Talaash Movie Review by Taran Adarsh


Before analyzing the movie, I just wish to state one thing. You haven’t watched a suspense thriller like TALAASH on the Hindi screen. Ever. Also, all those sms-es prior to the release pertaining to the ‘killer’ are humbug, bogus and phony.

Another clarification. TALAASH is not remotely similar to KAHAANI. A lot of space was devoted to the imaginary tale that TALAASH and KAHAANI were similar in nature. But you realize it’s an ill-founded rumor as the reels of TALAASH unfold. It’s also alleged that TALAASH borrows from a novella called ‘Act Of Providence’. Then there’s an assumption that TALAASH borrows from SHUTTER ISLAND…

Similarities apart, TALAASH stands on its feet for the reason that it merges conspiracy, tension and tragedy with dexterousness. Add to it the turn of events, the razor sharp dialogue and of course, the suspense… TALAASH takes the suspense angle to a new altitude altogether, emerging into an exceptionally constructed mystery.

Aamir Khan plays an investigation officer, Inspector Shekhawat, who is informed about the accident and subsequent death of a superstar. The case turns into a life altering chase for Inspector Shekhawat when he is forced to reel under the repercussions of a disturbed married life [Rani Mukherji] and come face to face with his suppressed grief.

Being on his investigative quest, Inspector Shekhawat meets a sex worker [Kareena Kapoor], who further adds shades of mystery to the puzzle. What looks like a simple car accident investigation turns into a haunting mystery as further investigations show many anomalies were stringed to the death of the victim.

TALAASH is dramatic and absorbing, both. Director Reema Kagti takes up an attention-grabbing premise and along with co-writer Zoya Akhtar spins a tale that makes the viewer a participant of sorts. While the cop tries hard to solve the jigsaw puzzle, the spectator, with his mind wide alert by now, gets intrigued by what he observes and perceives and is keen to get to the bottom of the mystery himself/herself. That, in my opinion, is why this suspense drama works. Frankly, it’s the sort of film that’s extremely tough to pull off, but Reema has a strong control of the material and together with her efficient team pulls off the trick with aplomb and composure.

In addition, Reema creates the right ambiance essential for a suspense drama. The tale is stylishly told and the authentic mood keeps you on the edge of the seat for most part of those two hours. TALAASH is not one of those movies that relies on the been-there-seen-that kind of situations. I’d like to add that though there’s a remote possibility that you may solve the mystery before the protagonist gets to it in the finale, you can’t help but stay hooked and wrapped to the twisted characters and disturbing situations that TALAASH offers.

The finale, sure enough, is all important in a film of this genre. In this case, it’s astonishing, powerful and also heartrending. It ends up as an emotional film that tugs at your heartstrings. The film delves into deep, dark secrets and that makes the conclusion one of the most satisfying wrap ups one has witnessed in a movie of this variety. I could just go on and on about the merits of the film, but I shall not reveal any further and spoil the fun for you. I suggest, experience it yourself!

The production design and the detailing attached to the movie couldn’t be more authentic and adds incredible value to the project. Visually too, the frames capture the nervousness and uneasiness of the characters and also the setting with aplomb [DoP: Mohanan]. The music [Ram Sampath] is situational. The songs may not feature on your fav list, but a couple of numbers are fascinating nonetheless. In fact, the songs are well integrated in the narrative, driving the story forward every time they appear. The dialogue [Fahan Akhtar; additional dialogue: Anurag Kashyap] are taut and transfixing.

Though Aamir has portrayed the role of a cop earlier, he brings something new to the table with his spellbinding performance in TALAASH. The earnestness and authenticity with which he enacts his character cannot be expressed in a few sentences. That would be doing gross injustice to the actor’s abilities, frankly. He holds the camera in every frame and charges assertively through the film, making you believe in Inspector Shekhawat’s journey in entirety. It’s a standout piece of acting, unquestionably. That Aamir is the best actor of his generation comes to the fore yet again!

Both Rani and Kareena are given a moment in the sun, despite Aamir dominating the film with a power-packed performance. Rani is superb as the troubled wife, while Kareena is terrific as the hooker. Together the two actresses deliver admirable performances that would definitely merit a mention in award ceremonies next year. The sequences between Aamir and Kareena in particular are simply fantastic!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui sparkles in a significant role, enacting his part with remarkable ease. Raj Kumar Yadav is efficient enough. Shernaz Patel leaves a stunning impact. Every actor in the film — in a brief role or otherwise — stays fresh in your memory after the screening has concluded.

On the whole, TALAASH is an outstanding film. A taut psychological thriller that keeps you guessing till the end, it leaves you spellbound, leaves you mesmerized, leaves you with an exclamation, ‘Wow!’. An absolute must watch for all movie buffs. You just can’t afford to miss this one!


