Dhoom 3: Akhh… Thooooooooo


Lift gets jammed during the crucial shooting scene, Aamir runs down the building to pull up the lift with his sheer raw power and gravitational force to his advantage so that Acharya doesn’t suffocate inside the lift. Then Aamir comes home, watches Dhoom 2 DVD chase sequence 2-3 times. Bored of being jobless, he runs circus only to be strip teased by Smoking Hot Katrina. As you know one can always expect something different from Aamir, this Indian Circus in Chicago have totally different stunts, unimaginable, unfathomable and dangerously life threatening, no, not to the stuntmen but to the viewers. Imagine Bike on rope, Auto on rooftops and Auto Wheeling and if not enough Abhishek displays his shooting skills hanging from the Helicopter. Saddened from the horrible show and poor response, he buys the formula to clone himself from the famous Prestige(ous) magician. Things do not turn up as planned for all three, hence Aamir decides to Rob a bank with his clone and shares profit with Abhishek & Uday to clean up the mess and justify the act.

Once in a while we see a movie that is liked and loved by almost all moviegoers.
Once in a while we witness the History being repeated and old records being broken by the new ones.

But I daresay, only once in a Millennium we witness such crappiest action, dilapidated screenplay, shameful direction and constipated looks that is so ludicrous, so boring, so over the top and so pathetic that you shit right in your pants unable to withstand the burning sensation within your arse and if lucky may not suffocate to death during the Dhoom 3 intercourse. Such were my afflictions & sufferings and I daresay, these were my longest 3 hours ever spent watching the movie.

I have observed many times when Aamir speaking to media or journalists, once in a while a question is popped about his views on Shah Rukh’s movies or Shah Rukh’s roles only to be meted out with sarcasm and foolish indictment on the character’s justification. In this movie, he tries to set an example for Shah Rukh and teaches him how to ham in perfection with inconsistent over acting and constipated facial expressions.

How can I justify in describing the characters and elaborating the incredible performances and stunts executed by Jai (Abhi Shake) and Ali (Uday bhai).

So much so for the perfectionist Aamir, I would spit for such disgusting project. Akh Thooooooooo, ye to “Ra One” se bhi Bokwaas hai.

  1. sputnik 8 years ago


    So you hated this as expected.

    • Author
      FS 8 years ago

      I was so wanting it to be at least bearable but alas it was Ala rehashed international version of “Gunda”. Pathetic.

  2. ank_16n 8 years ago

    FS bro have u started eating so much paan that u have to aak thooooooo even in TQ????? 😛

  3. Saurabh 8 years ago

    Why doesn’t Loha get as much love as Gunda does? Seriously the dialogues are on par and at times better than Gunda. Sample this – “Main bina petrol ki gaadi aur bina nashe ki taadi hoon. Main woh phateli saadi hoon jise koi hijda bhi nahi pehenega.”

    Really, I prefer watching these gems any day over shit like D3, Krrish 3, etc. Kanti Shah knows his shit and seldom fails to deliver.

  4. alfa.one 8 years ago

    A very realistic review !!!

  5. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    I would like to see if this is worse than YJHD – which I found worst than any other film in last few years.

  6. Author
    FS 8 years ago

    Dhoom has gone from better to worst with each sequel.

    Dhoom 1 – Planning
    Dhoom 2 – Execution
    Dhoom 3 – Escape

    Next time if any Amir fan talks about South Remakes or ott crap to belittle other actors, better remind them of Dhoom 3 that has set new benchmarks in A A A (Awful Action, Awful Acting and Abhorrence)

  7. Aman 8 years ago

    I feel Dhoom 3 is way way better than whatever sallu has done in the last one decade or so
    toh abhi thookna hi hai to sallu ke career pe thoda thook lo 😛
    even srk for that matter (excluding cdi and swades)

    • Author
      FS 8 years ago

      Salman & Srk show crap in most of the promos but none of them endorse their films based on the scripts & everyone are aware of their script sense, it’s not a hidden secret. Here everywhere on television, in print media, Aamir has endorsed it because he liked the script & not because of Dhoom franchise or in its coolness.

