The other narrative…

To be a SRK fan is to be mocked by cynics, by new age film lovers, by psuedo intellectuals .. etc etc etc … Its always been like that.

Rediff poll voted him the worst actor  of 2001 (the year of Devdas), the most hated actor of 2006. It used to be absolutely normal to see seething sadistic comments on every rediff page. Forget the trolls, my friends from the IT crowd, too influenced by Hollywood- impassive but brilliant way of story telling, they will look at you as ‘what is wrong with you?’ the minute you confess being an SRK fan.

To be Shahrukh fan is to pretend not to care, when someone calls an intense performance of his an act of superlative hamming and yet continue being a fan… Some people stop doing it. They grow up and move to someone who doesn’t do a cringeworthy OTT scene — Some people are too enamoured by his charm — off screen and on screen… But then they too will admit of him being arrogant…It has always been like this.

What is happening right now is that, the media has picked up the already existing anti-SRKism … The people who see beyond the obvious charm and goodness because they are too skeptical, impassive and judgmental to believe it. They discover some manipulative, egoistic, attention seeking, frustrated and angry SRK… they seem to think that is the real deal… You only see what you want to see. The Kunder fight, affair stories, IPL fight it all fits in and every other thing SRK does that can fits their judgement… Its no different from the rhetoric of rajen, satyam and danish … It has always been like this.

The typical SRK fan you find in twitter etc are perhaps silly romantics loving Gazebo scene of KKHH… One thing is they have a heart, they feel more than they analyze, its a sheer joy of watching world through the pink tinted glass via SRK films… (Cheesy says the cynical part of me)… These people too see the off-screen SRK through the positive media narrative that hails him a success story post DDLJ…. Of course its PR stuff. The thing is, it is not entirely wrong nor is it entirely right…

Very few media narratives do justice who SRK really is. One of it is Sanjay Jha’s

SRK is not a disruptive character; something tells me he hates negativity.  That’s why Khan  has dominated a hugely cocooned, incestuous industry and created his own kingdom of dreams. Whatever the personal predilections of others, Khan has not allowed cynicism to overtake his sensibilities. “

And then …

I thin SRKs hidden biggest strength comes from his own internal pain. The fact that his parents died when he was still young. That his mind-numbing success will be forever elusive to them. I think only those who have no parents will understand his emotional-mental construct.. I think he lets his passions overflow , his energies double-up, his character assume new dimensions whenever he gets in front of those whirring cameras. It’s a cathartic moment. He lets it go.

So Rahul becomes the new name of new born children in India. SRK may pretend otherwise, but Bollywood is not his real home. It will never be. It is only his corporate office, where he has a job to do. A scene to act. A product to endorse. And a hit to deliver. .

But his biggest family is now widespread across the desert plains of Rajasthan, his home-town of Delhi, the congested by-lanes of Pune, the maddening multitude of Kolkota, the fan clubs in Jhumritalaiya, and the innumerable unknown cities, towns and villages that make India. And the world.

Vir Sanghvi’s write up used to be the best write up on SRK for a while… It presents Srk will all his inherent flaws…

There’s a Clever Shahrukh somewhere in there; the fellow who knows how the game is played and will play it better than anybody else. There’s also, I think, A Genuinely Nice Shahrukh, the man who will promote his friends, will go out of his way to help strangers, and will give lakhs and lakhs to charity, only on the condition that it is never publicised. There’s a Financially Savvy Shahrukh, who will make crores doing endorsements, live shows and even dancing at weddings, knowing that he now has the freedom to turn down any film role that doesn’t excite him on the grounds that he could make the same amount of money (or more) from a single ad.

And then, of course, hidden deep within all the other Shahrukhs, is the guy he never really lets you see. The Vulnerable Shahrukh. Or, the Essentially Insecure Shahrukh. The boy who lost his parents before he made it in the movies, who has used Gauri, Juhi Chawla, Farah, Karan, Aditya, Aziz Mirza and a few others to create an alternative family environment where he is loved and secure. Who is so terrified by failure that his solution has been to act as though the possibility does not exist; to convince himself that he’s the best at anything he wants to do and that there will never ever be bad days in his life.

