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My Review of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is very Simple and to put it bluntly it is like “Enjoying Sex With and Without Condoms during First half & Second Half respectively”

In today’s modern times, watching a movie that takes you back to 80’s and 90’s subject of teaching values, reminding of culture and tradition is like expecting to watch and listen to a boring lecture from Mullah’s, Swamy’s or Fathers on their respective Auspicious days. But when same subject are lectured / preached by Specialists who are Modern but culturally rooted and knowledgeable, whose works are recognized world over, cherished and appreciated, your expectations bounds to be sky high. You seek to gain knowledge, learn values and become righteous. Sooraj Bharjatya is one such personality who is a specialist in this genre, hence the expectations are huge, tremendous, unbeatable and to meet such demand is challenging. Sometimes best of the best would fail given the time and circumstances in a Modern Day film making. Did Sooraj meet your expectations? Did he recreate the magic of HAHK or HSSH? It’s you who have to decide that. I can only give my views and my opinion on the film.

In First half all the songs hinder the pace and rhythm of the movie which actually drifted the intention of Sooraj. He could have added few more scenes instead of songs. None of the songs were situational and all disrupted the flow of movie watching experience. 30-45 mins before the interval movie catches the rhythm of the flow and from then on it continues to entertain till the end.

In Second Half movie reaches all time high with a Coronation scene between Swara Bhaskar and Salman that I would rate it as Salman Khan’s best Scene till date and one of the Best Scenes directed in Hindi Cinema. There are many such beautiful scenes in the second half with three beautiful songs, one mostly used as Background Score. The film’s intention is as pure as 24 carat Gold.

Salman Khan has given his one of the Best Performance till date. He was Perfecto as Vijay and Prem. Its easy to do double role but its difficult to enact dual role in double role and by that what I mean to say is he has to enact as an imposter of his look alike as well as be himself at the same time, that is Prem. This year Salman Khan deserves all the awards including National Award and I am not kidding.

Sonam Kapoor is so Gorgeous and Good looking that people will fall in love with her beauty instantly. She has done an exceptional work as princess and she should be applauded for her performance. Every other character have done good job.

PS: The movie is inspired from Chinese movie “Masquerade 2012”.

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Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Review – FS

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  1. Dhamaka 6 years ago

    FS as usual good review. I saw it today and movie is ok to good for me the only complain I have that you rightly pointed out is wrong placement of songs, they could easily trim it by good 20 to 25 minutes but then it is from Bharjatya and even HAHK had this problem. from box-office point of view I am afraid it will not match the sensibilities of younger audience thou, it is good to great for masses and will do better business in small towns and rural areas.

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