  1. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Thanks to Ritz for the link.

    4.5 stars as expected from Taran.

    • kishore 10 years ago

      Yes. If Taran gives less than 4.5 stars then the movie is not worth the watch. If he gives 4.5 then you have to wait for other reviews.

  2. Ritz 10 years ago

    I am having a hard time staying away from Social sites – twitter. Dont want to spoil climax. 😀

    Watching it tomm morning

  3. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    “Taran Adarsh : “That Aamir is the best actor of his generation comes to the fore yet again!””

    seems the film is well made. atleast to do good business.

    • Ritz 10 years ago

      I dont know about BO Baba, for this film atleast. I will comment tomm after watching the movie.

      But as cliche/convenient as it may sound – I just want the film to be good and engaging.

      And, again – as cliche as it may sound. If the film is good enough, irrespective of its BO outcome – it will do good for aamir as a brand.

  4. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    the “suspense” of the film is out .check krk tweets.

    • sauravjha 10 years ago

      Ppl seem to be reaching new lows everyday ! This is so cheap on part of KRK again to gain some free publicity why so desperate man?? There have been numerous occasions now that ppl have tried to be extra smart first that Mihir critic guy live tweeted Ra.one then don2 and now this KRK! why? just to create petty fan wars n gain mileage for themselves. Very frustrating indeed every movie should be given a chance to run its course earn whatever it can purely on merits but m afraid this way ppl will stop making suspense completely in India already its a rairty in here but now they wont even think abt making it. Very sad!

    • shezad10 10 years ago

      just read the tweet
      if this is the climax, it looks poor
      ( i read it bcz i have no paln at all to see this film )

  5. Zacked 10 years ago

    Just back from Talaash.. Liked the movie.. quite engaging and almost every scene something is happening. No loose ends.. And i might call it Aamir’s best performance after RDB

    • Ritz 10 years ago

      Saw the movie today. There are 1 or 2 a loose ends. but thankfully no loopholes.
      More on the movie later.

  6. FS 10 years ago

    Just fucking awesome… I knw high brow will say they have seen such things on tv but this is excellently shot n the climax scene will just mock u down or give u sudden goose bumps… Just brilliant movie but 5mins of climax turns everything upside down… Not tht iam disappointed frm the film but expected or had feelings to end it on different note… But all in all totally engaging frm start till end… Whoever thinks they really knw the climax then dont watch it…

    • sauravjha 10 years ago

      I think this is going to be the trend wid Talaash those who will like the end will lap it up in a big way and those who wont will bash it. So it will vary drastically from person to person as far as i can see.

      • FS 10 years ago

        Keeping indian mentality people should endorse it in a big way. But aamir is a class actor… He was just brilliant..

  7. FS 10 years ago

    Witnessing the death by fatal accident of your loved ones is more excruciatingly painful thn loosin itself n aamir khan has emoted tht pain brilliantly… His performance is flawless… What i liked most was he was just an inspector during, prior n after climax n there was nothing like superhero stuffs from his role n his side… Best actor for sure…

  8. Bored 10 years ago

    Spoiler Alert

    Aamir has now invented a new genre – ‘supernatural’ suspense. A female ghost avenges her rape and uses Aamir to unearth the secret of her death.

    Now we know why Kahaani caused this to be postponed.

    If this does 120 cr then Aamir is god of Box Office, but wait – thats already true, isnt it?

    • Bored 10 years ago

      Kahaani with Vidya and some Parambrata as her sidekick, did 24 cr in week one and then went on to collect 59 cr total.

      Kareena in Vidya’s parallel and Aamir in the shoes of Parambrata – if this does 60 cr in week one (minimally), then should end its run at 150 cr. I guess Baba was correct in setting the benchmark.
      This movie is not half as dark as I thought it would be.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      I know the twist has already been revealed on the net but you should have at least given a spoiler alert before revealing the twist here.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        Its not a twist, just a dumb climax. Expected a much darker movie here. But I guess its too much to expect from a guy who turned an intelligent memento into a dumb Ghajini.

        If Aamir is tense about this movie, then I guess he probably will never have the guts to do something radically dark and different. Of course, the other superstars are quite retarded if you compare them with Aamir’s intellect – but still there is so left to desired in Aamir himself!
        Apologies to the fans of other silly Khans.

        • hithere 10 years ago

          It rather tells about you. If you didn’t like it just write that.

          • Ritz 10 years ago


            @Sputnik – agree with Rooney also that u should have edited and put a spoiler though he put it bit harshly.