      This Dhoom 3 is not only worse than South Remakes but also C grade cinema on a grand scale. Remove Aamir from it, people like u would have started talking as High Brow intellectuals dishing out the film as crap but that’s where the difference lies. Others admit they like & sometimes enjoy the crap but you guys even though, enjoy such craps feel lowbrow to admit it & live half your lives in denial.

      • Author
        FS 8 years ago

        Tomorrow if Rohit Shetty signs Aamir and blow off two trains on Air people like you find logic in it and give standing ovation.

        • Dhamaka 8 years ago

          lol FS

          Thats what i also said in my comment that action is as bad as you can see in any south remake

      • sputnik 8 years ago

        Agree with you that “This Dhoom 3 is not only worse than South Remakes but also C grade cinema on a grand scale.”

        This movie is perfect proof that all the talk of Aamir reading script and asking numerous questions and having great script sense is total BS.

        When it comes to commercial masala movies Aamir’s script sense is no better than Salman/SRK/Akshay.

        • Author
          FS 8 years ago

          In KWK he said he needs good directors, good technical staff, good script etc… to give a successful or blockbuster film & I wholeheartedly agree with his honest/modest/diplomatic confession. One more film as D3, his stardom & reputation will be largely affected.

  8. Aman 8 years ago

    Yes Aamir made the movie because he liked the script. But did he ever say that it was the best script he has come across? What he probably meant was that Dhoom 3’s script was better than those of Dhoom and Dhoom 2.

    And it’s funny that ppl are questioning the script sense of Aamir and equating it with the likes of salman and srk!!! For all we know PK might put the so called acclaimed movies of sallu and srk in the shadow (and chances of that happening are not remote). Then what will you have to say of Aamir’s script sense?

    It’s stars like sallu and srk that have made a career out of such type of movies and I hope your reaction is as severe as this one to that.

    And those people who are genuinely ( 😉 ) concerned of Aamir’s script sense need not worry as he seems to be following a trend of alternating between masala and hatke movies. That would explain last year’s Talaash which had Aamir in the year’s best acted role.

    And yeah I trash movies made by sallu and srk because they don’t do a Talaash or a Dhobi Ghat or a TZP in between movies like Ghajini and Dhoom 3. And I am damn sure that PK will be the most entertaining movie of the year with terrific critical acclaim. I trust Aamir’s script sense that much.

    What I would like to add is that Dhoom 3 is more similar in style to ETT which I liked as much and have confessed so many times in various forums. And it was Aamir who held together a movie like Dhoom 3 (which was risky compared to Dhoom 2 as the style and coolness quotient was less and focus was more on emotions). The results are there for everyone to see.

    “Movie stars were originally called stars for the bright, glittery aspects of the heavenly bodies in question, but there’s another quality that true stars, especially those of Aamir Khan’s caliber possess, which is gravitational pull.”


  9. Aman 8 years ago

    And people needn’t scratch their heads that how come Dhoom 3 is breaking records left right and centre. The fact is that it is being immensely liked by the people unlike few experts here who have found the movie crass according to their ‘refined’ tastes (ironically sallu and srk fans) 😀

    And I had long ago said that given a commercial masala movie, Aamir can prove that he is bigger than both sallu and srk on all counts. And his last two movies didn’t even require the help of holidays 😛

  10. Aman 8 years ago

    Just go through this link:

    Talaash Movie Review by Taran Adarsh

    It will tell you what other fans feel when Aamir makes movies like Talaash (discussing its BO prospects and questioning Aamir’s stardom instead on focussing on his tremendous acting).

    So when an Aamir movie breaks, na thrashes BO records then no surprises ki inhi logon ko zyaada mirchi lagi (with everyone behaving like connoisseurs of classic European cinema) 😛

  11. Author
    FS 8 years ago

    I passed that sarcasm to Aamir fan’s who in general and almost 90% proclaim to love good cinema and swear by Aamir for his choice of scripts yet defending the crap like D3. You also popped in defending and arguing against my comment which means you too proclaim of having similar taste and sense.

