Milind’s Reflections: Do We Need Different Spectacles for Different Cinema! HF2 in Discussion!

A certain so-called noted critic who is better off as a trade guide reflected-“One should not go in expecting a Kahaani from Housefull2”. I was very happy to see such immense innocent sarcasm from a man who might not have been able to gulp in the various attributes that made up a decent film like Kahaani. He had suddenly elevated himself to the class of an intellectual and then depicted as if he has varied tastes and showing somewhat sympathy he is emphatically in support of comic pies like HF2. I was again happy to see how this man wanted his readers to understand that he has varied tastes and broadened cinematic horizon and thus one can take his commentary in future to be an authority. But thank God, likes of Rangan and Kamath scribble as of date.

Agreed that you cannot expect Coppola out of Michael Bay but then Micheal Bay does not force you to watch a snake trying to gulp in a testes. Agreed Bay is not as metaphorical or politically coherent as Coppola or Kubrick but at least he innovates, he thinks and whatever he produces is worthy of getting watched.He may not be directing a vfx-milestone Metropolis or a visually disturbing yet engaging A Clockwork Orange but he certainly produces a piece that might have a very urban tone to it but it seldom goes beyond the boundary of logic. Cinematic space gives you liberty but the liberty must be utilized to depict stuffs in a manner that does not make one feel regressive.Ra.One suffered a lot because of the same phenomena–resources at hand, expertise at hand but you do not enact the script to its strength. Housefull 2 is better in that sense but the core fault lies in the fact that it has no script to begin with.There is intense desire to make you laugh at all costs and so-called “noted critics better of as trade guides” lap it up as a modernized version of Desai’s era.

Agreed Desai could allow a blind Nirupa Roy to enter an Operation Theatre to give God Blessed flowers to her patient and a snake to force the villains to change their path and many idiotic stuffs but then he also made sure that the coherency of the script does not go for a toss in making people laugh,this way or that way. Aaaaah..I forgot,HF2 had no script.But even that would have been acceptable had Sajid made an earnest effort in directing it. He has done a very casual job,not refined his comic sense and add to that the overdose of all types of humour, forced and spontaneous. Sajid laying claim to Desai’s legacy is as if Bay remarked he can match Spielberg’s Summer Blockbusters. Moreover Desai was himself not much a big deal.We ain’t talking some Ray or Adoor here.Are we?

My concerns over HF2 are mainly over its narration that is lethargically lethargic and casually done just to include whatever one can. And my bigger concern is to the deformed projection of Shakespeare [ref:my last post] and Desai in the garb of a sub-standard product. My biggest concern is the trend of calling such movies the “masala-moment” of this year and the pattern as of now. My deepest condolences to that “noted critic better of as trade guide” who tries to behave as if he was in love with Kahaani and is ready to carry HF2 somewhere in his bag just because it allows for a contrast in his taste.


  1. Author
    Milind 11 years ago

    I want to see the “so-called noted critic” and “so-called Desai of modern era” together!! 😀

  2. jamoon 11 years ago

    I just want to ask how do you enjoy a movie with such indepth analytical and critical mind-frame. Do you go to Bollywood movies to find faults and then compare them to Hollywood stuff? that too for a movie like Housefull, I am pretty sure you must be smarter than that.

  3. Author
    Milind 11 years ago

    Firstly I have not compared it to any HW movie. I have set a basis for contrast and compare. Bay to Spielberg…..Sajid to Desai. Comparison of Sajid is with Desai who in all probability is from bollywood.Contrast is with Bay…Spielberg..logic,innovative.

    Hope u got iy.

  4. jamoon 11 years ago


  5. fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    He just meant that Kahani was a film with script and HF2 was a film with Star Cast. HF2 was a decent film, a time pass movie where you go in, have a blast and come out with some one liners. When you have huge investment, people would do anything to recover its money and thats what Sajid has done.

    Unlike hw – Indians here don’t welcome or accept all the new comers or better actors than the stars present today whole heartedly, This is the another reason why directors have to depend on few stars and go by their style of work and acting. Neither those Stars work with new directors who have better ideas, vision and script in hand. Max population love OTT, Action, masala oriented movies coz these things don’t happen in their life and they crave for those as atleast they could enjoy onscreen if not offscreen. Most are pissed off from their real life realities and if you see those films it might lead them into more depression.

    Everyone can’t be Masand who is proud to acknowledge which movie is better according to him and which is not even unlike taran or komal who tries to be voice of mango people 😉 which they aren’t in reality.

    • jamoon 11 years ago

      Thanks man, you were so much more clear than the author. I thought the author was himself a bit confused in his write-up. Nevertheless good points. 🙂

  6. Author
    Milind 11 years ago

    None of you read the piece vis a vis many attributes of the director and the comparisons that are being thrown in to suit that desai effect and how so called critics immediately make any illogical comparisons. If a Bay can never be Spielberg no matter how much variety shouts,same way a sajid cannot be a desai.

