Cinema Halls Single Screen:KOLKATA

  1. sanket porwal 10 years ago

    Thanks Milind!

    Among all, ELITE looks good. The single screens in Pune are located in very busy areas.

    And NEW EMPIRE theater there are two films i guess. Slumdog and “Kisse Pyaar karoon” 😀 Yeah that arshad warsi one. 😀

  2. Author
    Milind 10 years ago

    Sanket–please capture the SS cinema halls in pune and mail me @ Do it at leisure. Thanks.

  3. sanket porwal 10 years ago

    Milind actually i am in Solapur these days. have summer holidays. Will move to Pune in June. But will surely do this when I go back.

  4. Author
    Milind 10 years ago

    Ok. Doesn’t Solapur have cinema halls. 😉 Ok dear,do it at your will.I am aiming at having a collection of all single screen cinema halls around india via Tanqeed’s members.In 10-12 years from now they will be extinct. Memory shall but remain!
    The Joy of watching a movie in SS is unmatched.The experience is a revelation of sorts.

  5. shetty 10 years ago

    Superb superb…Mazaa aa gaya (as Randhir kapoor says). I loved Metro

  6. narad_muni 10 years ago

    super milu bhai…
    I was a regular at all these theatres in my college days.
    I have seen most number of movies at New Empire – it used to be one of the better ones in my time and they had a bar along with the theatre.. we used to have a beer before the movie always 😉
    The current condition luks appalling 🙁

  7. Author
    Milind 10 years ago

    Thanks Shetty Bhai and Shilac.

    Shilac bhai,

    NEW ERMPIRE is in really bad position.The 20 Rs/- gallery is in dilapidated state. But KFC,Dominos flourish nicely.Also that egg roll stall. 🙂

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