          • shan 10 years ago


      • Baba Ji 10 years ago

        “This movie is not half as dark as I thought it would be.”

        is it a sense of disappointment? you were expecting a different film.surely on the BO you seem confident the film will do 150 cr. As i had said,dark film etc were just excuses thrown by fans.

        • Bored 10 years ago

          Its a pretty safe film – except that some will say WTF to the supernatural element – only thing Taran Adarsh got right is that this is miles away from coming anywhere near to Shutter Island (and even that was a mediocre film in its genre).

          If you liked Kahaani (which was an ok film), you will probably like this.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            If you have any exposure to US television, you can probably catch better stuff at home along with a few beers. Its atmospheric yes, but visually quite stinted – wouldnt miss much in a DVD watch.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            “If you have any exposure to US television”
            Then where did you see the movie? 🙂

          • Baba Ji 10 years ago

            I dont like supernatural/ghost angle in any film except if its a horror film.But Indian audience likes such dumb-down stories of aatma-parmatma guiding humans to catch their killers.OSO also had such crap in lot and ppl liked it.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            @hithere – missed this last night. But if you are minimally aware of the internet you should be aware that piracy makes stuffs available as soon as the first show gets over in UAE?

  9. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    looks like all aamir fans are already through with the film before others could lay their claws into it 😀

    • Zacked 10 years ago

      the suspense was revealed even before the first screening in India. I didnt came online until i watched it and i am glad i get to watch it on thursday..

  10. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    NDTV Review 3.5 stars

    By no means is Talaash the end of your search for the perfect whodunit. But there is so much going for this compelling, slow-burning, well-acted tale set in the dark, grimy underbelly of Mumbai that you can barely take your eye off the screen.

    As a suspense thriller with a paranormal edge, it certainly isn’t action-packed. Yet Talaash, which relies far more on the intricacies of psychological drama than on the disquieting impact of visceral shocks, is riveting all the way through to its surprising, if a tad dissonant, end.

    From the moment director Reema Kagti and cinematographer K.U. Mohanan unveil the seedy side of the city’s nightlife in a brief and evocative prelude (enhanced by a smoky Ram Sampath-composed number) that sets the tone, the film telegraphs its intentions quite unambiguously and sticks to its chosen tone and tenor.

    This isn’t your average heap of cheap thrills designed to project a superstar’s crowd-pulling clout, logic and sense be damned. Talaash is a restrained, offbeat and occasionally beguiling shot at a genre that popular Hindi cinema seems to have abandoned to its own detriment.

    The Mumbai that we see in Talaash isn’t the Mumbai that Hindi cinema usually sells in Teflon-coated doses – a glitzy city of gilt-edged dreams, never-ending parties and extravagant fashion shows overrun by underworld dons who live life on their own terms, encounter cops who can do no wrong and models and molls that strut their stuff with abandon.

    In Talaash, the city is devoid of all surface shimmer. In fact, the film takes the moniker of ‘the city that never sleeps’ quite literally and transfers the trait to its male protagonist. He is a man who stays awake all night as he scours the streets in his police vehicle, chasing law-breakers.

    But this is an Aamir Khan film, so it is the demands of the script that determine the amount of time that the male protagonist is apportioned on the screen. Yes, the superstar does not hog all the limelight even though it is his strong and emotionally beleaguered character that is at the centre of the drama.

    In fact, the only chase scene in Talaash – in the last quarter of the film – does not even feature Aamir. He does not fire a single shot from his revolver. Well, he does not even wave the weapon at anybody. He delivers only one physical blow – a punch to the face of a red-light district thug who tries to stop him from rescuing a girl from a brothel. That’s all the ‘action’ that Talaash proffers.

    Apart from the insomniac and workaholic police officer, his lonely and depression-prone wife (Rani Mukherji) and a mysterious and pretty streetwalker that he encounters on his nocturnal rounds (Kareena Kapoor) are the key figures in this often bewildering but always engaging drama about individuals grappling with loss, sorrow and a breakdown of relationships while clutching at straws in the hope of deliverance from their sorry plight.

    The quality of the screenplay written by Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar – every frame is crammed with dramatic and spatial details and even when the film appears to be somewhat sluggish there isn’t a single scene that comes across as superfluous – lifts Talaash well above the ordinary.

    Admittedly, there are elements in the film that might not be entirely convincing to a questioning mind, but they all add up in the larger narrative design.

    Talaash is intelligently structured – it goes back and forth in time as the investigating officer struggles to piece together the mystery behind an unexplained fatal road mishap involving a male movie star whose speeding car veers off a sea-facing road and plunges into the water.

    The greatest triumph of Talaash is in the manner in which it delineates its gallery of intriguing supporting characters. None of them is a mere blur.

