“Tanqeed” is an Urdu word meaning Criticism. This is for those are curious about the meaning or those who mistakenly assume that its my name. Three years back when I started this website I wanted a unique name. After searching a lot for a Hindi/Urdu name I felt that this name would be a good fit for a website with movie reviews.

I started building this forum in November 2011 and its been close to three months now. Now many people joined only at the end of December so it really took off only in January 2012. I am posting the number of visits/views for the month of January 2012 to let everyone knows how the website is doing and and to also request you guys for some feedback. Here are the statistics from Google Analytics.

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Website/Login Issues

Even if for some reason the main website i.e tanqeed.com is down the forum part i.e tanqeed.com/forum/ should usually work. If any part of the website is down then please email me at tanqeedforum@gmail.com and I will try to bring the website back.

Now I know that a member had problems logging in a few weeks back. Check if you are trying to login from www.tanqeed.com/forum. If it has “www.” in the website address or URL bar the login won’t work. So remove the “www.” or go to tanqeed.com/forum and login from that screen. If that’s not the issue please email me at the above email addresses. You can try to login from the following link and this should work.


Thank You

Firstly I would like to thank all those who have registered on the forum. I would also like to thank all those who have been posting/commenting here.

I do have a complaint. 90% of the posts have been by me and 70-80% of the comments are probably by me. This is not my personal blog. I am just stepping up right now because it is a new forum. So I want to request all those who have registered to please post/comment more often. Most of you already have posting rights and those who do not have posting rights please ask me for posting rights if you need them.

I have made quite a few changes in the past month. I added a Boxoffice tab at the top which displays all Boxoffice posts. I added links to Member Reviews, Original Articles and Movies You Watched This Week. I made the change so that the post automatically displays only part of the post on the main page. I also made the change so that the links to the latest five posts show up on the main page. I am also updating the main/home page manually to display the latest two Original Articles/Member Reviews. I will try to automate that or make it easier for me to do that. I will be trying to add tabs for Member Reviews and Original Articles/Exclusive at the top. Now if you guys have any feedback (positive/negative) about the website/forum or any changes that you think will help please let me know.

I would like to also thank all those who pretend to be neutral and who complain/whine about star wars and abuses and yet do not support an alternative when provided.

I would also like to thank all those who ridicule this forum or me because they only help me in my resolve to make this a better forum. I just want to quote something from Mahatma Gandhi to them.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”