Bhaiyyaji Superhit shelved?

After Ghayal 2 and The Man, Bhaiyyaji Superhit is Sunny Deol’s third film which has come to a standstill. The movie is probably shelved, due to differences between the director Neeraj Pathak and producer Fauzia Arshi.

A source revealed, “There were differences between the producer and director as the movie was going over budget right after the first schedule and Neeraj approached Subhash Ghai, without the producer Fauzia’s knowledge who is producing the film under the banner of Daily Multimedia Ltd & Metro Movies. The producer was shocked with the news of her project being produced by someone else when she holds the rights and has no plans to co-produce it.”

When contacted producer Fauzia regarding the movie, she said, “I am not planning to shelve this project. I have put it on hold currently. This movie will go on floors when the script and budget is in place.”

She adds, “After we finished 15 days of shooting which went well, director Neeraj Pathak asked me to increase the budget by Rs. 6 crores. That’s a big amount! He has a good story but till I don’t get a definite budget, and shooting script in hand, I wouldn’t be able to let the movie go on floors.”

Did you speak to Neeraj for taking the project to Subhash Ghai? She said, “Yes, I did. He said he just spoke and mentioned about the project and there must be some misunderstanding. The film is all mine and I have the rights for the same. I was shocked on seeing Subhash Ghai’s statement in the paper. I’m assuming it is some misunderstanding as told to me by Neeraj.”

Fauzia also tried contacting Ghai after the news of producing her film appeared in the paper. But he never replied.

Neeraj Pathak remained unavailable for comment.



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