Senna 2010 – Must Must Watch

senna Senna (2010) – Have you ever heard of Ayrton Senna? If not then you need to know everything about him. He is one of the Greatest Sports Star in the world and those who follow Formula 1 definitely know about Michael Schumacher but very few of them know about Ayrton Senna. This movie in itself is the greatest documentary ever made on a sports personality. This documentary is so intriguing and captivating that you may end up with tears and instantly become a Huge Fan of Ayrton Senna.

This movie is a documentary based on Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna who won the F1 world championship 3 times and created many records at time of his reign. The best thing about the documentary is that they have documented it as a Movie casting the original stars such as Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, F1 Director and other people instead of someone else performing on their behalf. They have made use of every last video on Ayrton Senna in this movie and given us a better look on real life of Senna. Don’t miss it guys; it is one of The Best Movie I ever have seen.

The movie has covered almost everything from politics, money, fame, rivalry, tabloid etc… in the best possible scenario. This movie will be at No 1 in my list of Best Sports movie ever even though it is a documentary. I don’t think anyone can make a better movie on Senna than this documentary and top of that, Asif Kapadia (The Warrior starring Irfan Khan) is the director and Manish Pandey (road to Sangam starring Paresh Rawal) is the writer. Highly  Recommended!!!

senna 2

If you think I am exaggerating a lot on this movie then please do check this small coverage by Top Gear of BBC on Ayrton Senna before watching the movie but I would recommend  you to watch the below video after watching the movie. At the end of the movie you might be mourning and hence to cheer you up, the below video would do wonders.

Ayrton Senna Top Gear Tribute

  1. Author
    FS 10 years ago

    I know I could have mentioned it in Movies You Watched thread but I think this movies deserves a Separate Post on it.

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      Thanks for the Recco. This has been in my queue for a long time but the only reason why I was putting it off was because it was a documentary. Will check it out soon.

  2. Tulmul 10 years ago

    One of the greatest Brazilian National hero after ‘Black bird’ Pele. His sudden death led to national outpouring and mourning in brazil, even soccer team dedicated their WC win to him. He was biggest name in formula world before Schui became sensation. His rivalry with another formula driver ( cant recollect name now) was legendary.. I have read many Time and Newsweek pieces on him and his living on edge instinct and he left the world like that also.

    • Author
      FS 10 years ago

      Tulmul – He is Alain Poster (4 time F1 world champion). Their rivalry was one of a kind & it gave a huge boost & publicity to the sports Formula 1 all over the world.

      In a documentary all we see is people talking about a person on whom the documentary is made but in the you will see Hero, Villain, heroine, plot, subplots, suspense & very sad & shocking climax.

  3. narad_muni 10 years ago

    I have been a huge formula 1 fan for more than 15 years.
    So, yeah I know quite a bit about Senna…but I will definitely check out this movie.
    Unfortunately, when I got interested in F1 he was no more.
    Probably, he is the all time greatest F1 driver ever.

    Have anyone seen The Rush released a few months back?
    Heard the movie is good.

  4. Tulmul 10 years ago

    Oh Yaa Alan 🙂 Thanks!

  5. cr7 10 years ago

    Downloading it now 😀

    Have seen few documentaries recently . Will share my views on them tomorrow .

  6. Author
    FS 10 years ago

    The formula 1 cars are less powerful compared to what were during Senna’s time. I guess from next year, F1 cars will have turbo engines after a very long time from Senna’s era.

  7. narad_muni 10 years ago

    @FS @cr7

    Please let me know which torrent to download and what are the matching subtitles.
    I tried a few and the subtitles are not matching and I am getting pissed off.

    Do reply ASAP

    • cr7 10 years ago

      Same here @narad .The version I downloaded has purtuguese subs . TRied 2-3 english subs .Not working .

  8. Author
    FS 10 years ago

    This is the torrent file –

    The file is 4.5 Gb, I know its larger but this is the best one you can find. let it take 2-3 days to download but watch in this print.

    The documentary is in English

  9. sputnik 10 years ago

    Watched the documentary. It was very good with all the footage from the races and the backroom meetings and all. Liked the first race in the rain, the confrontations with Alain Prost and the final race a lot.

    I know they showed his home videos and showed some pictures of him with girlfriends but no interviews from them. They never showed or even mentioned that he was married for two years and divorced. They also did not mention that he dated a 15 year old girl. Its like Senna’s family did not want any of that.