    Read your previous comment before giving thoughtful lecture “I feel Dhoom 3 is way way better than whatever sallu has done in the last one decade or so” “he fact is that it is being immensely liked by the people unlike few experts here who have found the movie crass according to their ‘refined’ tastes (ironically sallu and srk fans)”

    ——–I never defend Salman’s crap films (check my reviews and comments on Bodyguard or Dabang2) nor Aamir’s (D3) for that matter. Suppose if i like any movie that has dog shit in abundance, I don’t defend such movie but I do give my opinion and reasons for my likeness. When I like a movie I am very open about it be it Talaash or YJHD or Barfi and I don’t defend what is right or what is wrong in it because I am not an expert like most here pretend to be one, I am just a viewer and my only aim is to get entertained. But some members like you are two faced. One side you crack jokes, talk bullshit about south remakes, ott action etc… and then defend when your favorite is experimenting the same thing. Why two different opinions?

    But did he ever say that it was the best script he has come across. What he probably meant was that Dhoom 3′s script was better than those of Dhoom and Dhoom 2.

    Just like you assumed “probably”, I never did that. He said he liked the script “very much” and so to Lagaan, Talaash, TZP etc…

    All about your box office lecture is futile. I have never denied his current boxoffice star power but if you say, he’ll retain or gain more starpower doing D3 type of movies then you are wrong. His Starpower is more to do with kind of scripts and films he chose in last couple of years plus the box office numbers he set.

    • narad_muni 8 years ago

      FS – I fully agree to this –
      ” have never denied his current boxoffice star power but if you say, he’ll retain or gain more starpower doing D3 type of movies then you are wrong. His Starpower is more to do with kind of scripts and films he chose in last couple of years plus the box office numbers he set.”

      Aamir’s star power or goodwill is due to him doing quality films thereby gaining the trust of people. He can’t do many Dhoom type of movies and sustain at the top.

      Anyways, the numbers of Dhoom3 is a combination of Aamir + Dhoom brand + year end holidays resulting in huge hype and curiosity for the movie. I am not so sure about WOM.

  12. Aman 8 years ago

    If Dhoom 3 would not have done well then some hypocrites, like yourself would have questioned and ridiculed Aamir’s star power.

    Now when Dhoom 3 is rewriting records, you pretend to be more concerned about Aamir’s choice of films.

    That my friend is called being two-faced.

    It’s similar to what Bob Gunton’s character in Shawshank Redemption must have felt during the climax….how the hell did Aamir manage to decimate bo records worldwide.

  13. alfa.one 8 years ago

    The way in which the movie is making money it will be the crappiest blockbuster of the year.

    Strange that only craps are making money this year, first it was CE and now D3 !!

  14. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Saw movie last night. Very good entertainer and a very fine script too. Second half was totally engaging and not even a single song or scene I got bored. I think people are missing the point here (on this blog) – the main highlight of the movie is the emotions and melodrama in second half – loopholes like how what when are there but this is classical drama. Aamir is right when he says the script is fantastic.

    PS: Everyone in theater seems to like / love the movie. All family audiences were seated till the end credits completed. The numbers and the way movie is trending shows it is being loved. The exaggerated reactions on this blog are similar to what aamir received (flak) from a section at MP time, another section at Fanaa,Ghajini time and another section at DG time. But those are just sections. This movie cuts across many sections and is liked very much.

    This movie has only reaffirmed audience faith in Aamir in scripts selections/being a different entertainer.

  15. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Frankly I was expecting a movie kind of like “its so bad its good” type of deal. The way I had enjoyed TMK.

    But I was totally bowled over by the drama and emotions in second half – the emotions and the dialogues are superb. Vijay Krishna Achrya has done fantastic job in dialogues in second half. There is so much to talk .. but I still need some time – the movie is still lingering in my mind. Watching this Sunday again.

  16. Author
    FS 8 years ago

    The scene where Sahir tries to inject tranquilizer on Samar’s neck is lifted straight from Dexter series.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      And yes, Dhoom3 is more close to Akela than Prestige. So much for fixation for western world.

