The Slutty Savitri of Bollywood : Deepika Padukone

It is said that M***i born women can never be actresses because they look like kaam waali bais (exception madhuri dixit). Deepika Padukone has all the qualities of a typical m***ian girl. She is not fair,has a Harsha Bhogle-ish smile and has vernacular accent. To top it all, she is awkwardly tall and has a pencil like monotonous figure. U cannot make a difference between her waist and boobs. Both are of the same size.It doesn’t help that she is a non-actor. In her first film, Farah khan used her intelligently as she dubbed her voice, that took the vernacular angle away. She wore Indian outfits for major part of the film because Farah knew she has figure of a typical m*****ian man.

But she was exposed in her second film itself in BAH. Then came CCTC where she was aweful as the Chinese sister. She realised that her OSO bubble had burst and her non-act is out in the open. She realised that her contemporaries are doing much better and they can act better too.So since 2009,she remodelled her career what she perceives as the modern girl – the “Chaddi phenomena”. She thought- ‘ what I lack in talent, I will make up for it by wearing shorter Chaddis in my films. I will drink in all my films, dance on the table and will ask my hero “agar tum mera fayeda na uthao, tu mera pi ke kya fayeda”. ‘This will make me look rebellious from other actresses. I will create a niche for myself and I will be the wet dream of all Horny Indian men.’

Break ke Baad – Chaddi

Desi Boys – Chaddi

If you observe,she has followed a certain pattern in her filmography where her chaddis and her image of Β the wannabe party babe is milked for all its worth so much so that it has no novelty anymore.The narrative of her career revolves around her Chaddi and her pathetic attempt at coolness. My objection is why does she try these things in Rom Com films? It doesnt suit the ambiance and the mood of the film when she is competing in the length of her shorts with her co-stars. πŸ˜€ Instead she should go all out and attempt some erotic thrillers like Basic Instinct or Unfaithful. Her brand positioning and her choice of films have a gross mismatch and hence she becomes the “Slutty Savitri” of our times. πŸ˜€

As we talk, she has already added another slutty savitri character to her resume. Cocktail is poised for release in near future. Then there is another similar film with bf Ranbir. Before that she was with Sid Mallya, before than with Ranbir again and before that, with Hiren Pandya. She is wasting herself in wrong roles and wrong films.

Cocktail – Chaddi

  1. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Fuck it…!!!

    I am still in Absolute LOVE with her..!!!

  2. Serenzy 12 years ago


    Nice use of Pics…You cud have used more.

    btw, i wanted the link of ur Blog ASAP…I tried to Google it but couldn’t get the proper link.

    Please do post the link below.

  3. Serenzy 12 years ago

    She is quite a Non-Actress I agree.

    But will pick her anyday over Kareena,Sonam,Sonakshi & even Katrina(Sorry Baba) as far as Sexyness is concerned.
    She kinda suits my tastes unlike Kat,Bebo etc.

    But on Acting Scale, Katrina,PC,Vidya,Neha Dhupia,Anushka,Kangana are wayy Better.

    Her last HIT was Housefull, I think and then 2yrs of Flops.

    Wasting her time Sadly wid the Nonsense Show she puts up for the Media and bf’s and stuff.

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      She is fit for edgy roles but she tries to be edgy in rom com films which fails her.She likes being the slutty savitri.My request to her is drop the savitri bit and go for the slutty bit.There will be lots of takers.

  4. sputnik 12 years ago

    She did act well in OSO – much better than her other movies so credit goes to Farah.

    She did not wear chaddis in KHJJS and she acted quite well in that one. She acted well in Aarakshan too and had a much better role than Saif Ali Khan.

    The problem with her acting is that sometimes she gives this blank/dumb expression and her accent is not good. But she can pull off Indian as well as western costumes equally well.

    And more importantly she is a much better actress than Katrina Kaif πŸ˜‰

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      well her voice was dubbed in OSO so the acting doesnt matter.She was either smiling or crying throughout the film.

      KHJJS ddint hv scope for chaddis else deepika wore them in a film like aarakshan too i think! πŸ˜€

      Regarding pulling Indian dresses,she made a Chandni Bar out of an Indian dress.

      She intentionally wears the bottom too low and her blouses are like bra.
      None of her performances come close to Katrinas New york,znmd and NL.

      • sputnik 12 years ago

        “well her voice was dubbed in OSO so the acting doesnt matter.”

        Katrina’s voice used to be dubbed too. Have not seen Namastey London but her voice was dubbed in Singh is Kinng too (as far as I remember).

        Katrina was bad in New York. The climax scene is LOL funny. And she was speaking in British accent while playing an American from New York πŸ˜‰

        When I saw trailer of Raajneeti I thought she was playing Sonia Gandhi role (some foreigner) but she was talking in same British accent while playing Indian in Raajneeti. I think her voice was also dubbed in a few scenes.

