Blast from the Past: Suraiya’s Interview about Dev Anand

  1. tulmul 11 years ago

    Thanks a million Sputnik 🙂

    I believe Dev- suraiya was one of the real love stories ever in BW…

    One knew the story but still re reading gives pleasure unknown

    And deb never forget how he would spend nights outside her house looking at light of her room and sea on other side…

    I wonder no one in BW dared or thought of making a movie on them..

  2. fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    Nice read… Thanks for posting it…

  3. Author
    sputnik 11 years ago

    You are welcome guys. Here is another Suraiya Interview I had posted on NG once.

    “There was a time when traffic jams at Marine Drive (Mumbai) were caused not due to a long line of cars, but because of a young charismatic actress whose melodious voice had cast a spell on thousands of young Indians. Entering her home at Krishna Mahal on Marine Drive today, instantly transports you into another age and time.


    Suraiya’s career as an actress began as a child artiste.

    “One day, my ‘mamoo’ (maternal uncle) Zahoor, who was a popular villian in films, took me along to watch the shooting of Prakash Pictures’ ‘Taj Mahal’. There, I met the producer, Nanubhai Vakil, who felt that my face was ideally suited for the character of young Mumtaz Mahal and asked my uncle if I could do the film. My mother and grandmother agreed. So, I went off to Delhi to shoot at the Red Fort for 10 days.

    “And that was followed by one offer after another.” And a star was born.


    “I was never trained in singing. Madan Mohan, who lived close by and Raj Kapoor once dragged me to participate in the children’s programme on the All India Radio. Naushad sa’ab, who heard my voice on the radio, got in touch with me to sing for Kardar sa’ab’s film, ‘Sharda’. And I sang ‘Panchi ja peeche raha hain bachpan mera’, which was picturised on Mehtab. I was 11 years old then.”


    “Frankly, I hadn’t planned a career in films. I was just lucky to have got good roles. Nargis would always tell me, ‘Somehow you get the best roles’,” says Suraiya, modestly.

    “Most of my roles were simple, but the audiences loved them. And I was lucky to have got simple, melodious and easy to pick up songs to sing, and work with the best composers of the day like Naushad, Husnlal-Bhagatram and Anil Biswas. We didn’t even dream of promo videos, ads and all the associated technical wizardry then. But we still caught the audience’s imagination.”


    And how! When ‘Pyar Ki Jeet’ was released, it drew crowds outside Suraiya’s house that had to be controlled by posting an inspector and four constables outside her house.

    “When I went for the premiere of the movie ‘Badi Bahen’, there was such a big crowd outside! As I walked into the theatre, they pulled at my clothes. There was a lathi charge and people were injured. I stopped going for premieres thereafter.”


    No Suraiya interview can be complete without a reference to the Dev Anand-Suraiya love story. While Dev Anand himself went on to marry Kalpana Kartik and, later, to romance several other women, for Suraiya, it seems that love began and ended with Dev Anand.

    “We were picturising a song in a boat right in the middle of the river, when the boat overturned and we found ourselves floundering in the water. I didn’t know how to swim. Dev brought me out of the water. I thanked him, saying, ‘If you hadn’t saved me, my life would have ended.’ He retorted, ‘If your life had ended, so would mine.’ We were drawn to each other.”


    “I worked with Dev in seven films. Inevitably, people started talking about our romance and my grandmother learnt of it. She was extremely angry because Dev was a Hindu and granny was very orthodox.”


    The highlight of this romance was the plan the lovers made to elope. While shooting for ‘Jeet’, the director decided to film on location instead of erecting a set. Also part of the plan was the summoning of a real ‘panditji’ to get Dev and Suraiya married during the shot. They would then get into the car and drive away – all as part of the scene, but in reality escaping.


    Unfortunately, Suraiya’s grandmother came to know of the plan.

    “Eventually, my grandmother succeeded in separating us. Dev was deeply hurt and offended by my lack of courage. But I was afraid for him. In retrospect, I don’t think anything would have happened if I’d been bold enough. But I was terrified of my grandmother. And was heartbroken. But time is the greatest healer.”

    A practical woman, Suraiya prefers not to be a prisoner of the past. She agrees that had she chosen one of the many marriage proposals that came her way, life would have been different. But, she says, “Who can say what may have happened had I married? I’ve seen so many friends’ marriages crumbling. I’ve been single and happy, living and doing the things I like, with a circle of close friends. But I’ll admit that after my mother expired some years ago, I felt some amount of loneliness creep in.”


    “I’d been a fan of Mirza Ghalib since childhood. And so when Sohrab Modi sent for my grandmother and discussed the role and other terms with her, I was thrilled.

    “It was a very simple film, made in three months. Yet, what an effect the film had! It was the first feature film to be awarded the President’s Gold Medal. At a function in Delhi, Pandit Nehru, after watching the movie, said to me, ‘Ladki, tumne kya unke (Mirza Ghalib) ghazalein gaayi. Tumne Mirza Ghalib ki rooh ko zinda kar diya.’ For me, that was an award better than an Oscar.”


    ‘Rustom Aur Sohrab’ made in 1962 was Suraiya’s swan song. Why?

    “I hadn’t been keeping well and had collapsed with weakness during the shooting of the movie. I was forced to take a break and recuperate. During that time, I really enjoyed resting and realised how tired I was with work. I completed the films I had on hand and decided to call it a day. And I’ve never looked back.”

    Incidentally, this legendary actress-singer still retains a lovely schoolgirlish lilt in her voice. Time, it seems, hasnt laid its hands on it – Source:, Interview by: Sheila Vesuna

    Note:- This interview was conducted in late 90s.”


  4. aryan 11 years ago

    Nice post Sputnik its like gem and thanks for sharing.

  5. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Today is Dev Anand’s birth anniversary so those who missed can check out this Suraiya Interview about Dev Anand.

  6. Vinay 7 years ago

    Thanks for the gems from the past. Love her wherever she is. Marvellous person.

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