You glimpse this Shahrukh, every now and then, when he talks. But he’s just a flash in the crowd. Just one more Shahrukh hidden deep within the cluster of other Shahrukhs.”

His analysis of SRK post the supposed meltdown …

So, I’m glad that Shah Rukh has decided to be his own man. If he is angry, he shows it. If he is upset, he talks about it. And if he’s insulted, he lashes out. He has always been honest in his interviews but all of us who heard him at the HT Summit were struck by his candour. As he said, “I decided on the plane to Delhi that I am not going to continue being diplomatic.”

 I much prefer him this way. He seems real and genuine. He is no longer a prisoner of our expectations or of the image cultivated over the decades. This is the real Shah Rukh: flesh, blood, anger, humour, and as always, that engaging intelligence.” 

And I believe he is right. SRK had stopped pretending …. Though 2012 may seem a horrible year for SRK and his fans, its also the year he opened up…  The Yale Speech, The superb interview in THINKFEST 2012, That post IPL win interview with the media (the Good sweet, bad sweet one)…

As the world changes this interpretation is rendered more and more through various media. I become a cad. A philanderer. A womanizer. An abusive drunk. A callous arrogant star who flouts rules and smokes indiscriminately in public. An anti-national enemy-supporting upstart who ought to be taught a lesson, and so on. Or a perfect family man. An astute businessman. A doting father. Sex on toast. Or even just a guy who smells beautiful.

None of this has to do with who I really am. Yet it becomes the way I’m perceived by many. Here is where my public journey deviates from my personal experience and sometimes pushes me into a more isolated space than I wish to be in. Detached or attached the one thing I cannot avoid is what my persona is interpreted as, seen from the outside. As honest and similar as I believe my public and personal appearances and beliefs are, I do get overtaken by what people want to perceive of me because of being completely objectified over the last 20 years.

Its all right there infront of you. For people who want to see it… they will see it. Like Micheal Jackson’s voice still stinging our souls to heal the world, while his whacko face with that decaying nose are long gone.

SRK had opened up like never before. He expressed deep thoughts in the form of write ups, in response to unprecedented clinical analysis of his behavior, post mortem psych analysis by self acclaimed shrinks minus empathy it takes to be one. Most are at loggerheads which each other. Just like when SRK in an super exuberant mood did spontaneous cartwheels for the public … only to make it to headlines media reports that said .. “SRK has lost it totally” …

The oxymoron like difference from SRK and his haters can be best described as below …

“So I am a Khan, but no stereotyped image is factored into my idea of who I am. Instead, the living of my life has enabled me to be deeply touched by the love of millions of Indians. I have felt this love for the last 20 years regardless of the fact that my community is a minority within the population of India”

And the core message of it…

“It doesn’t take a superstar to be able to give love, it just takes a heart and as far as I know, there isn’t a force on this earth that can deprive anyone of theirs.”

It was countered by a nasty piece …

Much the same can be said of actor Shah Rukh Khan. A man of at best middling histrionic capabilities, he has fashioned a far more phenomenally successful career on the strength of far less discernible talent. More importantly, he was embraced by a generation of Indians who were evidently so swayed by his looks (or whatever else they saw in him) that they readily overlooked his vacuous performances, blessed him with fame and fortune – and even went on to crown him ‘King Khan’.

At the peak of his career, Shah Rukh was spoken of in the same breath as the Shahenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan. That comparison may have been valid in terms of the box-office appeal that both held, but a certain indefinable element of classy refinement that Bachchan exuded even when the cameras were not whirring remained forever out of reach of SRK.