      Ofcourse Akela itself may be copied from a book / novel or a film, but there are far more similarities here than trying to find western ones.

  17. Author
    FS 8 years ago

    Ritz – your description “But I was totally bowled over by the drama and emotions in second half – the emotions and the dialogues are superb” is totally similar to Danish’s description of Bodyguard. So to each his own.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      btw, I loved Bodyguard too, if you read the old achieves – such a nice film it was, and salman’s character. 🙂

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      “to each his/her own” is true for bad films and guilty pleasure. Not for such films FS which tend towards being Epic.

      Lovely Singh was an epic character IMO.

      • Author
        FS 8 years ago

        “Lovely Singh was an epic character IMO” – ROFL.

        • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

          You can Roll Over From Laughing. no issues 🙂

          But has there been any character like it ever before in Cinema? So adorable / so UN-selfish? 🙂

          • Author
            FS 8 years ago

            So adorable, So Unselfish?

            Let me guess few of recent movies that I can recall immediately

            1. Rohit of KMG, Kaho na Pyar hai.
            2. Srk of MNIK
            3. Salman of Bhagbaan
            4. Irfan Khan of Billu Barber

          • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago


  18. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Nah, FS;

    Not at all

    the examples you gave are not related to what I am saying about.

    Its not a competition.

    Its a matter of choice.
    You had many things lined up as competition to me (look at ur comments).

    Dear, Dhoom3 is a classical grand cinema loved by all Junta.

    learn to accept it – cause….


    • Author
      FS 8 years ago

      In those words, so was YJHD, Barfi, Bodyguard, Dabangg2, RR, Ready, Singham, ETT etc…

      • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

        ok, Dhoom3 is worst movie ever, I accept it.

  19. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Salman of Baghban?

    SRK of MNIK?

    are you kidding me?



  20. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    I can agree on SRK of Paheli or SRK of Baadshah…/ODYHI
    none of his performances afterwards or before that …..

    Those performances were Epic .

    • Author
      FS 8 years ago

      If that’s your opinion I respect that but you can’t talk as a barometer. For you it may not be but for others it could be same or better than the epic performance of Aamir in D3.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

        FS, forget about respecting stuff and all which is a show off ..

        D3 is worst movie ..agreed. 🙂

      • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

        True, so why not respect my opinion?

        On this forum I have seen whoever abused D3 their opinion is respected more

        Way more posts

        way more spoilers

        (in spite i am mentioning it … to Sputnik ..

        this continued ..)

        • Author
          FS 8 years ago

          Ritz – I really don’t know what you meant. When I say I respect your opinion then I do respect your opinion. I myself enjoy crap action, satire comedy and overacting many a times in many movies if I get entertained. I don’t have problem with you if you liked Dhoom 3 very much or if it is your one of the favorite movie of all time movie or if you like Bodyguard very much but I don’t like people defending the same crap that they had laughed upon earlier just because it didn’t star their favorite in it.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

            Got it and Agree. Lets not go into what I meant – which is already sorted out with Sputnik.

  21. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    First of all, I dont know why Sputnik posted spoilers bold enough in the titles (like Baba’s post) Even when I mentioned it , he was silent. I think he is thinking that …its a blatant copy of Prestige and why should I care etc …

    I am disappointed at that, cause Baba’s post spoiled the suspense for me. And Sputnik was unapologitic about whole thing even after I mentioned it.

    This forum needs to grow up in this regard – this is highly influenced by Hollywood and looking through only one perspective !!

    • cr7 8 years ago

      Don’t agree with you completely .But I agree that Title of Baba’s post was a spoiler and should have been changed .

    • sputnik 8 years ago

      Baba’s initial title that he was about to use was even more explicit and I had asked him not to give away spoiler in title. He came with up with that cheesy title.

      Personally I would have prefered “Audience Walon Tumhari Aisi Ki Taisi” title instead of that as it would have gone better with the post.

      I don’t think anybody can review Dhoom 3 without giving the spoiler away as the twist comes at the intermission point and the whole second half revolves around that character. They would not have given away the twist at the intermission point.

