Mersal Movie Review – FS

A Daacter wid Swyaag, bettar daancer, sooperb fighter, edh VIJAY di Actor. Grate Weezvals, brillyant action & szcreenplay, a total fultoo x-sallant moove-weee, eidh MERSAL.

This is one of the best Tamil movie I have seen recently. A ₹5 Doctor, famous for treating his patients with nominal fee of ₹5. He is also a world renowned humanitarian & Doctor whose dream is to help people get medical care for free. He is also a Magician and kills people who have harmed and wronged others.

Vijay protrays the role of 3 characters and with bit twists and turns, the movie ends on a very high note, as an audience you will be pleased and satisfied. The movie has sub layers & one of the flashback story is the real highlight of the entire movie, it is a tearjerker, will melt your hearts. The scene at the hospital after the Operation is very authentic & painful to watch.

Kudos to the director and actors and actresses for making such Beautiful film. the only hinderances are the songs (too many).

Highly Recommended!!!

Mersal Movie Review – FS

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  1. sputnik 5 years ago

    Thanks for the recco. Its on netflix. Will check it out.

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