Blast from the Past: Alka Yagnik lashes out at Anuradha Paudwal

  1. Suprabh 11 years ago

    Thanks for this. I was really interested in Alka-Paudwal fight for long mainly because of the stories my mother told me about how Lata literally blacklisted Anuradha Paudwal from the film industry and how alka and pauwal were ivnvolved in the dubbing over incident.

    Do you have more material?

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      sputnik 11 years ago

      Did not know about Lata blacklisting Anuradha Paudwal but have heard stories that Lata used to not let any competition come through.

      Don’t have more material on Alka but found another interview of Alka where she mentions the same incident without taking names.

      “Switch on. She’s everywhere. No matter which channel, radio station or CD you turn to, Alka Yagnik is bound to be there. Every music station blares her songs as though by national decree. But she isn’t sitting pretty on her laurels. With a dream career in her kitty, the topnotch playback singer plans to concentrate on quality work instead of quantity. Gentle and amiable, Alka speaks on her triumphs and hiccups as a daughter, wife, mother and a professional singer.

      How do you manage to juggle a home and a career?
      Sometimes, even I wonder how I do it. I feel God is with me every step along my way. My husband lives in another part of the country. He visits Mumbai once in a while and sometimes I visit him. My family is a great help. I wouldn’t have been able to manage without them. My father was very supportive of my career. I grew up in Calcutta where he was in the navy. We led a comfortable life. But for the sake of my singing career he quit his job so that we could move to Mumbai.

      Were you always determined to be a playback singer?
      Not really. My mother is a trained classical singer. I used watch her doing riyaaz with her tanpura. I would sit next to her and sing along. She was my main guru. But it wasn’t classical music but Lataji’s film songs which influenced me. I was an ardent fan of hers from a very young age. I wanted to sing like her. I used to carefully listen to her songs and hum them. That’s when my mother spotted my aptitude for singing.

      So we owe your presence in the film industry to Lataji.
      You could say that. I was five when I started singing on Calcutta radio. At 11, I was making trips to Mumbai to get acquainted with the music industry. A common friend in Calcutta introduced me to Kalyanji-Anandji who agreed to guide me. I also met Laxmikant-Pyarelal, R.D. Burman and Rajesh Roshan.

      Was the rise to the top difficult?
      It was a gradual process. I didn’t realise when and how it happened though.

      You’re known to be ruthlessly ambitious.
      That’s not true at all. But if that’s the reputation I have, what’s wrong with it? My mother was very ambitious on my behalf. I always dreamt of getting married, having children, living in a nice little house and being a housewife. Singing just came naturally. Even when Mere angne mein became a hit, I didn’t see stars. But after Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Tezaab, I began to enjoy my success. That’s when I became very serious about my career. I wanted to make it big. Today I’ve reached the same level where Lataji began to make a mark many years ago.

      You seem to be a constant in every love song
      Yes, but getting there hasn’t been easy. After Mere angne mein, I was branded a chalu singer. Lataji and Ashaji were singing when I came in and Anuradha was doing pretty okay. In fact, she was Laxmikant-Pyarelal’s favouritre singer at that time. Kavita Krishnamoorthy was also on the scene. Most songs coming my way were of the cheap variety.

      Are you embarrassed about your early songs?
      No. They are a part of my growth as a singer. One goes through phases in life. Since those songs came my way, I gave them my best shot. But I knew that wasn’t the real me. I bided my time. With Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak I proved that soft, romantic numbers suited me the more. Ek do teen happened around the same time. My versatility was established.

      Does overwork affect the quality of your voice?
      At one point, I was recording four songs a day. Once you’ve tasted success, you’re fired with enthusism, energy and excitement. To begin with, quantity does matter. If anyone had warned me about over-exposure at that time, I wouldn’t have been ready to listen.

      So when did you become choosey?
      About four years ago when overworked began affecting my health. My daughter was growing up. I had to look oversee her homework, help her through exams. I was required to be at home more often. Besides, after my father passed away, my mother became like a child who needed constant attention. And to top it all, my husband wasfeeling neglected. With age, thodisi thakaan mehsoos hone lagti hai.

