Full Song Video : Gandi Baat and Saree Ke Fall Sa

I have always been a critic of Shahid Kapoors dance. Always found his dancing like the extras in the background. But in R… Rajkumar, first time i saw a personality in his dance. He is at the peak of his fitness and agility in both the songs and very sincere too. These two songs are also the best choreographed songs of the year for me.

Gandi Baat : Watch 0:50,1:28, 2:05,2:52

Saree Ke Fall Sa: Watch 1:06,2:11

  1. shan 9 years ago

    The choreography in Gandi Baat is just fab! This song deserves the best choreography this year, even above the ABCD songs, which were over-choreographed and ended up being underwhelming, except in bits and pieces, and above Lungi Dance (I am sure it will be nominated somewhere 😉 )

    • Ipman 9 years ago

      prabhudeva is rocking. he has the mind of a choreographer. I liked this from abcd

  2. Ipman 9 years ago

    some comments from fb

    Sanket Porwal Both are excellent songs. But its the energy thrown by sonakshi and especially Shahid that takes these songs one notch higher.

    Also the choreography and the idea in saree ke fall sa was quite catchy
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    Baba Ji Sanket Porwal yes , i found the choreography of saree ke fall sa very interesting. there is a line in it “Ghar se, chali mein jahan kabhi ghar se” and a man opens a door and runs away ! it was hilarius but very innovative
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    Sanket Porwal Baba Ji- That was indeed the best bit. And that guy goes on running
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    Baba Ji prabhudeva is the best choreographer right now
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    Sanket Porwal Also Gandi baat had some best dance moves. PD knows his job way better than any other choreographer.

  3. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Nice choreography. But I still prefer Nagada, Mauja hi Mauja. They had less acrobatic moves but he got the gist and had quite a grace in his moves. Its called “nazaaqat” not only moves ..but expressions and going with the flow of the song..

    He is a rare species in dancers as far as stars are concerned. New generation doesnt dance like with Indian mindset – so much western attitude in them…

  4. sputnik 9 years ago

    Updated the post with Full Song videos from youtube

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