      And anybody who has watched The Prestige will know the twist in the first 15 minutes itself when Jackie does his boy in the box magic trick. They could have not shown the actual trick that Jackie does and even left the double role as suspense till the climax. But they obviously did not. So they did not care about the twist or they thought the audience is too dumb to figure out anything.

      I thought you were being sarcastic or praising the movie just to piss off the other star fans. But if you are serious about it and are praising it using arguments that its a hit and audiences are loving it then Bodyguard/Ready/DTPH or any hit movie can be praised using the same logic. If the second half of Dhoom 3 is classical drama then so is JTHJ with Katrina and the Jesus angle. If why what where are not important then why did people bash Ra.One for its stupid anything goes screenplay.

      You bash Madhubala for her bad dancing in a song which was a big hit and which people made went to the theater multiple times just to watch it. The aam junta thinks that Madhubala looked great and danced great. You were the first one who brought up that point and I agree with you. But arguments in the Dhoom 3 case and the Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya song don’t match up. Use the same critical standards in Dhoom 3 case as you use for that Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya song.

      • cr7 8 years ago

        I still think Ritz is being sarcastic about Dhoom 3 😛

      • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

        If I like Dhoom3 I am a hypocrite , If I bash it then I am honest ..eh?

        “Use the same critical standards in Dhoom 3 case as you use for that Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya song.”

        What if I fall in aam junta category in this one? Do I force myself to hate it? Dhoom3 is a make-believe cinema world which completely absorbed me in second half..

        I loved Dhoom3, I don’t care what you have to say about me. You allowed spoilers on your site thats all I am saying. I am not forcing you to like it – but you should not have allowed spoilers in such a way in title itself.

        • sputnik 8 years ago

          Ok point taken and I should have asked Baba to change the title.

          But I guess all fans are the same when it comes to liking/hating a movie. Its all about whether the movie has their favorite star in it or not.

          I think they should create some new technology where people will be given some glasses and some gadget which would allow them to choose the actor in the lead role just like how one can select a character in a video game. Then everybody will like the same movie no matter how bad it is just because they see it with their favorite star in the lead role.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

            Its ok. Thanks.

            I don’t want to go into movie discussion with you and judge you – as you are judging me.


            Lets move on.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

        I can compare movies with food tastes. And especially having lived in different states I know how adaptable people are to different tastes – despite being in a country of diverse cultures — they are not !

        I like to taste different dishes, and mostly dont find fault in dishes which people usually say – “its bad” (and they leave the food wasted like that in the plate) ..

        I for one, havent been able to figure out what is a good chai is? (I drink only green tea for years , but ..) find it amusing how people make faces if they find bit of more sugar/ less sugar/ more milk/less milk in the hot water. For me tea is just a hot water 🙂

      • Baba 8 years ago

        ritz comment on madhubala is one of my fav comments ever on tq. I think it was brilliant criticism and one can hardly deny it. I am fan of such technical criticism

        Its not wrong if someone liked d3 or didnt like it for whatever reason. but then getting hyper about it saying the script is fantastic etc is crapping yourself.its like some salman fan loving BG and then proclaiming “salman is the greatest action hero”

        • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

          well, forget abt salman fan, I also loved BG. I am getting hyper I agree and I should control. I think its more because of people putting a stamp on me than they criticizing the movie – if I wud have dissed it I would have been termed as honest…huh.

          Anyways. I should stop now I guess.

  22. Bored 8 years ago

    “But I guess all fans are the same when it comes to liking/hating a movie. Its all about whether the movie has their favorite star in it or not.”

    I tried to comment on this yesterday but the comment never showed up!

    Anyways, whenever a silly movie of Aamir releases, we see Aamir fans behaving like any other star fans. All talks abt better films, good scripts and decent acting goes for a toss. Seen this too many times over the years with MP, Fanaa, Ghajini and now D3.

    D3 is regressive stuff – they have converted a stylized stunt based popcorn fun to a eighties and nineties masala film. Anyone who had found earlier Dhooms as watchable are finding it atrocious, but there is enough takers for D3 due to the masala wave (apart from Aamir fans’ faithfulness).