      You and age?
      No, I’m not saying I’m old. But overwork is bound to take its toll. I fell ill frequently and developed throat problems. I put so much of myself into each song that I’m trained at the end of the recording. I’m a perfectionist and if I’m not satisfied, I insist on a retake even if I’m dead beat. To be honest, I was also tired of singing the same kind of songs. I wondered why I was running around so much. So, I’m changing my working style. I’ll do just one or at the most two songs a day. I have given up singing regional songs and providing playback for B- and C-grade films.

      Today you’re the only choice for the heroine’s voice.
      That’s an honour and a very big responsibility. Because expectations are also high. So I can’t treat any of my songs casually. Comparisons with Lataji are foolish. None of us today have her calibre. But yes, I have created a niche for myself. Any new singer who comes in was automatically weighed against Lataji’s talents. Now this is happening to me as well. The other day I read that Sunidhi Chauhan is about to give Alka Yagnik a run for her money. I laughed, just as Lataji must have done when we were compared with her. More than funny, it’s pathetic. I think comparing newcomers with established artistes shows a lack of a sense of proportion. How ignorant can they be? If they knew anything about music, they wouldn’t be saying such things.

      At one time Lataji was accused of monopolising the charts. Aren’t you doing the same now?
      There is no conscious attempt to do so. It gives me a high when so many composers call me to sing for them. I have worked hard to get where I am. Lataji and Ashaji’s monopolies happened on their own. When they’re so good, composers were bound to call on them to sing. It isn’t their fault.

      Have you been a victim of any musical politics?
      I don’t want to rake up the past. One singer did try to walk all over me because she had the support of powerful people while I only had my talent. She has tried to make amends. I had faith in God, underhand tactics can never succeed.

      Could you give me specific examples of underhand tactics?
      Well she had the backing of a big music company. My songs in Dil and Itihaas were dubbed by her. I did try to protest. If a singer is supported by a company she could bring out her own albums, why mess with another singer? Do your own thing. Don’t come in the way of others. That’s the only instance of underhand dealing I came across. Otherwise mere peeth peeche kya hota hai, kya maloom?

      Other singers feel you’ve cornered the film music market.
      That’s not fair. If my work is being appreciated and composers want me to sing their songs, is that my fault? I’m trying to do good work. What do I do? Stop doing good work? I never call up any composer and dictate which singer they shouldn’t sign on. I’m not manipulative.

      Your friendship with the big boss at Tips has come in for a lot of comment.
      That’s really very silly. I’d rather ignore such talk. When someone is successful, people try to insinuate how it was achieved. They can’t understand that success can be achieved without any underhand dealings. Know something? The Tips guys are great Lata bhakts. If they can get her to sing, great. If they can’t, then they come to me. Probably they like my work. I’m happy they have faith in my voice and it’s commercially viable. To insinuate anything more is downright silly.

      How do you fob off unwanted male attention that comes you way due to your husband’s absence from the scene?
      I ignore it. It’s important to maintain relations with everyone in the industry and try not to upset them. However some people do get upset. If they are intelligent they know I’m here to work. And I’m doing that with utmost sincerity. There have been times when I’ve faced difficult situations. But I’ve explained to the other person that I’m only interested in a working relationship. I belong to a conservative family with very strong values.

      How did the other person react to your polite rebuff?
      Initially, he might have taken offence. But eventually he came around and saw sense. By God’s grace, my family has never misunderstood me or my motives.

      Is your husband happy with your long absences from his life?
      I wouldn’t say he’s happy with the situation. He does have his little misgivings from time to time. But he understands that I’m not a frivolous person. And that my work has become second nature to me. He knows that if I don’t sing, I’ll be a frustrated housewife constantly chewing his brains (laughs) He knows I’m happy. He shares my happiness and understands that I have to sing. Rumours don’t bother him. He knows that if there’s an iota of truth in them, I’ll tell him myself. If he doesn’t hear it from me, it doesn’t exist. I’m blessed to have such an understanding husband, mother, brothers and daughter. They are my pillars of strength.

      The songs of Refugee are a turning point in your career. Did you enjoy singing them more than the average number?
      I did. This is the first time I was given such semi- classical numbers. I’m grateful to Anu Malik for having that confidence in me. Others would have said, “Nahin, yeh gaane to Lataji hi gayengi.” I’m glad my efforts have been appreciated. At this stage of my career I do need inspiring tunes.