        New york,znmd and NL are all similar caucasian type roles πŸ˜‰

        • Baba Ji 12 years ago

          I have not named the films where her voice was dubbed.Katrina was very good in new york,yes the film was bad in climax,otherwise decent. Her voice was not dubbed in SIK.

  5. Serenzy 12 years ago

    I like Seriously LOL’d like Damn Hard when I read this from someone like Sputnik(who reminds me a lot like Satyam but a lot Cooler,Milder & Saner in Comparison).

    “She did not wear chaddis in KHJJS”

    πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    • sputnik 12 years ago

      You took the line out and made it sound completely dirty πŸ˜‰

      I was just messing with Baba with comparisons to Katrina.

  6. Serenzy 12 years ago

    The Statement implied that that was something u were looking forward to in KHJJS.

    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

  7. John Galt 12 years ago

    “It is said that Marathi born women can never be actresses because they look like kaam waali bais (exception madhuri dixit). Deepika Padukone has all the qualities of a typical Maharashtrian girl.”

    Deepika Padukone is not marathi/maharashtrian

    She belongs to the konkani brahaman community which is predominantly mysore area. She and her father Prakash Padukone are from Karnataka (konkani brahmans)

    this is from wiki
    “Prakash hails from the Konkani-speaking community of Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins.[4]”

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      John Galt ,u r ill-informed.Deepika is a Koli(the machchiwaala category).She is a marathi.

  8. John Galt 12 years ago

    Baba Ji

    I am quite sure , you are now defending the quite witty opening line (I really liked it ) of your artice. Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t fit.

    the Padukones are Konkanis belonging to the Mysore region.

  9. John Galt 12 years ago

    Baba Ji,

    The classification doesn’t work on what you think and see.

    Aishwarya is a tulu girl. They are pretty different from the rest of kannadigas.

    On what basis are you even saying, that deepika is a maharashtrian? because you think so? πŸ˜‰

    Judging based on the accent ?? then Sonam Kapoor should be from lala land.

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      u already said deepika /padukones are ppl who read the comments will understand if she is a marathi or not.

      • Baba Ji 12 years ago

        Deepika has roots of konkani (the marathi flavour ) in her accent,.These people pronounce main as “may” and hain as “hey”.

      • John Galt 12 years ago

        Baba Ji,

        Why do you care about what people think? If you are confident about it, that should be good enough. Like I am pretty confident Deepika is in no way marathi.

  10. Ritz 12 years ago

    Those some lines in the article are intentionally written to irritate/excite some group is fine πŸ™‚

    Konkan is not only a region in Maharashtra. It extends till Mangalore.

    Besides, there is no connect between Konkani accent and Marathwada accent y babasaheb ambedkar.

    Both accents have jamin-asman ka difference.

    Its like a european saying tamil and hindi sound similar. They are totally different so I dont know where is the connect.

    That Deepika Padukone has a horrible accent is a given (Horrible in context top the roles she plays). But she hardly sounds Maharashrian – be it marathwadi, widarbha, kolhapuri or konkani. Her accent (as her roots) is very much Kannadiga. She does not have a tinch of konkani accent in her – marathi or kannada belt.

    Konkani accent is more close to French or Mandarin accent.

  11. shetty 12 years ago

    Deepika Padukone is from Kundapur (Coastal town near Mangalore, Karnataka) They are GSB Konkanis .. their mother tongue is Konkani no doubt but with heavy kannada influence

    Even Vijay mallya is a GSB

  12. sunil 12 years ago

    Deepika padukone is a ethnic maharashtrian.She is not from karnataka.Yes,accent can be influenced by karnataka.

  13. Ritz 12 years ago

    Sunil, Deepika is as “ethnic” a maharashtrian as a Japanese shares same “ethnicity” with an “Indian” (Soth Asians).

  14. Ritz 12 years ago

    Or say “naplis” with an “Indian”

  15. Ritz 12 years ago

    By mistake I clubbed Japan with asia – as in IT they club it. πŸ˜€

    APJ region – Asia Pacific & Japan

  16. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    Vogue Cover 2012: Chaddi

  17. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    Cover Page:

  18. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    Various recent outings :Chaddi Campaign

  19. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    May 2012 Filmfare cover chaddi

  20. Serenzy 12 years ago

    “Besides, there is no connect between Konkani accent and Marathwada accent y babasaheb ambedkar.
    Both accents have jamin-
    asman ka difference.”

    Agree with Ritz…I am from this ‘Mumbai Goa Konkan Kannada’ Region/Background and Deepika is Nowhere close to being a Typical Maharashtrian.

    The Writer has made some provocative statements at the Start of his Post(equating Maratha’s to Kamwali Bai’s) which were NOT reqd as topic is abt Deepika’s Filmography but I gladly chose to Ignore that(for d sake of Sputnik & tq).

    The writer himself belongs to UP/Bihar side and must have some angst against Maratha’s(vich is totally understandable) and I too agree to it….But, tq is Not the Site for that.

    p.s- plz keep the pics f Padukone coming in
    πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      serenzy,no offense to marathis.I have many marathi friends actually.It was written for fun,nothing serious πŸ˜€ I like to stereotype things especially in my posts.