In his eternal quest to be the ageless Peter Pan of Bollywood, Shah Rukh appears not to have come to terms with the fact that while once he may have commanded a forgiving fan following, he is well past his prime. Like the Norma Desmond character that Gloria Swanson essayed in Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard, he is only clinging on to the memories of a happier day when the arclights were turned on him and the adulation of fans enveloped him in a warm, glowing embrace.

Grow up, Shah Rukh Khan! Reuters

So, by every verifiable metric, it’s fair to say that Shah Rukh Khan has enjoyed more success – and earned more fame and fortune and fan-love – than he arguably deserves.

The writeup takes extra glee shredding 20 years of a self made mans career to pieces… Only a sheer sadist, will like it… It contradicts the core message of SRK’s article. It denies the heart it takes to love. SRK is wrong when he said it there is no force that denies what it takes to love … There is a dark force. Its SRK who needs to grow up. His positivity needs to disillusioned, he needs to be taught a leasson.. as per Venky Vembu.

The author admits of not having read the entire Outlook article while writing the scathy piece … Perhaps its a wake up call for people who judge him without taking a moment to see it from his perspective.

May be, the future has a lot more embarrassments to deliver to… Rumours of second marriage are already spreading. I am convinced that SRK no longer cares … but unfortunately he has decided to shut up… not release his biography fearing people who misconstruct … thereby giving the other narrative gain more importance. I guess its an attempt towards self preservation.

May be, his movies will start flopping left, right and center… Critics may continue to dissect his guts, May be will be a lonely Rajesh Khanna or a never giving up Dev Anand … Or perhaps he will be vindicated ala Sridevi . Sridevi was booed out too… with unfair comparisons to Madhuri and scathy articles about insecurity, heavy drinking, random affair with a very young Salman Khan, a car driver, a married man…  and getting pregnant before marriage kind of scandals …

It remains to be seen…  for, me the only regret is… not having seen SRK in an intense realistic role which uses all of his cathartic onscreen presence in the positive way … Its possible. SRK is capable of it. Wish he works with the correct script that does justice both his talent and screen presence. One performance to shut up the cynics – The Venky Vembu’s and  Shobha De’s of the world….

  1. Alia Bhatt fan 11 years ago

    good write up phoenix. agreed with the last stanza. lets hope that role and that film comes soon. i have always said srk doesnt need to do CE, HNY now. he has proved what needs to be proved for a superstar. no one can deny his successful body of work wrt BO. as you said,what he needs is a knockout role that shut ups every cynic

  2. Nilda 11 years ago

    SRK looks disappointed and dejected in his latest interviews and agree with alia Bhatt fan only solution for him is to do intense realistic roles.

  3. Suprabh 11 years ago

    Hi Bash, long time..

    I am known to not like Srk and believe me that has more to do with his irritating performances which his fans term as “obvious charm” Everything from KKHH to DTPH to K3G to Devdas to MHN to VZ to RNBDJ (except Suri) to to JTHJ is cringeworthy or frustrating performances.

    so for me this other narrative can be just summed up in one line from this article

    ” You only see what you want to see.”

    • Author
      phoenix 11 years ago

      To be very honest I also cringed at KKHH, K3G, Devdas, KANK etc .. As I had commented earlier in another post, I had decided SRK was nothing but a bunch of mannerisms while Swades turned up. But DDLJ and DTPH .. I still like purely for nostalgic reasons.

  4. sputnik 11 years ago

    Good write up Phoenix.

    One can never tell what happens later on in life. Sridevi was no longer the favorite once Madhuri was at the top but Sridevi made a excellent comeback in a acting role whereas Madhuri’s comeback has not been good at all at least in movies. She looks bad with all the botox. She is on twitter and she keeps promoting herself (or her PR agency) and seems desperate whereas Sridevi seems so classy.

    Dilip was at the top during the 50s but he struggled during the 60s after big hits like Gunga Jumna and Mughal-E-Azam. His only hit after that was Ram Aur Shyam in the 60s but then he had only few releases. He was pathetic in the 70s and all his movies flopped but he made a very good comeback in the 80s in strong author backed leading roles.