      Which composers have inspired you to do quality work?
      There was a time when I did a lot of work with Laxmikant-Pyarelal. They’re the ones who groomed me. Then Nadeem-Shravan and I had many successful songs to our credit. If they’re back on the scene, all the better. I always shared a good rapport with them. Right now, I share productive working relationships with Anu Malik and Jatin-Lalit. Anu gives me a lot of songs which are tailormade for my voice. He has managed to get the best tonal quality from my voice. Apart from Refugee, we did good work together in Josh. Hai mera dil is one of my favourites. The new music composers like Sanjeev-Darshan, Sajid-Wajid, Himesh Reshamiyya and Ismail Darbar are doing good work. It’s still premature to say whether they have staying power. But they have the enthusiasm.

      Where do you go from here?
      (Sighs) I wish I knew. Yahan tak pahonchugoo, maine kabhi nahin socha ttha. Attaining success is relatively easy. Staying there is a tough. People are constantly trying to bring you down. One wrong move and it’s said that the downfall has started. Success breeds enemies. You can see the resentment in people’s eyes.

      You must have seen it among your female colleagues?
      Oh there are lots of hostile undercurrents. Earlier, I used to get upset, cry buckets. Now that I understand the ways of the world, I’ve stopped being gregarious. I’ve built a wall around me. Many feel I’m arrogant and snobbish. But it’s just that I’m now wary of people.

      How wary?
      Very. Every time I fall ill, I’m told, “Kissiki buri nazar lag gayi. So I keep to myself as much as possible. God is holding my little finger and guiding me. Every time I worry, “Ab main iss mushqil se kaise nikloon?” things have worked out just fine.”

    • Rakesh Yadav 7 years ago

      Alka Yagnik really Qween of melody her number of evergreen song 10 times more than other singer her voice totally unbelievable ,sing many kind of song like fast dilbar dilbar, chama chama, akhiyan nikah kabhi , romantic-dill leke yaar Dil Diya jata, ghughat ki aad se ,aisa deewana gi, Baazigar o Baazigar , another way anuradha voice shuit mostly devotional song and slowly sad song ,so both different class but in Bollywood singing alka Yagnik voice evergreen

  2. Nilda 11 years ago

    It is true that Lata did not let any competition to come through maybe not directly but indirectly using her clout. Not just Anuradha Paudwal, it’s rumoured that she did not let singers like Sharda, Vani Jairam and specially Suman Kalyanpur whose voice closely resembled that of Lata Mangeshkar, flourish. Suman Kalyanpur was a very good classical based singer, but due to politics she left the film industry permanently. There’s also a rumour that Lata made fun of Yeshudas because of his South Indian accent, after which he completely stopped recording Hindi songs.

    PS: Have no links for the above info, just the filmi gossip passed on by earlier generation. They are music buffs.

    • hithere 11 years ago
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        sputnik 11 years ago

        First link is not opening up.

        So Anuradha is saying Alka herself dubbed over Kavita’s song and that Hariharan also dubbed over Kumar Sanu’s song for the same movie. So Dil Ki Kalam Se was originally sung by Kumar Sanu. Interestingly Hariharan was mad at Sonu Nigam for dubbing over his song in Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa.

        “Hariharan has lambasted you for dubbing his songs in Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa.
        He’s right. I’m at fault and I apologise for what happened. When I sang Aye chand tere, I wasn’t aware that Hariharan had already recorded it. I was informed only after the song was recorded. It is the producer’s fault. When I hesitated to dub the title song for Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa, I was told that if I didn’t sing it, someone else would. They were clear that they didn’t want to retain Hariji’s voice. Na main lad saka, na main ad saka. I thought if someone was going to dub it anyway, I might as well do it.

        Even Kumar Sanu is gunning for you for dubbing his song in Refugee.
        Then let me add that I’ve also dubbed for the Gaya gaya (Fiza) song which was recorded earlier by Uditji (Narayan). Anyway, tell me who set the precedents? These singers themselves. Didn’t Kumar Sanu dub songs when he was on the top? Why is he feeling bad now? I whole-heartedly agree that I am at fault for dubbing some other singer’s voice. If all the singers stop this practice, I promise to do the same. Where Refugee was concerned, I didn’t want to miss out on singing for Anu Malik in a J. P. Dutta film which was also the launching pad for Abhishek. If I had thrown tantrums then, they would’ve roped in someone else. Nobody would have taken up my case if someone else had done that to me. I think all the singers should come together, form an association and arrive at a solution. These singers who are complaining are over 40-45 years old. What kind of examples did they set for us? I have yet to reach 30, why expect me to do something that they didn’t follow when they were on the top? I’m merely aping them. They laid the foundation, why blame me?