  21. Serenzy 12 years ago

    VJM is a Pure GSB(same as me & my family).


    Sid & Deepika were meant to Break Up anyways.

  22. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Do keep the Pics flowing in Baba-ji.

  23. Purple 12 years ago

    Deepika and sid mallaya are both Konkani speaking people.they r called konkana’s in mangalore.I agree deepika has a strong Konkani accent. Vijay mallya is from a place called mulki near mangalore n deepika’s father is from a place called padukone.

  24. Harish 11 years ago

    Actually Padukone means bedroom in kannada/kodava takk/tamil, the surname is a dravidian word.


    She does have bedroom eyes.

    And she looks good in shorts. Lean tall girls look good in shorts which exposes their legs and Deepika has taken advantage of it.

  25. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    Can you differentiate this pic from cocktail, hf,bkb,kck or any other film? same bra-top, same hair,same flat waist, dont know if she is wearing a chaddi or not

  26. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    Deepika – only actress who doesnt believe in wearing skin while performing at awards

  27. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Agree that she has followed a certain pattern in her filmography i.e. Concentrating on Rom-coms.

    She is wearing chaddis in all those movies because its a trend in bollywood to wear chaddis in rom coms. Few examples
    TMK, JTHJ, EMAET, london,paris new york, HF2, SOTY etc.
    So shez just following the trend. The only difference is most of her movies are Rom coms and so it looks that she wears chaddis in all her films

  28. purva 11 years ago

    dear whoso ever u are …get one thing etched in ur mind that maharashtrian girls DO NOT look like kaam wali bai’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a marathi girl n im proud of being one! coz i know im pretty it sonali bendre,urmila matondkar ,madhuri dixit..anusha dandekar etc they r all pretty girls ..i persoanlly know many other pretty girls who r maharashtrians get ur facts cleared! secondly just because she is konkani it doesnt make deepika a marathi ..mindless u r ! :/ GET A JOB DUDE!!!

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      i also know i am bradley cooper. that doesnt make me one πŸ˜‰ but i get your point. i stereotyped intentionally because deepika has exploited the wannabe modern party girl with no subtle or remarkable differences she acts,dresses and looks the same way in all those films. i stereotyped a stereotype πŸ˜€

  29. Nak 11 years ago

    You say her chest and waist are the same dimension and then post first pic with her boobs hanging out. That’s the first pic I have seen with a clear definition of her mammaries. Oh my! DO YOU HAVE MORE? Sorry for being a cretin but we are talking Deepika.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      you clearly are not aware of few basic glamour tricks of industry. thats a push up bra which makes the boobs look to be hanging out.

      btw a latest pic of her slutty savitri self in YJHD. who would expect this kind of off shoulder bra-like top on the occasion of marriage ceremony? trust deepika to surprise you πŸ˜‰

  30. Nak 11 years ago

    Well post more “glamor trick” pics if you can find them. Love the slutty Deepika avatar.

  31. Ashika 11 years ago

    just read the blog and I must say how rude! Whoever wrote this is not only a close minded jerk they are also racist as hell! She does not have a nice body? She has a DIFFERENT type of body which comes off as tall and lean. A model figure that many would die for, she’s not fair? Typical Indian mentality that you must be fair to be pretty, does features mean nothing to you people? Like seriously. She has beautiful big eyes and a large smile with dimples. So what if she started playing the party girl role? She pulled it off and also looked hot doing so. She looked amazing as a Chinese she’s a really good dancer and she’s ok as an actress. House maids? How cruel. We all have our opinions but NOONE is as low as to call someone slutty savitri! Lol what a jerk

  32. YogiRaj 11 years ago

    hey i dnt kno who r u (babaji)..
    bt 1tng i cn get frm ur al dis bakwas is..u dnt lik marathi ppls..

    n dare u evr say dt marathi girls luk lik kaamwali bai..kk.. dr r lots of beautiful girls n i can name dm..wch played an imp role for taking INDIA globely..kk
    Im MAHARASHTRIAN.. bt im INDIAN 1st..which u dnt sound..

    n y ur saying sch bad thngs abt deepika is..nt bcoz she is a bad actress(which u said) bt..bcoz she is marathi..

    Bcoz of ppls lik u our MUMBAI is splitting..
    Plz stop it..

    • Baba 11 years ago

      you obviously missed the sarcasm in the post. i have made a lot of stereotypes in it. dont get emotional πŸ˜‰

  33. shan 11 years ago

    LOL. Interesting observations and analysis baba.

  34. raj 11 years ago

    the list of some great some beautiful some both maharashtrian acresses

    1. leela chinis (was a rage in the 30 with super hits like kangan, bandhan, jhoola etc. later turned into the classy mom in waqt. also played suffering mom)

    2. Durga khote – one of the greatest actresses with a huge filmography

    3. shobhana samarth – played sita in ram rajya and many super duper hits. was a classy womn not looked like a maid at all.