    Amitabh struggled in the late 80s and was horrible during the 90s but he has made a good comeback post 2000. While his movies may not have been big hits he is at least in the news and still acclaimed or regarded in the media.

    Rishi was a loverboy in his movies in 70s and 80s and he used to play second fiddle to SRK and Sunny in 90s and used to be laughing stock for romancing heroines half his age with a paunch. But he has made a good comeback now with good performances in LBC, Agneepath and so on.

    So SRK fans can hope for something like that 🙂

    I think SRK should have realized after CDI that its the way to go forward. Act in good movies with good author backed roles but I doubt he did CDI not because of a good script/role but because Aditya Chopra forced him to.

    Even YashRaj films give him movies like Rab Ne and JTHJ while they opt for Salman for ETT and Hrithik for Dhoom 2 and Aamir for Dhoom 3. Karan too opts for Hrithik for Agneepath and is courting Ranbir for his movies with his productions like WUS and now YJHD.

    Just the other day I saw Jolly LLB. While it is not a great movie or anything SRK should have done that movie and not rejected it. Sure it wouldn’t have been a blockbuster or done 100 Cr or anything like that but at least he would have had a decent movie and probably a good performance under his name.

    • Author
      phoenix 11 years ago


      About Madhuri, I used to hate her because of the love for Sridevi. Sort of like sibling rivalry, when elder one likes Sridevi and younger likes Madhuri, and both keep arguing who is better. After Sridevi retired, I started looking at Madhuri in a different view. Madhuri does her own stuff. Lets not compare the two and belittle either. IMO, I always believed Sridevi to be a lot more versatile her work in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc proved it. She had acted in 200 odd films. She deserves the English Vinglish sort of success… Because of the bad ending, the comeback is necessary. Madhuri seems contended with her work…. She is easily best part of Devdas. Loved her in Aaja Nachle.

      About Yash Raj offering films like RNBDJ and JTHJ to SRK .. they are actually some sort of complement. I believe Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra run production houses for profit but their own creations are heart felt. Perhaps you have out grown that emotional aspect and conviction of their films… (though I haven’t seen JTHJ).

      I was thinking the other day. Had SRK done Jolly LLB, an odd comparison to hit-and-run case of the other Khan will turn up. 😛 Controversy again …

      And I also believe SRK is doing CE because he hadn’t a comedy film for sometime. CE or some Rohit Shetty film was in talks while RaOne and Don-2 were being made. The idea of desparation is little convenient. HNY is more of Farah’s desparation than SRK’s.

      • sputnik 11 years ago

        I used to hate Sridevi because of her hamming/voice/accent but still liked her a lot in some movies like Laadla and Judaai and only the first half of Lamhe. I used to like Madhuri more.

        While I was watching the movie Jolly LLB the hit and run case did remind me of Salman Khan’s case.

        Yeah you are right. If SRK had done Jolly LLB media would have used it with headlines like “SRK targets/attacks Salman with his movie Jolly LLB” and so on.

        • Author
          phoenix 11 years ago

          Yes. That was the case wrt Sridevi’s commercial hindi films. But Sridevi has done all sort of films, commercial, acclaimed, forgotten… wikipedia and imdb does not even have records of it… Tamil, Telugu, Malayam, Kannada – I accidentally saw one with Dr.Rajkumar …At one point she had been the top actress of Taml/Telugu/ films simultaneously before shifting to Hindi films. Definitely a consummate actress while also being a true blue Super star of her era…

  5. Author
    phoenix 11 years ago

    Is Milind still here?