    Also the documentary felt very one sided portraying Senna as hero and Alain as villain. Senna says if there is a gap he will take it (disregarding safety) saying that everyone wants to win so I don’t see anything wrong if Alain uses the rulebook to win. Senna says that Alain always complains like a loser but then we see Senna also complaining the same way when he loses. Also they just mention that Alain is a trustee in the end credits but they did not even mention that they made up. I watched the 1 hr 45 min version but read that there is a extended cut of 160 min with more on Alain Prost.

    Thanks for the Top Gear video. Liked the races in that one. I think they should have used those races in the documentary too specially the one where he stopped his car to help the other driver.

    Read this on IMDB that in the documentary Xuxa his then girlfriend and TV host kisses him for each year but only till 1993 and he died in 1994.


    ““I should have kissed him for ’94″

    One of the more amusing moments in Senna sees him on stage in a Brazilian children’s television show. He is smothered with kisses – and bright red lipstick – by the host Xuxa Meneghel.

    But while this scene is viewed as comedy by many – including the filmmakers – in Brazil it carries more sombre undertones, as Pandey explains:

    “Watching that in Sao Paulo, it was one of the darkest moments of the film.

    “It just shows you, [what happens] when you’re a bunch of foreigners and you make a film about somebody you never really knew.

    “We turn up and Asif [Kapadia, director] and James [Gay-Rees, executive producer] and I watched the film at the premiere in a cinema full of Brazilians for the first time.

    “Normally, when you watch it, you know where the funny moments are – like Alain Prost asking if they can be tied on points.

    “When the Xuxa thing happens, everyone in England laughs: you’ve got this big world champion dancing badly with lipstick all over his face.

    “What we didn’t realise is that in Brazil there’s a big myth about the number of times she kisses him. When she stops, she stops at 1993.

    “It never occurred to me, it never occurred to Asif, it never occurred to James, it never occurred to anybody. We were laughing at it. She shook our hands at the end of the film and she was crying.

    “And the next day in the Brazilian press she said ‘I should have kissed him for ’94′”.


    • Author
      FS 10 years ago

      Glad you liked it. I didn’t raise any issues because I wanted people to watch it and then decide by themselves. I knew that after watching this documentary, people will definitely look for more. However, things I liked most was the way they edited the documentary. Its nothing like the usual documentary where 10-15 people talk about one person and give their opinions, instead it had everything captured in raw footage directly from the person itself. Also like a film, the director has done fantastic job creating different characters for the documentary just like a film.

      There are many videos on Youtube about rivalry of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost and in those videos they have shown Alain prost as a bloody villain than the film. Then there are other documentary where Alan Prost himself has much to talk about Senna.

      if you observe the documentary the F1 director himself was acting like an asshole and he was very close to Alan Prost.

      In the end everyone were convinced that Senna won’t participate in the race after witnessing two crashes one after the other yet he turned up for the race.

      I don’t know what you or others feel but I felt that Senna knew it will be his last race on that track and he chose that option to die in the race track.

      • sputnik 10 years ago

        Yeah I mean the racing footage being available is no surprise but there is so much footage of him in those meetings and with the crew and stuff. It felt like his whole life was captured on camera since the time he became popular.

        Yeah the F1 director was bad and he seemed totally biased towards Alain because of their being French.

        From personality point of view Senna is the outsider from Brazil, the young dashing debonair racer compared to the old, French “Professor” and chess player kind of Alain. So Senna is more liked obviously.

        Yeah I think sometimes people have that intuition before they die. He is supposed to have read that passage from the Bible the morning before the race saying that he will receive the greatest gift – God himself. Also he seemed very worried about the car’s working. But then there were two accidents one which led to death just a day before. So those things must have been playing on his mind. And once people start to believe that something bad is going to happen then it usually happens.

        I liked the fact that he said I don’t like to come 4th, 5th or 6th and he rattled off the races that he won when that interviewer pointed out he has been involved in many crashes. He did not have the fake humility that some people give so much importance to. I don’t think any top player/champion can be one without believing that he is the best or better than others.

        • Author
          FS 10 years ago

          Sputnik – When I first watched the documentary, my first reaction to Senna’s complaints about Williams technology development that he was no different to Alan Prost but that whole drama took off before the race started. They didn’t even start the championship before those complaints were registered by Senna or by media. So, I guess he wasn’t a drama queen like Alan Prost after all as it was certain that Alan would win the championship title even before the championship took off.