    D3 is much like Krrish and RNBDJ in my books – painfully regressive.

    • sputnik 8 years ago


      So did you get any error when you tried to comment or it just did not show up? I get emailed whenever someone makes a comment but I did not see any comment from you. So I guess it never made it all the way.

    • Bored 8 years ago

      But i didnt hate the film nor found it extraordinarily bad. Its a regular commercial film with a superstar in it.

      However, what i found really bad is Aamir’s acting as the retard. It was more irritating than srk in mnik or hrithik in kmg (never thot it was possible). But fans of srk/hrithik speak highly of such retarded acts, so cant blame aamir fans for suddenly liking a retard aamir. In a dhoom movie, it was unintentionally funny.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      I repeat, its not 80s masala, its 40s/50s in its treatment. And it tastes so good.

      • Bored 8 years ago

        And I repeat – (1) D3 is a classic Dilip Kumar tragedy (2) D3 has nothing to do with Prestige but is remake of Akayla (btw, there was no retard in Akayla if one has seen it!) (3) Ghajini had nothing to do with Memento!

        Clap Clap – Aamir is God.

        • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

          Didnt get you, but I think you tried some sarcasm; attempt at it i think.

          Dhoom3 is as misunderstood as Robot IMO. It is a fantastic movie, but then you will understand it when you try to curb your instincts to make fun of it.

          • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

            Till then put me in typical “aamir fans” category and put a stamp on me and continue judging ..

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      And give me a break, you mean Rab Ne was also bad movie? It is one the most adorable movies of SRK I have seen.

      So if you say Rab Ne is bad, I dont have issues with you saying Dhoom3 is bad.

  23. Bored 8 years ago

    I didnt get any error message, the comment just didnt show up after i hit the ‘post comment’ button – had made it on Baba’s D3 review page. Nevermind.

  24. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    “btw, there was no retard in Akayla if one has seen it!”

    Shows your vast knowledge.

    • Bored 8 years ago

      Let me be Kader Khan for you once again!

      In Akayla there are two proper twin villains both demented with evil and neither repentant (even if one had child-like mannerisms to some extent).

      In D3, Samar is a nice guy who is bulldozed into robbing banks by his psychotic brother ( thus a retard who is repentant of his actions ) – that my frd is a lift from Prestige – where one of the magician Bale was nice guy, the other psychotic.

      However, Bale is not mentally challenged and good enuf an actor to bring out that difference without resorting to gimmicky retard acting.

      Also Prestige had a moral ending – the nice twin emerges the winner and only one alive. In D3 both twins die (thankfully).

  25. shan 8 years ago

    Sputnik, I am having a bad reading experience with this be design. I can read only that part of comments which show up in left half of the screen. The rest is blank. This is on my Lumia 1520. I can see more of the page if I use the screen in horizontal mode, but eve. Then the problem persists. Its just that since I have a wider screen when horizontal, I can see more of the comments.

    • Author
      FS 8 years ago

      Same problem with android users with larg er screen but with iPhone it works just fine

    • sputnik 8 years ago

      Same thing was happening on iphones too but I was able to fix it. I will try to fix it for other phones too.

    • sputnik 8 years ago

      Is it just comments or post content too?

    • sputnik 8 years ago

      Ok try now and let me know if its working correctly. Try clearing cache if it does not work.

      • Author
        FS 8 years ago

        The homepage from Iphone is turned out as it with android phones – half visible. When you open the threads, then everything seems fine.

        • sputnik 8 years ago

          I think you are hitting a cache version. It was working from my iphone but not from another iphone.

          Try clearing cache on your iphone from settings and if it does not work email me at tanqeed@tanqeed.com and I will send you a file with instructions on how to make it appear correctly on iphone.

  26. Author
    filmygyani 8 years ago


    Bande hai Yeh Kiske…. Kisne Diya Inko Itna Zor….
    Chappal se dhoyenge inko agar Banaya Dhoom 4….. 🙂

    • alfa.one 8 years ago

      tooti hui chappal se…! ye isi ke qabil hain.

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