    4. shanta apte – watch her in duniya na maane and you will know.
    also some of her other acts.

    5. nutan – without doubt one of the 3 greatest actresses along with shabana azmia and meena kumari.

    6. nalini jayawant – great actress may be not but a real beauty

    7. tanuja – the spunky, classy, urban chick who rose to the occasion in many films.

    8. urmila matondkar – a huge star with a figure to die for. was extremely good with psypath girl roles. tried her hands a serious films like pinjar.’

    9. sonali bendre – if you see her in real life, u will faint. she was so beautiful.

    10. madhuri dixit

    also since maharashtrian is not a ‘racial’ but a geo-linguistic’ identity – many of the other great acresses, born in maharashtra and with good command over marathi can be included in maharashtrian – meena kumari, nargis, shabana aazmi, zeenat aman (her marathi wasnt good but she was born in bombay) asha parekh, sadhna, mumtaz, etc etc

  35. YogiRaj 11 years ago

    if u wnted to say only abt her… dn y d hell u tuk Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s name.. hv u evr hrd his voice..obviously nt..dn y de hell u tuk his name..

    u e1 kno who he was? do u e1 kno wt he did fo our nation?
    wt ws de need to pull his name in sch a bakwas cheapgiri..

    U btr tk ur words’ll b good fo u..

    • Baba 11 years ago

      “u e1 kno who he was? do u e1 kno wt he did fo our nation?” what did he do? he fucked our country’s progress forever by reservation.

  36. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago


    Sorry but , above comment about Ambedkar is not only derogatory about the person but smells of cast-ism. He did not stop any progress – the reservation was right for that time. It is only extended due to political benefit of some now. We have seen for centuries how much progress (or lack of it) India did when Brahmins/Yadav’s etc/Higher caste had all the power and exercised their rights of it and lived happily in ‘Ghulamgiri’ for centuries.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      dont get me started on reservation and its evil. its a pandora box but this is not the right forum

  37. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Very well Baba, I also dont want to argue on that with you πŸ™‚

  38. YogiRaj 11 years ago

    hey!! u hv to pay fo it bro.. juz wait n watch.. juz “Wait & Watch”..

    n mind ur words.. if u dnt kno abt netng.. u shud keep u mouth shut kk..


    • Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

      Cut the crap Yogi. He just expressed his opinion.

      If you cant take it go somewhere else. People like you create bad image about Ambedkar.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      What is this? You disagreed with him and you gave your opinion and he gave his. Move on.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      we are already paying for what ambedkar did πŸ˜‰

  39. Suprabh 11 years ago

    This is Baba Ambedkar’s accent if anyone is interested.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      hmm The interview is anti-Gandhi and he says people have already forgotten him. Well Gandhi is known the world over and has influenced other greats like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and nobody knows who Ambedkar is outside India.

      • Baba 11 years ago

        well ambedkar was a typical maharashtrian who think gandhi was anti-indian and that murderer nathu ram godse is martyr

        • Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

          ” typical maharashtrian who think gandhi was anti-indian and that murderer nathu ram godse is martyr”

          I agree on this. Its a sad state that many ppl have that fanatic thing in mind. Thankfully due to “varkari sampradaya” the rural and heart of maharashtra is saved from extreme castism/fanatic sentiments and such egos. It kind of balances out there.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

            And just fyi (bit off topic on Deepika thread/ if anyone is interested..) , Saint Namdev was from Varkari parampara and he took this from Maharashtra to Punjab. The seeds of philosophy of equality for all in Sikkhism was from that. For Guru Nanak he was one of the main source of inspiration and Guru. Guru Granth Sahib has his numerous poems.


  40. ank_16n 11 years ago


    so even Ambedkar spoke truth about gandhi..!! #respect at least for saying this.

  41. ank_16n 11 years ago

    i m not a marathi and i think the same.@baba why u think only marathi people don’t like gandhi……or is it that u don’t like marathi people much urself ?????? πŸ˜‰

    and i also don’t like ambedkar much due to this reservation thing but that doesn’t mean i have to like gandhi or hate nathu ram godse..!!

  42. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Don’t blame Ambedkar for Reservations. It was much needed affirmative action and that time provided for only Decade… Blame Congress and ilk for Mess, they have created, Even ABV of BJP also extended it during his tenure…
    In the Hindsight, Ambedkar will become most popular Icon in Modern India, Surpassing even Gandhi… Ambedkar was not perfect, for that read Arun Shourie’s Worshipping False Gods but Ambedkar proves now to be more clairvoyant and Prophetic than any other leader… Gandhi is now just a Pic hung on Wall… Nothing more… Gandhi was not perfect, he has also committed so many blunders…

  43. sputnik 11 years ago

    “Ambedkar will become most popular Icon in Modern India”

    For what – creating reservations?

