TVF’s Barely Speaking with Arnub – Arvind Kejriwal

  1. sanket porwal 9 years ago

    Boring like anything! The only funny parts were few of the stickies at the bottom. Rest all crap!

    • Author
      cr7 9 years ago

      Its a kind of a show where the participant need to have sense of humor .SRk episode was somewhat funny because srk has a great sense of humor .His answers were funny.Here Kejriwal is giving serious answers . Having said that I think the arnub guy is extremely funny .Video is worth watching because of him .

      • Baba 9 years ago

        “SRk episode was somewhat funny because srk has a great sense of humor ”
        srks episode was full of shit and fake. these celebs have ruined tvf and aib

        • Author
          cr7 9 years ago

          Ok .

          Agree that celeb episodes are least funny . I think “the making of” is TVF’s best series .

          • Baba 9 years ago

            all this has started from alia bhatt episode. that was first time a celeb featured to clear his/her image and look cool and since then they have been plaguing and manipulating the tvf and aib ppl.
            what there inclusion does is that at the end aib/tvf have to speak in favour of celebs that they were “cool and sporting” and they cant be as harsh as they could have been.

  2. Author
    cr7 9 years ago

    This show is actually inspired by Zach Galifianakis’s between two ferns . And between two ferns is mostly about awkward questions than funny answers . In that way this is good .But when Kejriwal started to give serious answers it got boring .

  3. sputnik 9 years ago

    While its cool of Arvind Kejriwal to come on the show he doesn’t have the sense of humor to answer questions in a funny or sarcastic manner.

    Agree that “The Making of” is TVF’s best series. The Making of 200 Crore Film and that Honey Singh Song videos were hilarious. Even Rowdies Qtiyapa was hilarious. Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party was good too and the guys playing Arnab and Arvind were good in it.

  4. Author
    cr7 9 years ago

    Deleted Scenes

  5. Author
    cr7 9 years ago

    Arnub Vs. Free Speech : News-hour Qtiyapa 2


    • Author
      cr7 9 years ago

      Good one from TVF .Very cleverly done. Mota-Aamir 😛

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      It was not that funny. Only a couple of jokes worked like Swamy calling Arnub liar and Mota-Aamir having ringtone of Bhaag DK Bose song when he is talking about how abuses are bad.

      Swami was supposed to be Subramanian Swamy but who was Siddiqui supposed to be? Owaisi? And who was the lady supposed to be?

      • Author
        cr7 9 years ago

        Its not hilarious I agree . But I quite liked it . Clever references .

        The sharepoop site was supposed to be scoopwhoop I guess .Its Indian version of Buzzfeed . Not sure about the lady .

      • saurabh sharma 9 years ago

        The problem with any spoof is that if you have not seen original then u will not get it.
        Siddiqui is for Immam Siddiqui from Big Boss and the Jitendra (the guy who was acting) have done seriously well.. If u watch video of Immam siddiqui then you will realize that how good he was. Please watch the video Immam siddiqui fight with salman khan as they have made fun of that thing too..

        Same goes for Swamy, many are not laughing on in as they haven’t seen original… also Its a clever spoof, Big Boss demolition, Raghu Ram, sativila,
        1st part is very good and highly clever writing.

        Problem comes when Mota aamir come and loudness goes down.. also aamir joke of thinking about something every time was irritating..

        Sharepoop i guess is reference to scoopwhoop as the article type matches there…

        It was not as fuuny as earlier ones but it is very good in political satire area.. I find it quite clever…

        • sputnik 9 years ago

          Yeah I have not seen Big Boss but I have seen some headlines with that Imam Siddiqui guy. I wasn’t sure who they were referring to because Big Boss was just the front or excuse and on the other side there was Swami and they actually were spoofing the whole religious debates.

          “Big Boss demolition, Raghu Ram, sativila”

          I got those references and agree some of it was very clever.

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