        But you just apologised for dubbing Hariharan’s song.
        I respect Hariji a lot and I sincerely apologise for my mistake. While I was recording Aye chand I really didn’t know what I was getting into. But I was fully aware of dubbing Hariharan’s voice for the title song. But I didn’t have the courage to call him and say so. It’s a difficult situation. I don’t like it one bit.”

        Blast from the Past: Sonu Nigam Filmfare 2000 Interview

  3. Raja hIndustani 11 years ago

    Its strange that Anuradha Paudwal is always listed as the main culprit on the dubbing controversy which actually reeks of jelaousy. Alka herself dubbed over her good friend Kavita Krisnamurthys voice for the song ‘Bazooband’ from the movie Prem Granth that too for veterans like Laxmikant Pyarelal. Its no secret that Anuradha’s bad career move of not working outside Tseries worked the most in favour of Alka who cornered all the Nadeem Shravan and Anu Malik songs (both got their big breaks with Tseries courtsey Anuradha). Who knows where Alka would have been if Anuradha had not stopped singing outside Tseries. So Alka should just chill and thank Anuradha for the this ill timed career move

  4. Blesson 11 years ago

    Anuradha got some songs only because of Gulshan Kumar, not due to her talent. Her Prounciation is not proper at all… Muh khol ke nahi gati hai. Alka Yagnik’s vooice is so melody and sweet. She is good human. Not like anuradha.

    Dil movi songs were comletely sung by alka yagnik. Gulshan kumar insited to Anand milind to dub alka song to anuradha. Alka was not aware of this. Anand milind was a new commer. They did this cheap. Alka Became the voice of Madhuri, Juhi, karishma, Rani, Tabu, Kajol etc..

    Alka Yagnik is just after Lata Ji. No one can beat her. No comparision. Today Shreya’s voice is up to the mark. Its like.. lata alka and now shreya..

    • gulab 8 years ago

      Dominating Alka over aunuradha paudwal in case of voice sweetness and versatility shows ur lack of knowledge about music….u need to carefully listen the songs of both the singers before passing judgment.. u need to listen Marathi songs of anuradhaji also to aware about her singing talent and excellent voice quality…but if u are non Marathi then her Hindi songs are also sufficient to compare…..

    • Rakesh Yadav 7 years ago

      Yaa I agree with you alka yagnik called ,Queen of melody,all Bollywood industry give respect for her most valuable contribution in Bollywood music 1988-2016 Alka Yagnik nominated 35+ time for best female singer and won 7, tied with asha ji ,her voice so amazing and evergreen , totally unbelievable

  5. Blesson 11 years ago

    Anuradha even try to dubb Lata Ji song too. But anu malick fought with T Series not to do that. When all music directors become follow alka yagnik then anuradha silently moved to Bhajan song. because she was sure that no more song will come to her.

    Choli ke peeche kya hai was actually given to Kavita, but she said its a vulgur lyrics so she ll not sing. Later Alka sang and become a huge blockbuster hit.

    Anuradha also got range and pitch same as Alka Yagnik but cant compete with The Melody Queen Alka Yagnik….

  6. singerssssssssss 11 years ago

    Hi….im an malayaali from kerala…i used to hear abt latajis monopoly and alka yagnik n anuradha paudwal fight and so…… Let me tell what i felt was that….. Anuradha pawdwals voice is very good and a bit different….she is best in soft slow melodies …like bahut pyaar karte hain and so…. Also anuradhas voice is more close to latajis as ive heard her singing latajis songs…. Also songs like tere aaankhon ke siva duniya mein… Ehsaan tere hoga….are best sung by anuradha…. I feel so….. About alka yagnik… I like her voice as she is more versatile ….. She can sing melodies…and fast .sensual songs… In film hum aap ke dil mein rahete hain…title song is sung by superb….and kasam se kasam se…sung by alka is also superb…. Let me say that a music director shud hav a unbiased idea to approach a singer…. Its not the fame that makes a muscian to choose a singer..but a particular song ..shud be sung by a artist in which his or her voice wud match the song and the actor…the most…. Sometimes we feel that a song sung by an artist wud be more good if it was sung by another artist rt.??? It shud not happen… Right Artist shud be chosen….for the right song….. Then there wont be any problem of monopoly or any kind of criticism…. Let me say one more thing that…. Tum mile dil khile had sung by alka and k s chitra.. Telusa manasa…by chitra in telungu.. I felt both songs are good…. Chitra sings with maximum effort to make it very sensual…. Alka is best in the hindi song….tum mile….. Finally…i wud like to say that if n association is made…for the singers…it wud make the aritsts to be under an umbrella…..