    I did not like him much before for the reservation thing either but still had respect for him because of his associating with creating the Indian Constitution but after this interview I have lost respect for him. People were mocking Mallika for dissing India and what does he do – goes to BBC and diss a great leader of our country.

    Right wing people in India have been trying to diss Gandhi for years and make hero of a killer like Nathuram Godse for years but whenever people bring about change the world over using peaceful means it will be Gandhi who will be remembered.

  44. ank_16n 11 years ago

    “but whenever people bring about change the world over using peaceful means it will be Gandhi who will be remembered.”

    can u name one change in the world that has been brought using Peaceful means??????

    Even the last motto of Gandhi was DO or DIE………is that Peaceful???


    signing the pact to allow the hanging of Bhagat singh, Raj guru and Sukhdev peaceful..??

    P.S—neither i hate Gandhi nor do i like Godse.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      Are you serious? Looks like you need to read up a little World History.

      The Civil Rights movement in the US, The fall of the Berlin Wall, The Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt recently just to name a few.

      Gandhi influenced Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela by their own admission. Here is Nelson Mandela’s article about Gandhi in Time Magazine.

      “He is the archetypal anticolonial revolutionary. His strategy of noncooperation, his assertion that we can be dominated only if we cooperate with our dominators, and his nonviolent resistance inspired anticolonial and antiracist movements internationally in our century.

      Both Gandhi and I suffered colonial oppression, and both of us mobilized our respective peoples against governments that violated our freedoms.”,9171,993025,00.html

      His last slogan was DO OR DIE not DO OR KILL.

      “signing the pact to allow the hanging of Bhagat singh, Raj guru and Sukhdev peaceful..??”

      So he signed the pact saying hang them?

      • ank_16n 11 years ago


        i suppose either u used wrong word peaceful means or u don’t know the meaning of peace.

        ” The Civil Rights movement in the US, The fall of the
        Berlin Wall, The Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and
        revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt recently just to name a

        the fall of wall of berlin happened after death of 200-600 people who were trying to cross the wall during that period..!!

        the velvet revolution well non-voilent protesters who were shouting slogans were killed by armed police forces to bring about the revolution where is peacefull means???

        tunisia revolution—-
        ” The demonstrations were precipitated by high
        unemployment, food inflation, corruption, [8] a
        lack of freedom of speech and other political
        freedoms [9] and poor living conditions. The
        protests constituted the most dramatic wave of
        social and political unrest in Tunisia in three
        decades [10][11] and have resulted in scores of
        deaths and injuries, most of which were the
        result of action by police and security forces
        against demonstrators. The protests were sparked
        by the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi on
        17 December 2010″

        and last egypt hmmm…..what can i say what a peaceful movement..!! πŸ˜‰

        ur definition of peaceful means really scary..!!

        their is no revolution in this world which is peacefull…..their is always blood shed and death happens in any revolution..!!

        now coming to DO or DIE slogan do u really think no british officer was killed or died in this movement..???

        the pact was he has no objection whatever the british court decides and their would be no protest to their hanging by his supporters..!!
        yeah that is surely peaceful..!!

        or may be the partition of india under his guidance was peacefull..!! πŸ˜‰

        • sputnik 11 years ago

          Peaceful agitation or protests means people protest peacefully by and large. It does not mean that the rulers will react to them peacefully. The idea is if someone slaps on one cheek offer the other not that no one will slap. The opposite of that is when people use nonviolent means to achieve their objective of freedom or equal rights.

          WHat BS logic is this? Bhagat Singh used non violent means and since Gandhi and his followers did not protest that means they are not peaceful? And why should Gandhi or his supporters protest for Bhagat Singh? Was Bhagat Singh a follower of Gandhi’s non-violent means?

          • ank_16n 11 years ago

            read carefully i said “gandhi said he and his supporter won’t Protest against the hanging of Bhagat singh”….not protest for Bhagat singh why u always twist words to support ur Comment?? πŸ˜‰

            and the point here is who was gandhi to give no-objection certificate to Britishers to hang Them..???

    • Baba 11 years ago

      “signing the pact to allow the hanging of Bhagat singh, Raj guru and Sukhdev peaceful..??”

      this just about clears all the air about your knowledge on history. and no wonder you loved TLOBS. i suggest you go back to your 10 std and read up the Gandhi-irwin pact. just bcos another ignorant Raj kumar santhosi played with history, you should not trust him blindly

      • ank_16n 11 years ago

        baba…i have my sufficient knowledge to know what i m talking about…….i don’t need TLOBS to establish it..!!

        ” no wonder you loved TLOBS.”
        i have also seen and liked the dressing sense of BAPU that doesn’t mean i will call him male version of Slutty Savitri..!! πŸ˜‰


  45. Tulmul 11 years ago


    LOL .. U again Brought right wing here, I can bring also fiberals and left wing but I didn’t. Its futile to even say anything w/o being implicitly labelled so and so.

