Fantasy Tweets of critics/Celebrities on ETT Release

@Rajeevmasand salman what were u doing until now.. Kabir, salman and entire ETT team take a bow.. this is how we will take BW forward.. #aamirisshit

@Rajasen my balls went for toss that is how amazing ETT is…

@Anupamachopra i am ashamed to be in srk group #postwatchingETT

@khalidmohammad there will no review of ETT from my side as i cant write review without criticizing the movie..

@prakashjaju first Day 35 cr expected.. srk shud take spoon of water and jump in it..

@KRK adi stole my story of deshdrohi 2…

@Kjo adi take a bow, such a beautiful story written i can sense u chose srk first as i was watching movie visualizing tiger as SRK…

@TOI story was so brilliant that it beats even inception… we needed a team of 5 to come to conclusion…

@komalnahata hurricane has arrived #ETT
@ramesh@komalnahata hurricane is named KATRINA? or TIGRESS?

There is no review yet by Taran adarsh
1 critic of taran writes:
@raju i can understand no review by @taranadarsh as he does not have brain to understand good movie #ETT

@iamsrk important announcement, kabir khan is the director of ra2
@iamsrk@kabirkhan where are u godammit, pick up your phone
@iamsrk@kabirkhan i was kidding about ra2
@kabirkhan@iamsrk REAAAALLY?
@iamsrk@kabirkhan ahaaa caught u a**h***

  1. Author
    lambu 9 years ago

    as per my commitment with baba 😀
    its fantasy with gentle humor

    • sputnik 9 years ago

      Thanks Lambu. Good funny tweets.

      Lambu’s Tweet: “Ek baar maine commitment karli main kisi ki nahi sunta”

  2. Serenzy 9 years ago

    Where is @imsrk Tweet?


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