The cinephile within me demands me to write a review on this special movie called October. The movie is special in many ways for example, it is by far the career best performance of Varun Dhawan. It happens to be the very best debut film of Banita who must have uttered 2-3 sentences in the whole movie and still manages to imprint her performance in the minds of the audiences. It is also special because a pointless film like October is also very engrossing and impactful at the same time and its all due to outstanding direction of Soojit Sircar. His direction gives a whole new meaning for the young directors and script writers to try such subjects and learn from him. He knows how to touch the pulse of its niche audience right from the very beginning.

The movie begins with acquainting us with Varun’s background, his current role in a five star hotel, his temperament issues, blabbering issues & his rapport with his colleagues and co workers. The life of a promising and very ambitious Dan slowly turns gloomy and pensive in the wake of his obsession towards the of support his colleague’s well being and recovery that slipped & fell from a 3 storey building into Coma while celebrating New Year.

Even though there isn’t much story to tell, it was captivating. He didn’t rely on songs, dances or flashback stories or jokes or any kind of unwanted or unnecessary scenes yet he demonstrated how a simple subtle story can be so touching, impactful and intriguing. Varun will shine in this kind of roles and are tailor made for him. His performance is beautiful, subtle that you will feel the character. The supporting actors are very good as well.

In the beginning I said the movie is pointless because you will not see any kind of interest in Dan for his colleague yet he becomes so obsessive over her well being and recovery after a couple of visits to the hospital that he starts losing sleep over it, loses the trust of his friends, room and even job. All this possessiveness only because he gets to know that her last words were “where is Dan?” before the fall of her from the building into coma. This is the only fault you can find in the movie and if you ignore then you will end of falling in love with the movie and if you cannot ignore then mind you it’s not your cup of tea at all, it may be bore you to death.

I would also like to add that such movies are hardly made in bollywood. Same kind of movie with same direction in Hollywood would have it in best of the best critics’ recommendation. Our audiences & critics should encourage such movies. Definitely it will have a cult following down the line.

It is highly recommended!!!


  1. aryan 3 years ago

    Good review @FS
    Watched this movie one month back liked Varun’s natural acting and he has done with innocence but didn’t like the way movie ends.

  2. sputnik 3 years ago

    Good review FS. Good to see you posting here after a long time.

    My comment on the movie.

    “Watched October and agree with you. In Me and Earl and the dying girl the lead character interacts with the dying girl whereas here Dan doesn’t really interact with Shiuli. The movie felt inspired from O Henry’s The Last Leaf which was already adapted as Lootera.

    Loved it. Its very slow paced but makes you feel for the characters. Wish it had some kind of happy ending. Not every one will like the movie though. The cinematography was excellent.

    Varun Dhawan was very good as Dan. Banita Sandhu was very good as Shiuli. She looked cute before her accident in the movie. Gitanjali Rao was excellent as Shiuli’s mother.”

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    • Author
      FS 3 years ago

      Even I dint like the Ending as well, wished it had a happy ending but i guess the impact it has on you with the sad ending is powerful.

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