  6. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Haha its even worse in the west (about pairing with actress)
    With all due respect, after reading the post i felt that your thinking is inspired by ‘cynics, by new agefilm lovers, by psuedo intellectuals .. etc etc etc’ to a large extent and they have killed the SRK fan inside you.
    You look too worried just because you take into consideration those people comments who watchs HSSH 15 times and says K3G as cringeworthy or who feel Dabangg2 was the best film of the year and calls RNBDJ frustrating performance aur who will say Lucky is the best romantic movie but JTHJ is 0/10.

    Yes SRK needs to kick those cynics hard by a hard hitting performance

    • Author
      phoenix 11 years ago

      A part of me is cynical… and I hope an SRK performance will prove me wrong.

    • stewie griffin 11 years ago

      hah…pot calling the kettle black..isn’t it?the very fans who claim salman’s superstardom is due to masala while not realising the fact that srk himself milked the romance genre which was the unbeatable genre of that time to death is now taking potshots at salman fans..these are the fans who doesn’t seem to realise if salman’s superstardom is coz of masala genre then srk’s overseas popularity and previous no 1 spot is purely as a result of romance genre..

      and it would be so nice if u could name the person who thinks lucky is the best romantic movie..coz i doubt any salman fans would claim lucky as the best romantic movie..imo they would most probably go for hahk which for me has the best romantic chemistry of all time along wid srk kajol in k3g..i just love the romance n the playfulness in these two love stories…dabangg 2 while not a great movie was still entertaining..

      had it not been for yash chopra’s death jthj would probably got the worst reviews of the year..not coz it was bad but it was a wannabe epic love story which was actually too boring wid hardly any light funny moments and hardly any scenes that touched you and made you feel for the characters which is a must if movie wants to portray epicness…

      one thing worse than a bad movie is a boring movie and jthj was a boring movie which made the 3 hrs even longer..dabangg2 would have finished by jthj interval..thts how long it felt 😀

      • Reddemon 11 years ago

        Probably u didnt got my comment. Basically it meant, dont take the views of Pseudo’s who judge a movie by its Lead actor.

        When did i say that Salman is milking masala genre hayee?
        ‘srk himself milked theromance genre which was the unbeatable genre of that time to death’
        Take the trouble of reading SRK’s filmography and you will know that he was not doing ‘Only’ Romantic movies one after other Like Salman. And BTW Salman has done equal (approx) number of Romantic movies in that period (want prove?) but he didnt succeded 😆
        If D2 was entertaining, So was RNBDJ. Why call it a frustrative performance? Just because it has SRK in it?

        On JTHJ being boring
        yes it was bit boring for me too but it was a decent watch for me. I can understand it becomes difficult to watch a boring movie and glad u completd it. I couldn’t finish Avatar beyond 15mins 😆

  7. Ankur 11 years ago

    I don’t know how people can call SRK frustrated or predict doom for him or claim he’s suffering from some crisis! They didn’t do such analysis for Salman when he was suffering in personal life, films flopping, involved in several lawsuits, controversies, health issues in 2000s. No one said a word when Aamir’s films weren’t doing that well in 90s, there were controversies with filmmakers and co stars, he banned media, when his personal life went in doldrums after Lagaan, he had issues with everyone from Jessica Hines to his own father and brother, public spats with filmmakers working under his production house, did no films at all after DCH for four years!

    On the other hand, SRK’s situation is not as bad as media or anti SRK brigade is making out to be! His films didn’t set new records, but they’re hits! Countless rumours about his alleged affairs, but he is still married to Gauri! Each year he receives so many honours from international institutions and foreign governments (none of which, his contemporaries have got, and aren’t even ever likely to get!). His business empire is going great guns! He’s still ranked the most powerful guy in showbiz.

    So where’s the supposed meltdown? He never suffered decades of irrelevance, turbulence, failures which other stars and his contemporaries did! When Aamir or Salman had bad phases they didn’t do films or their films didn’t even make it to top 5 hits of the year. While SRK’s films are top grossers overseas and among top 5 hits every year. And he has never stopped working!