  7. singerssssssssss 11 years ago

    im just a listener…. Like hindi songs much…..evnthough im a malayaali…. I used a hear gayatri mantra sung by anuradha paudwaal….. And hav heard similar songs by alka..too…..i think voice good for bhajans and mantras is anuradhaas voice….her voice feel so bold…..compared to alka…

  8. Vikas samuel 11 years ago

    Someone has mentioned that its lata, alka and them shreya. But i think its goddess saraswati and then goddess lata. Alka, anuradha, shreya are just playback singers no comparison with goddess lata

  9. singerssssssssss 11 years ago

    i agree with you vikas………. Lataji was the best and is the best and will be the best…evnthough several controversies were rumoured…about lataji….. I feel the music composers of those times also shud be appreciated much… But i do respect other singers too…. Ah let me tell u a fact that….we we see a film we just are fond of the hero or heroine…..but whole the film is made by other co actors too…. So similarly….if we compare here…. Lataji ….and ashaji hav got diffrnt style of singing…. I think lataji cannot sing with the same sensuality of ashaaji…example….in churaliya hai …… Jhumka gira re…. And so…… And asshaji cant sing like lataji in aapki nazron mein…..lag jaa gale…and so… So each singer has his or her own style… Latajis singing was accepted….liked…at that time….. And she is the best too….

  10. Azfar 11 years ago

    I don’t know why some people are putting elligation on Anuradha Paudwal?Some one who is saying that Anuradha copied Alka’s funny..Alka is nothing in front Of Anuradha because Anuradha knows better how to handle a song and fill sweetness in the song..She is a versatile artist..I agree with Raja Hindustani that Alka should be thankful to Anuradha instead of jealosy because if Anuradha did not take the unwise move for T-series,,she would be on the top..her songs in Dil hai ke manta nahin,beta,sadak,hum apke dil mein rehte hain,tere hum o sanam,daag the fire,tum bin are ever green…

  11. Sanjay 11 years ago

    You cannot compare anyone and cannot blame anyone that he/she dubbed his/her voice, it all depends on demand, which directors know very well. BUt, I feel that anuradha has given maximum number of hits. If you do survey and count then u feel that percentage of anuradha’s hit songs are maximum. Because lata jee sung maximum no. of songs in industry and good nos. are hit and also appreciable. But, anuradha given very few no. of songs and most of them are hit and appreciable. When she left bollywood, she was hit in devotional also. Everyday, everywhere u can listen her voice in any place, any mode, any mood. Today, also if u feel tired after listening today’s latka jhatka songs, ur choice to move melodious like dil hai ke manta nahi, aashiqui, sadak, beta, saathi, etc. So, true will be always true. Agar wo aaj bhi gana start kar de to her tarah ke gaano me hit hi degi. She passed everywhere even she can dub anyone beautifully and that is also a talent. U can see everyone is copying lataji, ashaji, alka, etc. but very few have guts to copy Anuradha and Kavita Krishnamurthy, because their voice quality are mismatchable. Can any song beat Dhak Dhak karne laga, which gave madhuri a name of dhak dhak girl, who is legend of actress. So, don’t blame anyone to dub. Afterall, nakal me bhi akal (talent) ki jaroorat hoti hai. Lataji jaise badi singer k beech unhone apni jagah banai aur log unhe bhi utna hi sun ne lage, phir bhajan me bhi apni jagah banai means unke (anuradha) jitna competition aur unke jitna success kisi ko maine paas karte nai dekha hai aur unki awaaz her jagah aur hamesha gunjti rahegi, chahe wo party ho, mandir ho, mobile ho, ghar ho ya sadak ho.