    Media and History narrative is alwys written one who holds Power.. Its FACT. For India its written by Congress, so they demonised every other Leader only to glorify there family.. Why Gandhi is used, If you somethimes think objectively you will find answer… Who here demonised Gandhi ??? I wont take Gandhi is perfect and without flaws. I am entitled to this Opinion after reading both sides of the debate. I dont have grt respect for Ambedkar, and i listed Shourie’s book for that also… You hold pigeon view, not me. If I find positive in somewhere I will say it, at then end what matters is what outweighs what???

    Now see the shift… Till Pre-Mandal Ambedkar was unknown only seen in dalit house holds, but as Power shifted due to mandal, Narrative changed and with it history. Ambedkar is now hailed as biggest leader since gandhi ??? Why

    To know what Ambedkar’s contribution is one must go through his searing scathing debate with Gandhi thru letters.. there you will find How prophetic Ambedkar was on so many Issues which afflict Nation now… I know Muslims hate Ambedkar and very few here may be knowing the reason… I wont go there but hint
    Rest one can alwys debate w/o being judgemental πŸ™‚

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      That right wing thing was not for you but I meant the right wing has been trying to glorify a killer like Godse for so long.

      World History is not written by Congress and Gandhi is considered a great world over.

      “You hold pigeon view, not me. If I find positive in somewhere I will say it”

      Come on… how many pro Congress articles do you post on FB πŸ˜‰

      “I know Muslims hate Ambedkar and very few here may be knowing the reason… I wont go there but hint”

      I had no idea about that and I have never seen/heard a Muslim hate Ambedkar. I had to google that just now but his views are not at all surprising after I heard his interview.

      Ambedkar demanded separate electorates for Dalits and wanted reservations for them. If a Muslim did that people would have issues with that. Some would call that appeasement of Muslims. Some hypocrisy there.

      Why even start off with 10 years. Equality means everyone’s equal. When one is given jobs/college seats ahead of those who are better qualified then its discrimination. Congress has been doing it for vote banks but the BJP did not abolish them either. I don’t think BJP will abolish reservations even in future.

      “There were 15, I suppose memebers of consititution Panel, ambedkar was just chairman… Go through it to clear your self inflicted confusions”

      I said “because of his associating with creating the Indian Constitution” did not say he created/wrote the Indian Constitution.

  46. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Who created Reservations ??? Ambedkar alone kya??? and presume he created it but it was only for decade, thn what did Stupid Nehru and his family did or doing till now ???? Why dont they abolish it…. There were 15, I suppose memebers of consititution Panel, ambedkar was just chairman… Go through it to clear your self inflicted confusions :). Read shourie’s book, he demolishes Ambedkar and this biggest myth that he drafted consititution…

  47. Tulmul 11 years ago

    And Whats this absurd logic that anyone who doesn’t like Gandhi or his views( some) is Right winger and hater, Its like saying every atheist is hater of God, Which logically is absurd… Let us put facts and talk… I can be wrong and I dont have close Mind and open to various POV’s…

  48. Tulmul 11 years ago

    You are answering to questions which you I didnt put but self creation πŸ™‚ Show me where I demonised Gandhi.. Read carefully I said Ambedkar will become more Popular … POPULAR not Great.. You create ur own questions and thaan asnwer them… I also said I dont belive Gandhi is w/o Flaws. again let me show your biased mindset. I, in my 1st comment said ABV of BJP extended it for another 10 or 20 yrs but you again quoted bjp to me where i already said they r culprits but Congress is Major culprit… I dont fudge facts or have selective amnesia.. Read my 1st comment carefully… You are proving you are having pre defined Mindset πŸ˜‰ on issues. I said you something which is in Public domain not my inferences… Read Ambedkar Gandhi correspondence to know some facts.. I said he is busted by Shourie with documents and Facts… I m putting information from both sides… Your 1st comment was rabid rousing typical reply, calling right winger etc which my comment never warranted but than its difficult to change biased mind πŸ™‚

    My entire reply to was on Power and how narrative changes and I again put fact on table… not my love or dislike of Ambedkar or Gandhi… Thats has nothing to do with right winger or left winger or BJP or congress… I still say Amedkar was more prophetic on some issues than Gandhi. Its my Opinion after reading both sides..

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      “You are answering to questions which you I didnt put but self creation πŸ™‚ ”

      I think you are doing that. I did not say everybody who does not like Gandhi or some of his decisions is right wing but I said right wing people have been trying to glorify Godse and diss Gandhi for so long.

      What is this major culprit minor culprit thing?

      “Stupid Nehru and his family” did not abolish it but why did the intelligent Vajpayee not abolish it? My point is BJP did not remove reservations when they were in power. It does not take 10+ years to do that. BJP would have done the same after the first 10 years if they were in power at that time and they would do the same as Congress if they were in power for as many years as Congress was. Its because both Congress and BJP are scared to remove reservations.