    Certainly not the voluble Parsi widow (Shernaz Patel) who summons the spirits of the dead in secret séances or the lame and artless criminal (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who works for a pimp and dreams of making it big one day.

    The latter precipitates an eventual untying of the loose ends of the case but not before he is led horribly astray by blind ambition.

    The other minor characters, too, leave a mark. Among them are a rookie cop (Raj Kumar Yadav) who is often left befuddled by his superior’s ways and an ageing sex worker (Sheeba Chaddha) who is resigned to her fate until a lucky break sets her free.

    The perfectly modulated performances by the lead trio give Talaash its frisson. Aamir Khan sinks his teeth into the cop act with effortless ease but underplays his hand to accentuate the introspective nature of the troubled man.

    A deglamorised Rani Mukherji plays her role with finesse and a great sense of empathy, while Kareena Kapoor is at her seductive best.

    Not to be missed.


  11. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Rediff Review by Aseem Chhabra 3.5

    “Talaash is not a Hollywood style edge-of-the-seat thriller, but there is enough in the film to make us feel uneasy. At all times we feel the pain of our protagonists and sense a certain danger that lurks around them. There is the look, the knock on the door, the empty staircases, things that we see, but cannot explain, neon-lit signs of Mumbai’s seedy bars and hotels, and the night shots of the city’s empty streets.

    Talaash makes Mumbai look like a moll — dirty, used, but also thrilling and enticing.

    Towards the end of the film, there is a big revelation. Obviously I am not going to spill the beans here. But at this point Kagti and Akhtar’s script starts to falter. In anticipating that this revelation may confuse some sections of the audience, the film then starts to explain more than we need to be told, giving us hints, underlying situations.

    Despite that one big flaw, Talaash satisfied me. But I wanted more. I wish Siddiqui had a bigger, meatier role. His character evolves brilliantly, getting engaged within the film’s complex puzzle and he holds himself well against a cast of glamorous Bollywood stars.

    I wish Aamir Khan would trust his instincts when it comes to acting. The star makes all the right decisions with the projects he undertakes. But then why does he sometimes hesitate in his performances? Khan is mostly believable in Talaash, a broken man, carrying the weight of the narrative on his shoulders. But then in a few scenes it appears as if he is thinking too much, showing signs that he is aware he is acting. In those few scenes Khan’s performance is distracting.

    And I wish Mukherjee and Kapoor would get more solid, intelligent roles. Talaash reminded me that these two stars are hungry for good work, and they can deliver, but they need a wise filmmaker like Kagti to bring the best out of them.”


  12. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Rediff Review by Raja Sen

    Make no mistake, Talaash is a Vikram Bhatt film.

    Which isn’t to say Bhatt actually made it (though he or Mohit Suri or Pooja Bhatt may well have at some point, who dare keep count) but that it has a story built on the exact same pulpy foundations. Just yank out the invariably catchy Pritam soundtrack, replace Emraan Hashmi or Randeep Hooda with Aamir Khan and throw in major heroines where Vishesh Films would have cast unfamiliar models. (The only key character in Talaash who isn’t a top actor is, actually, the one who plays a top actor.)

    To give credit where due, director Reema Kagti and her crew show significant flair in terms of creating atmosphere. Cinematographer Mohanan has always dealt strikingly well with shadows and darkness, and the film emerges as a fine looking mood-piece. It’s a somber, well-assembled film in contrast to the quick and flashy schlock that would have been doled out by the aforementioned merchants of middlebrow masala, and while the film’s craft — and the acting chops shared by its considerable cast — can’t at all be denied, it must also be said that perhaps the trashier approach may have worked better for this material. Or, at the very least, made for more fun.

    Allow me to make my case, then, without once discussing the film’s plot. No spoilers here, folks.

    There are a few essentials for a police procedural film, all rather basic: either the crime should be a stupefying one, one which raises many a “how in the world” question and flummoxes audience and investigator; or the suspects should be interesting and complex, those whose motivations become clearer only when the film gets less murky; or the investigator himself should be a compelling protagonist, someone who makes you either care about himself or the case, ideally rooting for his success. And if all else fails, then it should be thrilling enough to hide the lack of the above.

    Alas, Talaash ticks none of these boxes. It starts off well, but simmers far too long before it gets to the boil. The case — of an actor driving off the highway and into the sea — is only marginally intriguing since the police never really explore its mechanics, and the suspects it throws up mostly insignificant. The cop Aamir plays from behind a Hulk Hogan moustache is doggedly dour, frequently unreasonable, and a really bad husband. Not the sort of man you want to celebrate, no. And, as said, the film gets more than a bit long in the tooth, hinging on a final twist that isn’t too hard to see coming.

