangerous sociological behavior & violence against the society itself. A film for an entertainment could turn out to be a bible for psychopaths, criminals and a nightmare to the society. Is it necessary to reveal so much detailed information to the public at large? I have stated some of the things that I learnt from two tv series and rest is for fun. 

dexter4Dexter – How to Murder? – How to murder and escape without leaving a trace is what Dexter is all about and you will learn each step in detail from Forensic expert himself. DNA plays an important role followed by fingerprints in resolving any murder mystery. You will learn how careful one should be when approaching the targeted victims and find a suitable place to vanish them in thin air without leaving any traces behind that leads up to you.  It also preaches that justice cannot always be served by law and order; sometimes the task of justice should be taken upon us and become a responsible citizen unleashing the wrath of injustice. Learn some Marshal art basic technique before you pry and never underestimate your target.

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Sports is one of the most useful activities around, that changes attitudes, discipline, makes you determined to aim for goal and achievement with dedication. It influences a lot on people’s character. Competition is one such aspect in sport as well as in life that pushes you to the boundary to overcome fear and ambiguity, withstand high pressure of emotions, stress, pain and devote yourself for higher ambition in order to succeed. Movies inspired from or based on sports, tend to be inspirational and could act as self motivating guide. I have made a list of best sports movies ever made based on its influence on audience, theme of the movie and how sports is used as medium to connect with audience. For more such articles visit

Below is the top 20 list of best sports movie ever produced or movies based on Sports are as follows;

Worlds_fastest_indian20. The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)– When I first heard about the movie, I thought it was about an Indian guy or anything fastest related to an Indian but to my surprise it was all about speed and Indian Model motorcycle. It’s a true story about Anthony Hopkins, Burnt as in character leaves in New Zealand who had bought his first motorcycle, an Indian model that he fell  in love with. His passion grew and over the time & he made many modifications to his motorcycle and wanted to try how fast it can run. He just wanted to prove something to himself and to the world.

By the time he decides he is a retired old man living on pensions. He applies for the race to be held in US in Bonneville Salt Flats and starts his journey to the States. While on his journey viewers get to know more about his character, behavior, attitude towards life. In fact I have come across one very good gentlemen, a President of some premium brand, also a German whose ways of living life and attitude towards life were similar to the character played by Anthony Hopkins in this film such as never give up attitude, finishing off the task no matter how many difficulties you encounter, making an impression with your charm, knowledge, attitude, behavior and talking with respect no matter whether he is elder to you or kid etc…

More than his aim to run the fastest motorcyle, I liked the take on his character. It was lovable and damn you can learn so much from his character in the film. That’s why this film is at number 20 in my list of Top 20 Sports Movie of All Time.

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Hot Topics Discussed online and My Random Thoughts and Observations on it.

Failure of Besharam and Boss signals the End of Masala Genre?

imagesWell I don’t think so. No genre can fulfill the appetite of cinema lover or movie goers. Either it’s a bad film or bad phase of the Star of the film or the Director of the film. Promos do play an important role in influencing people and attracting them to cinema halls, same way the stars current phase at the box office do replicate on the openings and collections of the movie. I believe Besharam is a failure due to lack of story, direction, conviction and honesty in the movie. The Star of the film hammed like there is no opportunity for him tomorrow, too crappy dialogues, gross action and gross acts from the performers and overall being a bad product. On the other hand Boss (positive word of mouth from average section) didn’t open well due to the bad phase of Akshay and his no. of averages at the box office. It also didn’t open well because it didn’t convince and influence the audience from the promos that it was quite different from his previous craps.

Most of the other masala movies that released didn’t really made any impact on the audience and hence failed miserably. Because of so many failures that belongs to similar genre doesn’t mean that films releasing in same genre within span of 2-3 months won’t work nor it gives any indication that public is fed up of this genre and looking for any other substitute. One right and good movie can change all the perceptions just like CE shocked everyone.

Is media against Modi? Is it Impartial towards Modi? Will he be the next PM?
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Best Animation Movies Of All Time IMO and My Favorites – FS

Animation has always been one of my favorite Genre and I have always wondered how the creative & think tank team come up with so many imaginative fantasies on screen creating ripples at box office as well as exceeding viewers expectations.

I have listed those movies that I have watched and may change the ranks after careful assessment of suggestions and good recommendation. I have not seen Perspolis, Nausica Valley of the Wind, The Iron Giant, Monster University etc… hence not included in the list. If I ever find them mesmerizing after watching in future then surely I’l update the list while removing the odd ones out.

You can also Click on the title that will take you back to IMDB site for listing and other information related to the film. I thought this was the best way to list Top 50 Animation Movies of All Time and if you have any suggestions and recommendations you are most welcome.

Top Ten (01-10)

Animation 4

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