    SRK’s got a fanbase not just for films he did but for the success he achieved without the backing of any godfather and for the relentless zeal with which he’s always continued to work! He’s got a solid education, he’s got a successful career, he’s famous abroad, he’s rich, he’s got awards – what’s left? He didn’t have parents, he’s from a middle class family, no connections or film background, never expected to succeed the way he did. His family life is stable.

    People just can’t accept that a person can have everything. So they look for chinks in the armour! Agreed the incidents like Shirish slapgate, Wankhede brawl etc. have given people an excuse to bash him. But are these things as worse as running over people sleeping on the roads, killing endangered species of an animal, having underworld connections, battering women, having and deserting an illegitimate child, having extramarital affairs, cutting off all ties with one’s own father?
    Where does public’s morality go while judging other people? With what face they can bash SRK?

    No matter how much they deny or try to cover it up, but the fact is that SRK has been the biggest and most consistently successful star post Bachchan era, he’s the icon of success and role model of billions. So called 3 years of bad phase (when his film was the second biggest hit of the year but not the first…ooh how he failed!) can’t erase reality of the 90s and much past decade (till 2007). Dismiss it as mush or fluff but the same romantic films are loved by millions, their scenes are being copied in TV shows, and a legion of female fans of Bollywood lap it up, every actor tries to ape SRK in romantic scenes.

    SRK won some worst actor polls only due to jealous fans of other stars who can’t digest his success and by those who can’t handle his ambition, his self confidence and how he’s aware of, asserts and revels in his success. He was the king, and he knew it, so he declared it, flaunted it! And that was unacceptable to those who believe in putting veneer of fake modesty!

    Come what may, fact is that whenever the phrase “King of Bollywood” will be mentioned, the first name that’ll come to everyone’s minds (haters included) shall be Shah Rukh Khan’s. Whenever successful self made men shall be discussed, SRK’s name shall figure among the top. Whenever anyone will talk of stars who made Bollywood globally popular, SRK’s name will be among top!

    Haters, skeptics also know especially the 90s was SRK’s era. They grew up watching his films, songs and later pretended to dislike them or guffaw in disbelief that these very films were their favourites while growing up.

    I am not a fan of SRK or his films (yeah my comment will make it hard to believe!). But I don’t even deny the fact that we grew up on his films. I can’t fathom why we watched them and I don’t like any of those films now. I like only Swades and CDI now. Still I can’t deny that I admire him for what he’s achieved. His success is even more intriguing and exciting given the fact that he was never exceptionally good looking, nor a gifted talent as an actor! Maybe he gives hope to all ordinary guys out there that someday they can also make it!

    • Author
      phoenix 11 years ago

      Read my article. It is against people talking about meltdowns and crisis. Its not about dooms day at all…

  8. Suprabh 11 years ago


    1)Bollywood is not a kingdom to have a king. This bollywood king thing is nothing but rehearsed performance (over and over) by SRK PR and lets even if it isn’t just because someone has self proclaimed himself to be the king and his fans have crammed up this phrase loudly, the brain of any newspaper reader will automatically associate King of Bollywood with srk- even if its true or not.

    2) Lets say even if it is true (I too believe he was th biggest bollywood name during the 90s to mid 2000s), even then your statement hold true only to that generation of viewers. Before Srk was Amitabh, before that Rajesh Khanna, Dilip Kumar etc.

    3) Whenever the phrase Gay Khan will be mentioned, the first name that’ll come to mind (including fans too ) would Shahrukh Khan’s. So should we believe that too?

    This King Kong thing is all BS

    • Author
      phoenix 11 years ago


      Are you its only irritating performances of SRK that you don’t like? 😉

      • Suprabh 11 years ago

        I like him in Kabhi haan Kabhi Naa, RBGG,Yes Boss, Duplicate, Baadshah,Baazigar,to an extent in Chalte Chalte, Swades, CDI.

    • Author
      phoenix 11 years ago

      Sridevi used to be called Queen Bee… Is that PR thing too???