    Which is all dashed exasperating, considering just how good this film could have been. It’s great to look at, with brilliantly art-directed frames bursting with detail. The music’s good, even if the songs sometimes interrupt the narrative when playing on too long. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Raj Kumar Yadav are routinely excellent, Siddiqui effortlessly stealing most of the film. There are some deftly edited intercuts, most situated from the cop’s point of view, effectively flashing back and forth within the realms of past and possibility. Aamir is as stoic as his character needs him to be, Rani Mukherji is plaintive but wasted, and much of the film’s verve comes from Kareena Kapoor’s streetwalker, who, like Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman in the most recent Batman movie, thankfully doesn’t ever seem to take the film or its clunky lines seriously.

    And my lord, what lines. Even in good scenes, the dialogues jar, sounding either b-movie or trite or incredibly textbook. Given the film’s unhurried pace, this often makes it play out like an old telefilm. Khan mouths the word “talaash” with promo-cutting heft, characters spell things out unbearably simply, and in a film about drowned people, lines like “dard mein doobe…” are used with great intent and disappointingly little irony. Indeed, the film is awash with obvious metaphor. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

    There is one good, true line about cheesecake, though.

    It is also a film trying to be subtle while drawing attention to just how subtle its trying to be. To wit: a frazzled Shernaz Patel accosts Aamir on the street, grabbing his arm, something that confounds the indignant policeman, and this simple moment is broken down into her touching him, him looking at her, him looking pointedly at her hand on his arm, him stiffening, then reacting. A brothel-controlling Madam talks tough, but repeatedly backs down whenever glared at. Pimps meticulously change their SIM cards at the first sign of trouble but bigger fish use their personal cellphones for monkey business.

    Ah, and odd visual cues: a big poster from the awful film Showgirls proudly displayed in the red-light area, advertising actual showgirls. Um, okay. A yellow rubber slipper floating by itself in the water — meant to be an evocative memory, but probably nightmarish to fashionable women simply because its a Croc.

    Am I being too cruel? Perhaps, but because of the wasted opportunity. Someone asked me if Talaash was a watchable film, and indeed it is. It’s better put together than a lot of the films we see here, and definitely strongly acted, but ends up so, so much less enjoyable than it deserved to be. In the end, I didn’t care about the case or the characters: not cop, wife, pimp, kid or hooker — ah, I might as well pick the dead actor who kicked the whole story off; at least the poor guy had an Eraserhead poster in his room.

    Rating: 2.5 stars


  13. rajesh 10 years ago

    Is there a BO thread for Talaash also, BTW, just good opening at multiplexes, was expecting better


    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      I just posted this as comment in Sanket’s Talaash BO predictions thread but I will create a new BO thread when the first day business comes out.

  14. Shinji 10 years ago


    either u add spoiler to Bored comment! ort edit or delete it.

    I regret visiting Tanqeed, ofcourse i am not going to see the film for atleast two weeks, but i feel if there were so many comments below it and u were aware u should have added spoiler or edited it.

    Tanqeed needs to be critic of such activities. For any films there should be no revealings.

  15. mate 10 years ago

    Just finished watching the movie, it’s not as bad as I expected earlier. The biggest drawback of the movie is it’s male protagonist, put any X, Y or Z in that role, and you could get much better results and again it’s the proof of his mediocracy as an actor, and his inability to rise above the script. Rani looks fine. The only saving grace is Kareena who is real screen stealer infact one of her best performances. There is a suspense element for an unknown but one can easily predict unless he is real dumb minded. It’s more a bhootnath type fare rather a genuine suspense thriller. Overall an average fare at best. (5/10)

    • Reddemon 10 years ago

      Contrary to many reviews ua saying that aamir cudnt pull it off

  16. Reddemon 10 years ago

    I am dead sure that SRK paid KRK to tweet about talaash’s climax. Such a manipulative creep he is:P

    • mate 10 years ago

      And I am dead sure from your dead sure that you have also received your share from KRK. 😛

  17. mate 10 years ago

    Single Screens And Mass Belts Low For Talaash

    Friday 30th November 2012 16.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Talaash could not open well at single screens and multiplexes in mass dominated circuits and there was not much improvement in the shows after. The multiplexes are in urban cities are good but eventually there is a limit to how far these cinema’s can take a film. The single screen opening is around 40%.

    The first day will come out with a decent total but not the sort of number expected from a wide release Aamir Khan film after three years. The average business in many circuits will tell on the first day business despite big contribution’s by metro multiplexes.

    The business in the big circuits (Mumbai and Delhi/UP) is not optimum as if Mumbai city has good numbers, Gujarat has low figures. If Delhi city is good, UP is recording low numbers.