    • AVVINASH 9 years ago






      • Rakesh Yadav 7 years ago

        Anuradha remember for her devotional and slow said types song but another way alka yagnik more varsetyle like , Dilbar dilbar,chama chama, another way ghughat ki aad se ,aisi deewangi,mile tum se bichad ke its just few example so i think alka yagnik is best

  12. subhasis tiwari 11 years ago

    it ws avantgarde disco music of bappi lahiri n kraftwerk tht captured my attn whn i ws a kid, bt ful credit 2 sanuda, anuradhaji n nadeem bhai 2 convert me into a hardcore hindi melody fanatic, i knw many ll disagree me whn i say latajis song always remind me of a snooty woman where as anuji can effectively reach d lvl of d song (free) frm d limitation of d body, ‘kya sochta hai ae dil’ (is 1 of d example out of her repertoire of numerous tracks) i really miss sanuji n she.

  13. singersssss 11 years ago

    Hmm…. I bet no one can sing the song….bahut pyaar karte hain…..that was sung by anuradhaji …with the same sweetness….. Just imagine lataji or alkaji or ashaji

    singing this song.?? Ah i dont think it wud as melodious as anuraadhajis that song… Also Ive heard a song tum mile dil khile…sung by alkaji… And ive heard anuraadhaji singing the same song in an album…but im sorry to say that its not so good as alkaji….. Just hear it…. U can feel the difference…..

  14. Yashwant Gupta 10 years ago

    after the death of gulshan kumar, anuradha became untouchable. But she was 90s queen winning 4 filmfare awards in which 3 in a row & one national the peak of her career, she cutback herself and alka got the chance.

  15. singerssssssss 10 years ago

    ah……….ive got a differnt opinion………………its not becoz anuradha stepped backwards…and alka got more chances…. Singing style of both artists are differnt…rt?? Just take an example…. If kuch kuch hota hai was sung by anuradha it wont be as good as alkas song….. I beleiv that anuradha has got enough talent to sing lata mangeshkar type songs…. And ofcourse she has sung those songs too….. But in 90s songs were composed of a differnt style…..and it suits better for alkas voice…. Jo haal dil ka….. Ladka bada anjaana hai…etc…these type songs….a bit fast type plus melodious songs are best sung by alka…… And i feel voice suits for bhanjans and aartis is anuraadhas..: nw its the era of shreya ghoshal…. Nw again the style of compositin has changed…. Nw the singing has become very much expressive…..according to the situation….. Example…. Saaans mein teri saans mili to………sung by shreya …. I bet lata mangeshkar cant sing with the same sensuality and expression.. as shreya has sung…

  16. surya 9 years ago

    Would be great if you tell about ks chitra in bollywood why she didn’t get what she deserves

  17. Labeeb Xaman 8 years ago

    I too agree that it could be out of jealousy that Alka lashed out at Anuradha, since Anuradha isn’t the only one who dubbed others’ songs. Other singers including Alka herself has done so. And wasn’t “mile tum se bichar ke hum” previously sung by both Kavita & Alka? Then why did Alka sing the whole song in the movie? I like Alka’s voice too but I think Kavita & sp Anuradha are much better singers than Alka. Some songs suit Alka only though just as some songs suit other singers. I think “Sathi mere tere bina” from Itihaas suits Anuradha whereas the song, “Dil ke kalam se” suits Alka more. And I too agree that if Anuradha hadn’t signed the exclusivity of T-Series back in mid 90s, Alka woudn’t be where she is now. Anuradha has clearer voice than other 90s female singers. I just wish the 90s music is back & the 90s singers are back. I miss them so much.

    Can’t believe Lataji could do that. No wonder Hemalata didn’t get many songs.

    • Deepsie 8 years ago

      From an interview with Vijeta Pandit.. So Alka really has no right to blame Anuradha when she herself has done the exact same things she accuses Anuradha of doing.. Classic case of a pot calling the kettle black.. And she really needs to stop living in the past and move on..