      • Suprabh 11 years ago

        I don’t know..and its the first time I have came across such a phrase. So even if it was a PR thing it was pretty lamely done.

        Bash, the point is even if its not PR, there’s no reality to it. Its just a phase thing which was true for sometime but its not like it is etched on the veins of bollywood forever.

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      1) Hollywood is not a Kingdom either but Clark Gable (star of It Happened One Night and Gone with the Wind) was known as the King of Hollywood.

      I think the King Khan thing may have started after the movie Baadshah which was a flop. I am not sure but some reporter may have referred to him as Baadshah and he referred to himself as King Khan in some smart ass answer. Same way Aamir referred to himself as Ace in a smart ass answer and it has stuck to him.

      And then there is obviously PR who constantly use that term for him just like Aamir’s PR uses Perfectionist or Salman’s Bhai. Its just a marketing technique Repetition – keep repeating a phrase till it sticks.

      2) King Khan is just a nickname just as Angry Young Man or Shahenshah (again based off may be a flop film) or Evergreen Star or Showman and so on. I don’t think it has anything to do with who is/was the No 1 during that time.

      3) LOL

      Seriously its the same marketing technique as the first one – Repetition. Its just that the first one was done by a pro SRK group and the second one is by a anti SRK group.

  9. hithere 11 years ago

    As I have said in past most of the times, good movies and stardom (or a movie with only ONE actor having best role) are poles apart. SRK fans wants to see him in similar starry roles but if you look at his filmography, two unlike-SRK roles are remembered most, CDI and Swades!

  10. Ankur 11 years ago

    1.) I know that. But the phrase will always be associated with him only. Of course it’s marketing. But I believe he didn’t start it himself. Media first called him baadshah or King. Only later he himself started capitalising on this title given to him. Unlike, say, an Aamir, who nobody called Ace, and he himself called himself Ace.

    2.) I believe he was the biggest from his generation only. I never said he’s the biggest star Indian cinema has ever seen! So what’s the point of giving Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan’s names?

    3.) 😀 There are several nicknames for other Khans too, given by anti-group, based on their height (or lack of it! 😉 ), criminal record etc. Even Akshay is called Waiter Kumar by his hate club! King or Shehanshah/Big B things are still taken seriously (as in accepted by considerable majority and used frequently in media). These Gay Khan, Shorty/Chhotu, Criminal Khan, Waiter Kumar types are silly ones whose usage is limited to fan wars across online film forums.

  11. FS 11 years ago

    Bash – are you writing any biography on Srk? if not then please start writing it. Even Srk will be surprised to know how much his fans care and love him and that they even keep track of all the haters, intruders and cynics. Some of you are so much into Srk that even Srk may not recognize himself anymore. The other narrative – be guiding force to Srk 😛

  12. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Baba led me to this Piece and I stopped the moment my Eyes read Jackass Sanjay Jha and corruptible Vir Sanghvi’s name… I don’t know What this piece says or intend to say but quoting those 2 morons, fixer doesn’t tell well…

    Welcome Srk Fan,……….., …………, Hey Aka Phoenix 🙂

  13. Tulmul 11 years ago

    Can’t make comparisons btwn Pol leader and journalist, but I can say it Modi is far better thn Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi… Its all better to read both Pro and Con and get informed…

    Modi has not be held accountable by any court in India, even SC after so much media and legal scrutiny which no other leader has been through in India. Has Rajiv gandhi or Indira Gandhi gone thru such media and legal scrutiny??? One should not look it through only one’s own religious affinity…

    Modi has gone to ppl and won there, and he has to get legal ruling also to completely absolve himself… and If found guilty thn he must be punished as any ordinary person. I dont look things only through Hindu and Muslim which you are trying ..

    But Journalist must be neutrals, their integrity beyond doubt….

    Its alwys better to read rather than belive hearsay’s.

    and How Modi came here, we are talking about Journalists who are compromised …

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