  18. mate 10 years ago

    As BO thread is yet to be created after 1st day business as Sputnik ji said, So I find it appropriate to post such material here for the time being.

    Btw from the early trends, I see Barfi kind of opening here.

    • narad_muni 10 years ago

      Opening looks like 11-12 cr kind …
      Weekend might be 35-40 but the kind of film it is and the kind of WOM I am hearing, it will find it tough to cross 100 crores. My worst case prediction was 90 crores I guess..lets c

      By the way, it is very clear that other than masala genre(comedy/action), it is not easy to get huge grossers whoever be the actor.

      • narad_muni 10 years ago

        Imagine what would have happened if a movie like SOS would have released with Talaash and taken away half of the shows in mulitplexes?

        • Shinji 10 years ago

          LOL agree… but imagine why would a massy film of a big star choose nov 30 as a release date 😉

          Talaash i guess apart for few rumours never wanted christmas or diwali slot!

          • narad_muni 10 years ago

            Yeah, I think Aamir knew long before the box office potential of Talaash..

            And the reason he signed a Dhoom3 is to get that big grosser knowing very well that Talaash won’t work at box office.

            It’s early days but I feel this won’t do 100 crores.

  19. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    till yday ,the buzz was whether talaash will be better than memento and memories of murder. Today the question is whether its better than jthj/sos? 😀

    • narad_muni 10 years ago

      Baba JI,
      From box office point of view, it would struggle to do 100 crores it seems even with a solo release and 20-30 shows in multiplexes.
      what happened to Aamir’s goodwill

      • Baba Ji 10 years ago

        lets see what the day 1 numbers are. 15 cr day 1 and 120 cr+ lifetime looks out of question.

      • Ritz 10 years ago

        “what happened to Aamir’s goodwill”

        Aamir’s goodwill has increased so much in 1 yr+ since the time he did Dhobi Ghat that Talaash will break Lifetime of Dhobi Ghat in opening day itself 😀

        • Baba Ji 10 years ago

          dg did 14cr lifetime.

          • Ritz 10 years ago

            If Talaash does anything more than 60 to 70 in India, I will be surprised.

            I liked the movie and its a decent well made film. But just not BO friendly.

            And a star like Aamir doing such films is a double edged sword – than some newcomer/lesser star. Lesser star film will not open more but trend well – a star semi-offbeat film will open huge but then those who otherwise would not have seen the film end up seeing it and in turn disliking it – and wom is -ve as the film is viewed by ppl who are not its target audience.

            And in fact if Talaash does end up earning very less in BO – it will do one good thing for Aamir. He was never known for BO before 2006/7 – the expectation was always a quality film. Now after the 100cr/200cr club people expect numbers than the quality.

            Talaash grossing low will end up doing 2 corrections:

            a) Business Correction – Aamir films which are offbeat are made with less budget , Talaash budget was low but I read that they sold on high price. If it does end up making huge losses then from next films – the producers / distributors will not pay that much and there will be a price correction

            b) Correction in expectations – Aamir will seize to be a BO icon – which he was from last 3-4 years and ppl go back to old days of what to expect from his films.

          • Baba Ji 10 years ago

            ritz – fully agreed on all counts. its better for aamir to get rid off this 100 cr fad and so on. He has never been a star of this category. This way he will also be able to work more freely without bothering about fulfilling BO expectations.

          • Bored 10 years ago

            So Dhoom 3 and PK will have no BO expectations? tough ask …

  20. Bored 10 years ago

    Kinda have similar feelings as this review:


    @Baba – can u come online in half an hr’s time from now?

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      It seems his review is negative but he has been generous and given 3 stars.

      Indian Express Review 2.5 stars


      • Bored 10 years ago

        This not exactly a bad film by any means – just mediocre (but usually the bar is very low, so not surprised how critics are rating this).

        • Ritz 10 years ago


          I didnt find Talaash mediocre – it does not have many BW cliches – and even the ones which it has – it does not depend on them heavily in the sense does not bank on them – its essence is different which is more to do with emotions/lives of characters.

          I think you saw it in different perspective.

  21. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Added Spoiler Alert before bored’s comment. I should have done this yesterday itself. So sorry about that.

    • Ritz 10 years ago

      Thats fine 🙂 Thx

      I fortunately didnt read it before I watched the movie. But then I had kinda guessed it long back..courtesy one interview by Talaash team.

    • Shinji 10 years ago

      that’s good.. much appreciated. Better Late then Never. Dont be sorry, henceforth it can help as a precedent. 🙂

      @ritz if the tone was harsh, than blame this blog or sputnik for the standards that i expect, as i mentioned in one of my early visits i was pleasantly surprised by quality and hard work of sputnik. I didnt expect it here, simple, thus frank and blunt opinion, and if today we the people who regularly visit dont draw the attention who will.