      • Baba 11 years ago

        no politician is going to removed reservation. its a major vote bank.reservation ne sc/st/obc ka daal-roti-makaan ka permanent intezaam kar diya hai, at the cost of ruining the cream of you know that for any professional course today, there is only 14% seats for open category and 50% for sc/st/obc and rest for management seats. and to top it , the fees they charge from reserved candidates is 250 to 5000 while an open category candidate has to shell out the normal fees which is anywhere between 1 lakhs to 2 lakhs minimum, irrespective of their economic background. Appeasing minorities for votes is not as dangerous as appeasing these class.

        my advice to the next Govt is – remove reservation completely. even ambedkar said the reservation policy would be reviewed after 50 years. if the govt is so “sympathetic” to them, give the sc/st/obc free education, give them the best teachers and coaching ,funding will be done by govt. but they will have to compete for their seats with the rest of the crowd. no “booked” seats.

  49. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Coming back to Deepika. She always wears a traditional dress on TV shows/ events – did you ever notice that Baba? Always..

  50. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Btw, Shahrukh looked in real pain but adamant on promotions before Ramzan and desperate and begged (yes literally) for his film’s success in yesterday’s Comedy nights with Kapil.

    He seems more volatile and touchy these days. IMO he should take care of his personal issues first and then come public. “Show must go on” attitude is not really convincing as the mask he is wearing is not convincing and it shows off.

  51. Tulmul 11 years ago


    Let me bullet point my 1st comment :

    Ambedkar will become more popular as power shifts from left to Dalits.
    Gandhi is not w/o Flaws ( I nvr brought word Great).
    Ambedkar now seems more prophetic on some issues thn Gandhi

    Now see your reply to it and thn see who is answering one own questions πŸ™‚

    No fun to go in unending circles πŸ™‚

    I said popular and you start saying gandhi is great and blaha blaha which i nvr questioned and thn right wingers and other things… Did you answer any one????


    • Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

      Regarding this topic – (I have already said what I thought in my earlier comment..). I agree that reservation was an affirmative step at that time and it was necessary. I feel it still is necessary for some cases but political scenario has twisted that and wrong people also end up getting promoted/ getting seats in colleges etc (Still, I do not think that stops any growth of our country anyways).

      Being from Maharashtra, have read a lot of Dalit literature – “Amcha baap ani amhi” (our father and Us) etc being the one which I remember distinctly. The pain and sufferings the untouchables / dalits go through (still in today’s age) is a national shame.
      This situation is everywhere – its just that Ambedkar was from Maharashtra. Maharashtra being land of Jyotiba Phule & Mahadev Ranade was The state which had enough freedom for someone like Ambedkar to rise and voice his opinion for all dalits/untouchables across India.

      One should read debate of Ranade and Tilak on social reforms vs freedom of India from British- which one should be a priority. I agree that we got freedom prematurely before solving our own internal issues.

      I agree that Gandhi was superficial in some of the issues – only allowing entry of untouchables in temples is not enough (though that itself was a big step).

      And this is coming from me – a die-hard Gandhian πŸ™‚

  52. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    Wasted 10 minutes..

    Typed a long comment with photos of her earlier promotions and then realized I had not logged in no embedding of images..

  53. gayatri 11 years ago

    me too!!!

  54. sameer 11 years ago

    she is good…have u seen her CE…she acts as well as she dance…n her figure is perfect…

    • Baba 11 years ago

      “”Yes I had a boyfriend, but the rules were different. Mujhe sex karne ka waqt hi nahi mila”


  55. Ipman 10 years ago

    for those who find deepika feminine

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


      Baba, seems like Deepika continues to irritate you to the core.

      I dont know who said she is feminine – she definitely isn’t – in conventional sense.

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      I saw this picture yesterday and everything about it is atrocious – the hairstyle, the make up and the dress. Don’t know what she was thinking or who advised her on her looks.

      But come on look at the other pictures you posted in this very thread. She is very pretty and sexy. She is far more feminine compared to Katrina with broad shoulders and muscular thighs.

      And why you did you remove the table that you had with which movie she dressed in shorts, drank and so on. That was the best part of the post.



      Baba is just jealous of Deepika’s success πŸ˜‰

      • Ipman 10 years ago

        she is as feminine as ritesh deshmukh! there is a difference between muscular and voluptous. katrina is known for being voluptous, not muscular. isha deol is someone you would call muscular. deepika has the phyique of maharashtrian men

        • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

          Voluptuous = Kim Kardasian.

        • sputnik 10 years ago

          Good one on Ritesh Deshmukh.

          Katrina is liked because of her cute face and Caucasian looks. Don’t think Katrina is voluptuous. Isha is neither muscular nor voluptuous. Deepika is skinny but sexy.

