My Top 10 Horror Movies Of All Time

I have been a fan of Horror movies since very young age. It was around the age of 12-13 that I started the likings for this genre. I have been watching many Hindi horror movies since then especially those made by Ramsay Brothers. Movies like Khuni Murda, Darwaaza, Khandar, Insaan Bana Shaitan etc. have been reasons for me getting scared and enjoying it at the same time.

As I became old I understood that how poorly these movies were made. The concept used to be fantastic but the execution and performance with those B Grade actors made me laugh at those movies during my early 20s.I used to think how poorly this genre has been handled in Indian Film Industry, though there was never a dearth of good story. In my quest for good horror movies I started look into more recent ones but alas I was disappointed. Only Raaz was one well made horror movie in decades. Hence, due to lack of better horror movies I began looking for some English horror movies with reference of some of my friends in personal life and of course some of friends on NG I now own a good set of number of horror movies (thanks to the Weekly Movie Thread by Ihab).

So here is my list of the TOP 10 BEST HORROR movies which I have come across. I will just name them and attach a video. With internet its not difficult for you all to go into details –

1. The Exorcist – Easily the best horror movie of all time. Here is a blue-ray remastered trailer of the movie.

2. 1920 – The only Hindi movie which was able to scare me and its amongst my top favorite horror movies. Actually comes just after The Exorcist.

3. The Ring – 7 Days and Samara Morgan will come to get you! Scary!!!

4. Paranormal Activity – With only hand held camera it can scare you and scare you till you get the goosebumps –

5. A Nightmare On Elm Street – You dont wanna sleep again, coz if you do … Freddie is watching!!!

6. Drag Me To Hell – Surprised me, I was caught off-guard 🙂 Scared me! Watch it to feel it.

7. The Last Exorcism – Sure it will gave a scare even to an Exorcist!

8. The Amity Ville Horror – Moving into a new house? Yes. After watching this movie. Hmmmmm…. Yap, you will think.

9. The Shining – A lonely and new place can be so …. damn scary. Watch this movie for Jack Nicholsan. He gives a scare with his sheer performance without those make-ups.

10. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – The first of a kind movie depicting sick mentality a human can achieve. A Classic!

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