      Hopefully sputnik didnt felt bad. have highest respect in his conduct on construction of this blog.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        Chill, everyone knows the ‘suspense’ by now – wont affect BO much, its the wom that matters now.

        • Ritz 10 years ago

          @Shinji – I understand the expectations and thats why I said in my previous another comment here :

          “He might have not liked the spoiler here as TQ is comparatively a mature site – and hence he visited here”
          (abt hithere)

        • Shinji 10 years ago

          1) How can u say everyone knows?

          2) Your tone of speaking through out has been so what, whats the big deal, that is what is disappointing… i dont think ur comment has affected BO, but there has to be some courtesy, decency and way of commenting?

          3) Its your conduct/tone of ur comments that fails to inspire confidence.

          Otherwise m chill, even i can say who cares tanqeed is just another stupid blog, and allows such comments? The Purpose was to play a role in construction of a blog. Every visitor has a investment in construction of blog, though owner/mod/caretaker etc is Sputnik.

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        Here you are also using legal “precedent” 😉

        There was nothing to feel bad about.


        I was surprised that you revealed the twist here. I was expecting some SRK fan to do that. I know different people will have different things about what a spoiler is or not but I think its better to warn with a spoiler alert.

        • Baba Ji 10 years ago

          yes with spoiler alert , you can say it. even imdb allows it. But i agree with what utkal said. If a film is good, it can hold on its own . it should not be a mohtaaj of spoilers. If a film is,then its definitely not a good film. if someone even gives away the whole story of talaash on tq,anyone shud not object.if they object,that means they are accepting the film is not good.

          • Shinji 10 years ago

            @babaji: I feel bored’s comment wont affect BO, as he doesnt have the reach to damage.

            but on utkal’s comment i disagree

            assuming there are 100 people who can see one movie. If the spoiler is leaked to them, atleast 80-90 % people will have opinion over it, especially in poor middleclass segment who cant waste their hardearned money and whether the spoiler is in line of their thinking of spending buck or entertainment, plays a role.

            So if those 80-90 % buy it good or not then bad, and it shall affect the prospect, people like at Tanqeed or cinema lover shall catch it.

  22. Ritz 10 years ago


    hithere is not the kind of a guy who hangs on social forums all the time. He might have not liked the spoiler here as TQ is comparatively a mature site – and hence he visited here. (Me just guessing from what I know abt him).

    And you did put it very bluntly btw – and are still unapologetic about it just because you hated the climax.

  23. Baba Ji 10 years ago


    When baazigar came ,everyone knew the twist but it didnt stop the film from losing any value over the years.When i first saw oldboy,I already knew its basic story,but it still mesmerized me. Gupts suspense was out on first day that kajol was the killer but ppl still enjoyed it.Spoilers cant be contained and neither can they decide the fate of a film.Good films are not affected by such things.

    • Shinji 10 years ago

      qua old boy.. that’s the good part abt u, u are a cinema lover.

      Re: baazigar cant comment, dont remember the film much nor time of release, cant comment, will take ur word.

      But i can say those were single screen days, and today is a multiplex era, and i feel there was a time when one could have seen many movies in a year, and now that figure has gone down, that’s my feeling.

    • Ritz 10 years ago

      Gupt and Baaziar – not everyone knew the suspense for days. I saw Gupt in 2nd week and didnt know the suspense till i interval. People used to keep suspense those days.

      Oldboy is another beast – cant compare any movie with it.

      Moverover Gupt and Baazigar – or the Abbas-Mastan type movies have other things going for them even if climax is known. You know like what – both had blockbuster music and The gloss which ppl like.

      I think the essence of this discussion is judging by Box office if people have liked the movie or not – so I cant talk much. As far as I am aware none of the good suspense movies in hollywood also were huge grossers on box office. (and I didnt say thriller)

      • Ritz 10 years ago

        We will know after 5 years if Talaash was liked or not.

      • Baba Ji 10 years ago

        “I think the essence of this discussion is judging by Box office if people have liked the movie or not”

        I have been very clear in my comments. Baazigar,gupt , are films that have aged well.They can be enjoyed today also even when we know all the twists. same for memories of murder. thats how a well made film should be. Talaash should be able to stand on its own ground if its well made. spoilers kya ukhaad lenge?

        • Ritz 10 years ago

          Yes, after I posted comment I realized u mentioned “aging” factor clearly.
          Just that Gupt and Baazigar mention was not apt (abt their suspense being out on first day etc) – I dont think Gupt has aged well btw.