      “When Jatin-Lalit were trying to make it as Bollywood music composers, she dubbed a lot of songs for them. “I even sang Pehla nasha (Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander). But ultimately, all the songs would be recorded in Alka Yagnik’s voice. I would be left dejected because I’d rehearse and polish the nuances and Alka would get to record the song all ready on a platter.”
      The same thing would happen when she dubbed for Aadesh. But in all this disappointment there was a redeeming moment. “When Bhupenda (Hazarika, composer) heard my dubbed version of Kitni sardi kitni garmi for Chingari (2005), composed by Aadesh, he asked, ‘This singer sounds like Lata (Mangeshkar), who is she?’ Kalpanaji (Lajmi, director) and he insisted (he was co-writer of the film) that my dubbed version be retained. I always suffered the pain of having Alka sing the songs I had dubbed. But I’m sure Alka, must have understood my pain this time round.” She wishes aloud, “I hope to sing again.”

      • Author
        sputnik 8 years ago

        All singers have done the same. They have dubbed over other’s songs and have got their songs dubbed over. They just complain when it happens to them.

        Pahla Nasha is sung by Sadhna Sargam not Alka. So Sadhna dubbed over Alka who dubbed over Vijeta? I doubt it. Alka sang only Naam hai mera Fonseca from JJWS. Rest of the songs were sung by Sadhna Sargam. Vijeta sang Jawan ho yaaron.

        • Deepsie 8 years ago

          I don’t think Vijeta meant just songs of JJWS.. I think she meant in general, Alka dubbed all her songs that she sang for Jatin Lalit. She gave Pehla Nasha as an example but I guess because she mentions Alka in the next sentence, it sounds confusing.. But my point was that it appears that Alka has done the same thing to other singers so to complain in 2016 about what happened over 25 years ago is a bit hypocritical on her part.

          • Author
            sputnik 8 years ago

            Ok got it. So she meant that Alka dubbed over her songs that she sang for Jatin Lalit.

            “But my point was that it appears that Alka has done the same thing to other singers so to complain in 2016 about what happened over 25 years ago is a bit hypocritical on her part.”

            Agree with you that it is hypocritical on her part to complain. She was complaining even in the 1997 interview so it seems she just likes to complain.

            Like I said “All singers have done the same. They have dubbed over other’s songs and have got their songs dubbed over. They just complain when it happens to them.”

  18. Deepsie 8 years ago

    Yes 🙂 And I also do remember reading in a print interview (couldn’t find an online link) with Alka where she says that Anuradha had called her to apologise. And in a radio talk show with the singer Abhijeet, Anuradha had mentioned that she was under pressure to dub some songs (presumably from Gulshan Kumar). Perhaps that’s why she apologised. But it appears that Alka isn’t willing to let go of it as she never fails to mention this incident in all of her interviews 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for indulging me in this discussion. As you can tell, I have a lot to discuss in this issue 😉

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Thanks for this nice discussion.

      If you have read/heard or have any links related to music/movies please share.

  19. Deepsie 8 years ago

    Posted by Raheem Athavanad on Friday, August 5, 2016

    So now apparently Anuradha and Alka are performing together in a concert for the first time. Thought some of you might be interested 🙂

  20. Rehan Ullah 7 years ago

    Alka has only sweet voice, but anuradha poudwal has sweet, majical, innocent, melodiuos and passionate voice, there is serinity in her voice. She is best and great.

    • Blesson 5 years ago

      Listen Alka Ji carefully.. you will come to know who exactly has sweet, majical, innocent, melodiuos and passionate voice..

  21. Rakesh Yadav 7 years ago

    Alka Yagnik more varsetyle sing more types song like dilwar dilwar,chhana and another way ghunghat ki aad se,mera dil bhi kitna Alka voice totally amazing!

  22. Vishal 7 years ago

    Keep Well Balance Do not say good or bad.Be Neutral All singers have their Own Natural Voice Just enjoy the songs Anuradha Ji has the best songs in Marathi Ex.”Nishana tula jamla naa”,”Shodhu kuthe tula mi Aai kuna mhanu mi”,”Bhale Bure he ghadoon gele”,Rajnigandha jeevani ya ” etc awesome songs in Marathi Film Industry in 80’s.

  23. Blesson 5 years ago

    Alka Yagnik Ji proved once again giving a superhit Agar tum sath ho… Well even thought there are thousand of autotune singers available but still A. R Rahman Chose only Alka Yagnik… Thats enough to understand the power of Alka Yagnik in terms of her magical voice those who thinks Anuradha desreve best…

    After Lata Mangeshkar there is only one name.. thats “The ALKA YAGNIK”.
    Melody over with Alka Yagnik…

    Shreya has long way to go now… Even she failed singing remake of Ek Do teen…

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