          He even participated the race going against the advice’s of experts to withdraw his participation from the championship for a year in order not to damage his reputation at his peak. I wholeheartedly salute his perseverance.

          “And the next day in the Brazilian press she said ‘I should have kissed him for ’94′” — I didn’t understand about the “kiss” part in the beginning when you posted the comment. Had to look back again to understand it and yes it is mystical.

          I also think Schumacher won the same world championship for the first time in his career the year Senna died.

  10. narad_muni 10 years ago

    Well, I don’t have time now to write a ll keep it short.
    One of the best documentaries I have ever seen…absolutely fabulous! Engaging, thrilling and emotional. There is so much of real race footages, driver meetings, internal team discussions and voice overs by Senna himself is just amazing.
    This movie gave me goosebumps at some points and left me so emotional at some other points.It’s hard to believe a documentary can give you such highs.

    I can go on and on but will save it for tomorrow.

    @FS, I feel like giving you a ‘chumma’ for recommending this movie. 😛
    Superb end to the weekend, cheers!

    • Author
      FS 10 years ago

      Glad you liked it too. For once I thought I exaggerated a lot but when I watched it again, I thought I hardly promoted it 😛

      Let’s see what Cr has to say 😉

  11. Tulmul 10 years ago

    Meanwhile Schumacher met Ski accidents in Swiss Alps. He was said to be serious but out of dangerous as per early reports, now reports saying condition has worsened ..

    Hope All izzz Well and he recovers to good health 🙂

  12. narad_muni 10 years ago

    ** SPOILERS **

    Some racing moments in the movie were really great –
    Senna’s performance at the rain soaked Monaco GP
    His tremendous drive from behind in Japansese GP 1989 I guess where he was disqalified and then banned for 6 months
    Winning his first home GP at brazil with a jammed gear box.

    Then, the movie also does a great job in showing Senna, the human being.
    He truly was a very compassionate guy and his love for Brazil and humans in general is evident. What is a paradox though, and the TOP GEAR video also refers to that is ruthlesseness and tendency to cause accidents on the track. But, I believe, all great driverrs including Schumacher are ruthless..they have to be.

    Last, but not the least, the movie also does a great job in showing off-the track politics in F1, which is prevalent even today as well. The footages of the driver meetings, internal team discussion, paddock talk were so riveting to me.

    Overall, this is a movie which deserve rightfully a place into my all-time greatest movies collection.

  13. cr7 10 years ago

    What is the letest news on Schumcher’s condition ? getting contradictory reports ..Some saying he is shaken but ok and some is claiming he is in coma .. Anyone ?

  14. Tulmul 10 years ago

    Skull surgery done, still in coma.

    Rest Senna’s death changed F1 for ever. I don’t know doc talks about it but his death led to major initiative in tech and innovation to take out any more deaths from such accidents. Even all F1 cars were remodeled…
    Few sportperson death create such outpouring and after affects as Senna’s. No doubt his on field behavior is suspect but If he is not The Greatest, He is one of the Greatest F1 champions.

  15. Tulmul 10 years ago

    Doctors are saying Schumi might have brain damage; no updated timelines on when he will recover ( unconfirmed)

  16. Author
    FS 10 years ago

    I guess sebastian vettel might break all records b4 he retires from F1

    • narad_muni 10 years ago

      It’s more dependant on the car..
      everyone knows Red bull has had a much superior car than anyone else for the last 3-4 years. Else, Alonso, Hamilton etc are very talented as well.

      2014 has a lot of changes in engine and car specs…plus new regulations. So, I am expecting Ferrari Mclaren to make a strong comeback along with Mercedes.

      So, hopefully it will be a much more interesting season.

      The last season, especially the last half was so so boring that I didn’t watch a few races after a long long time

      • Author
        FS 10 years ago

        Next year will be more boring than ever.

        • narad_muni 10 years ago

          hmm..lets see

          you din’t give any reason for your pessimism though

          • Author
            FS 10 years ago

            Because of changes in car specs, they are reducing the horsepower of cars.

  17. narad_muni 10 years ago

    Yes FS, but that does not mean the races will be less exciting.
    For example, the Formula 3 races are much more exciting with less horsepower

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