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      I saw Baazigar on second day of its release and I did not know anything about the movie. I missed the initial few minutes and watched it from the car race scene.

      From the posters, songs and music cassette covers I thought it would be a movie with SRK in double role (one with glasses and one without). I don’t think anyone knew that SRK would push Shilpa off the building when they first saw it. Even if people find that out it won’t hurt the movie because people would still be curious to see it. I saw it second time in theater because I wanted to watch the first few minutes. I was dragged to it a third time by my friend. Baazigar is a entertaining masala movie – a thriller not exactly a twist/suspense movie. The movie does not hide that SRK is the killer.

      Khiladi on the other hand was a suspense movie. If someone revealed that Anant Mahadevan was the killer it would spoil the experience for some people.

      I saw Gupt first day and I was able to guess that Kajol is the killer halfway through the movie. Yes I remember people did reveal that Kajol was the killer the next day itself.

      I had a roommate who did not like to know even the synopsis of a movie before watching it. I on the other hand can enjoy a movie even after knowing the whole story right down to the ending.

      I was watching The Others with my friends and one of them had already seen it. I asked him the twist and he told me in secret. I enjoyed the movie even after knowing the twist. It was fun to see my friends drawing conclusions while watching the movie and guessing what will happen in the end.

      • Bored 10 years ago

        Knowing the climax never takes away from a well made suspense movie.

        • shan 10 years ago

          Bored, dude, yes it does not take away from the movie but it is just terrible manners to reveal the suspense on a forum without alerting the readers! It is being inconsiderate to your fellow movie fans. And on top of that, saying inane and dumb stuff like “Everyone knows the suspense by now”, “It wont affect the BO prospects of the movie” is like rubbing salt into the wounds! I as an audience member do not care whether the whole world knows or not, neither do I care if this means Talaash will make 10 crores less. I hate knowing the suspense before watching the movie and that’s that!

          Sorry for being harsh, but your general indifference to what you did and justifying your act through comments just irritated me, just like the climax of Talaash seems to have irritated you.

          P.S. : Havent seen the movie yet. Going in an hour.

  24. narad_muni 10 years ago

    U r being too defensive.
    70 crores is way too low in today’s market even if the movie is half-good.
    It will definitely do more 🙂

  25. narad_muni 10 years ago

    My first day estimates are around 12-13 crores which is decent

  26. FS 10 years ago

    Two things that spoiled Talaash

    1. Aamir should not have promoted it as Suspense film… He should have kept the suspense element as Suspense just like cricket in Lagaan.

    2. As zack (sb) said, the film should have ended right after the accident. The surprise element would have totally shocked the audience n the ending would have been Historic…

    Those who have already seen the movie would agree with me… But after Talaash Aamir has gained even more respect n has always chosen riskier subjects… If we had more actors like Aamir indian film industry would have had both quality as well as quantity… I would say its his best performance…

    Witnessing live fatal death of your loved ones is more excruciatingly painful than just loosing your loved ones is brilliantly emoted by Aamir onscreen.. His act was just brilliant including all cast n crew…

    • Ritz 10 years ago

      I am not sure about 1st point – it was tricky not to have that kind of marketing. It means no marketing / promotion at all

      On point 2 – disagree. Film ended on right note for me. Ending right after the accident would have been incomplete – from the perspective of the grieving couple rani-aamir – and they/their relationship were the core of the movie for me from beginning


      There is one loose thread/unanswered thing though

      Film does not explain how 3-4 accidents on same road happened – as a hawaldar says in the movie early on.

      • Zacked 10 years ago

        Ritz he meant that it should have been promoted as a triangle.. with Aamir looking for someone to share his loss and grievousness.

        About the 2nd point it would have left incomplete but would have left the audience much more shocked. And it would have left it open for interpretation

  27. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    This is unprecedented. I went to the 7:15 pm show and it was sold out so took the 10:30 pm tickets instead. I have never faced a sold out issue even with Hollywood movies. The last few Hindi movies have released on weekdays so its been a while since I went to a Friday show but still 7:15 pm show being sold out is something.

  28. syed aatif 10 years ago

    Talaash dimag wale logon ki film hai jahelo ki nhi ki unko salman ki Trah chutiape wale nhi ki bas ladai no story in his film aur srk ki trah video game par nhi hai …its aamir khan film tuh dimag tuh lagana padega yaar aur jo esko kharab keh rhe hain woh aapne aap ko sabit kr rhe hain ki wo kys hainn

  29. Reddemon 10 years ago

    Talaash collected 14.52 on its opening day – taran adarsh.

  30. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Just came back from Talaash. I liked it – has some issues though and doubt it will do that well at single screens. Will write detailed review in a bit.

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