Plagiarism: Sochna Kya Jo Bhi Hoga from Ghayal Copied

The song Sochna Kya Jo Bhi Hoga from Ghayal is copied from the song Lambada by Kaoma which was not the original song either. The music director for Ghayal was Bappi Lahiri. Watch the video to find out the original song.

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Here is the song “Sochna Kya Jo Bhi Hoga” from Ghayal. The music director was Bappi Lahiri.

The song was copied from the 1989 chart-topping hit “Lambada” by Kaoma.

But here’s what is interesting about this copy. “Lambada” was a cover of Brazilian singer-songwriter Márcia Ferreira’s 1986 dance hit “Chorando Se Foi” which itself was a legally authorized Portuguese-translated rendition of the original 1981 slow ballad, “Llorando Se Fue” by the Bolivian group Los Kjarkas. The unauthorized copy by Kaoma led to a successful 1990 lawsuit by Los Kjarkas against Kaoma producer Jean-Claude Bonaventure.” From Wikipedia

Here are all the different versions.

Here is “Lambada” by Kaoma

Here is “Chorando se foi” by Márcia Ferreira

And here is the original “Llorando se Fue” by Los Kjarkas

  1. Avatar
    Jim Carter 3 years ago

    Thanks for this! I was looking for this, god knows for how long.

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    bharat 2 years ago

    Jennifer lopez .. on the floor ..
    Copied from above.

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 2 years ago

      I don’t think its copied. According to Wikipedia the song credits mention Gonzalo and Ulises Hermosa, the writers of the original song Llorando se Fue.

      Anyway thanks for your comment.

      Posting the song On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull here as its another version of the song Llorando se Fue.

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