          • Ipman 10 years ago

            isha deol is muscular. watch dhoom. she has shoulders and biceps like men. she once acknowledged it herself that her body has a tendency of building up biceps like men in an interview! she took pride in it , infact, saying that is how dharmendra daughter should be

  56. Chaalu-Chaiwaala 10 years ago
  57. Yogesh K 10 years ago

    You are ignorant beyound doubt!!! If you make a statement in Maharashtra or Karnataka about Deepika Padukone being Marathi, the first impression people will have about you is that you are some ignorant who has no knowledge about the local languages, castes etc. It seems that you have some bias and jealousy against Marathi-speaking population. Ignorance is Bliss…but not always!!! You can always Google to get the facts right. Research,think and then post!!! I assume you are not into journalism. Our country has many nuts into this profession already!!

    [Comment Partially Edited for language]

  58. 10 years ago

    :…. country has many nuts into this profession already!!”

    Little correction it should be” paid and shameless nuts into this profession already”

  59. H Sharma 10 years ago

    SOOOOO TRUE !!! She is Characterless!! Heroines HAVE TO Expose because Director wants them to but she ALWAYS Stays HALF NAKED with Her OWN WILL! InPrivate Functions She HERSELF Always Picks SLUTTY Clothes!! Worthless, 0 Talent Made by MEDIA and SRK ONLY !! GOLD-DIGGER always after extra Rich Men !!!! Pays Media n Fake Fans for Publicity, In Reality she is 0 in terms of Character, Looks and Talent !!

  60. H Sharma 10 years ago

    Hi Dear, thanks for making this article n Showing TRUE FACE of this HYPOCTITE. Who came at top just few Months ago by PAYING Media n Fake Fans Still Alia Beat s her ONLY after few months of her FAKE PLEASURE by her IMMENSE Acting n Dance Talent n NATURAL Beauty which SL*TIKA LAMBUKONE is 0 at !!
    Wanted to say that I can not see ANY of your Pics Before ppl’s Comments start ! πŸ™ u gotta fix something.

    • Baba 10 years ago

      thanks H sharma. good to see you are on the same page on deepika πŸ˜€ dont know about your issue on the pics.

  61. Baba 10 years ago

    Suprabh on fb:

    All BS… These so called aware people were sleeping for a decade and now they wake up… Because it’s the IN thing right now.. Since deepika ne kone mein paad diya hai… In a month this so called awareness will be over and TOI will return to boob shots and these same people will click those links.

    the bigger picture.. These same people needed a deepika to trigger.. Meaning: most of them are only in for the sake of this being in the news today.. They don’t care shit if some B grade upcoming model’s cleavages news is on display on TOI.. Forget them why didn’t deepika say anything about such kind of news for other females.. It’s just plain BS

    TOI has been posting such things for a decade.. And deepika needed this time for becoming the saadhvi… Abhi kisi B grade actress ke wardrobe malfunction pics lagaye hote toh deepika ko kuch morality yaad nahi aati

    And these supporters are also lallu…khud wohi links dekhte hain.. Aur ab Sab saale shareef ban rahe hain.fb junta is such a mahachutiya junta

    where was deepika when TOI was publishing about shakeela type B grade actresses

    or even about her..during her low phase

    see I get her point..that there’s a difference between personal wish to display and some photographer taking a side shot of her boob..but the point is TOI is doing that for decade a ton of actresses…why not comment about it then

    Why now..when her movie is about to release

    and in her open letter she mentions srk’s 8 packs and HNY


  62. Baba 10 years ago

    almost cougarish

  63. Baba 10 years ago

    LOL TOI have used so many of the pics that i used in this post. seems they read this thread πŸ˜€

  64. Rutuja 9 years ago

    Hey dickhead,
    I must say, you are very talented in douchebaggery. Passing off racism as stereotyping does require a certain degree of shamelessness, which you so clearly have mastered.
    Why so much hate against an entire community? What did we ever do to you?
    Also, please elaborate on the qualities of a ‘typical maharashtrian girl’. Being one, I’m quite intrigued.

    “She is not fair,has a Harsha Bhogle-ish smile and has vernacular accent ”
    Not fair?! How dare you! You judge beauty on basis of fairness? Shows your extremely shallow mindset.
    Also, Harsha Bhogle has kind of a cute smile. Joke is on you.
    Vernacular accent?! πŸ˜‚ honey, I’d love to hear you speak.

    Now, as for Deepika Padukone. Be half of what she is, then gladly comment on her shortcomings. Till then, kindly refrain from it.
    Sitting comfortably on your bed, hiding behind a computer and jabbing away at your keyboard isn’t going to take you anywhere.
    Taking a dig at the way she dresses for her roles is senseless. Calling her shorts ‘chaddi’ isn’t going to get you likes. Besides, whats your issue with her shorts? Obsessed with her extremely toned legs? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
    Also, she did quite a remarkable job in Cocktail, KHJJS, Aarakshan, YJHD, Ram Leela, Finding fanny, and my favourite Piku.
    You also have no right commenting on her personal life. Whom she dates is her business, neither yours, nor mine.

    So, just try not being a racist douche. And don’t take public digs at anyone the way you did above, just goes on to show your low mentality.
    If you are a regular blogger, I fear for the entire blogger community.

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