  7. fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    When Iphone was introduced, was there any comparison to Iphone? It was more of an innovation than improvisation. Now do you think Iphone still can’t be compared. Samsung is the closest rival to outsmart Iphone in its field. But how did Samsung reach this status? Its through benchmarking, Sajid may not be Desai or might never be, but some feel the taste of Desai through his direction. Let him direct some more films then we can conclude whether or not he is comparable to desai.

    Now when they are comparing Salman khan to Rajnikanth, Many are feeling some familiarities through his OTT type of action, dialogue baazi, dance steps etc… but can he be Rajnikant? can Viday be Aamir? Time will tell when and how or why and for what. Comparison is not a crime, it can only add more pressure on the Asset. Some do it deliberately and try to follow the footpath of seniors, some find their own path.

    • jamoon 11 years ago

      vidya may not be as big as aamir because she lacks a body of work, but salman khan in mass belts of india is very much comparable to rajni in south. Please visit your nearest single-screen if you stay in india or come here to DELITE cinema daryaganj delhi and you will know what a SALMAN KHAN means for those rickshaw-wallahs, paani-puri-waalahs and paan-waalahs

      • Jasper 11 years ago

        Yeah, Salman is something only for those type of people. Go to the cities and ask anybody about Salman, and see people spitting on his name.

  8. Author
    Milind 11 years ago


    You again misunderstood the whole point.

    Samsung could match Iphone because it had showed signs of it way back in its early leap when it had made tremendous improvements in battery life and researched on an in-house OS called BADA and later almost owned Android..They had the zeal to innovate–they went from strength to strength.

    Look at Nolan–His first movie is less seen by many–although it is his best according to me–but he went from good to better movies–innovated and experimented. Look at Zoya Akhtar–She has made movies on most unusual premises,depicted implausible scenes[Abhay and Minisha being super human beings],in the same movie touched upon taboo subjects and later made a ZNMD–fun and frolic filled movie!! Experimentataion,Innovation and the desire to excel– that is what one misses in Sajid.His genre is comedy and one can have so much possibilities there.I was just reflecting on how he has regressed in his 3 films subsequently and how the desai legacy is farce.

    No more No Less!!

    SRK has good fan following in SS region too..Don 2 did just tad less than HF2[an anarkali and comedy film compared to a slick action thriller set in Germany]. What will drive the SS people back to theatyres in hordes for a SRK film? A grand FAMILY film~!!

  9. fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    @milind – i got your point

  10. Author
    Milind 11 years ago

    Thanks FS 🙂 Waise how much is HF2 expected to do lifetime!!

    Many less people know– Sandwich and Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiyya are two of the most regularly watched comic films ever. Infact I may hate regressive stuffs,do not like a part of Kjo and Barjatya for the same reason but I am unashamedly in love with Dhawan’s works– absolutely hilarious and spontaneous– Dhawan was known to okay shots in one take..he knew what he wanted,how he wanted and in the quanta he wanted. Coolie No.1 and Aankhein remain the epitome f comedy film-making in past two years according to me. Others would include:

    1. AAA


    3. Raja Babu

    4. Hero No.1

    5. Hasina Maan jayegi

    6.ishq[first half[

    7. Judwaa

    Can see these films anytime,anyday..that is what the fact is.You see,only those films remain immortal that have genuinely made you laugh or have some seriosuly funny moments.HF2 lacks that genuinity and spontaneity. Ishq’s first half was so hilarious that even Mr.Lowa Lowa became famous…”Alle Ye jalan mujhe kyun ho rahi hai”–this dialogue and scene remain so fresh still today. RaM-RAM-RAM-MARA-MARA MARA–these lines evoked subtle yet worthy laughter!!

  11. Jasper 11 years ago

    Btw Sudhish Kamath is a big farce of a reviewer 😀

  12. fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    You forgot to mention the EPIC film DULHE RAJA, KYON milind

    To be Honest – Epic films like, AAA, Dulhe Raja and Golmal (old) were the three films that i laughed so much, literally my stomach was aching and throat was paining. But i hardly laughed when i watched AAA or Dulhe Raja for the second time coz you know whats coming. It was Golmal that made me laugh for the second time. Other movies you mentioned above, No Entry is missing, first situational comedy like the climax of AAA. Loved Badshah too.

    But yeah as you mentioned abt HF2 it was just a timepass movie nothing great abt it apart from box office point of view. Above mentioned movies are ICONIC.

    About boxoffice – When BG can make 100cr, i thought even HF2 deserves to be in 100cr bracket which is not the scenario i guess.

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