Few things I learnt from TV series and Movies

There are so many things that one can learn from Movies, TV serials and other stuffs that airs on television or big screen. Many films & series usually tend to showcase contents that results in positive outcome, happy ending or prove statements such as truth always triumph, work is worship or fortune favors the bold etc… But in process of such attempts they deliberately or unintentionally provide all sorts of violence, schemes, plans etc… implementation of which may result in dangerous sociological behavior & violence against the society itself. A film for an entertainment could turn out to be a bible for psychopaths, criminals and a nightmare to the society. Is it necessary to reveal so much detailed information to the public at large? I have stated some of the things that I learnt from two tv series and rest is for fun. 

dexter4 Dexter – How to Murder? – How to murder and escape without leaving a trace is what Dexter is all about and you will learn each step in detail from Forensic expert himself. DNA plays an important role followed by fingerprints in resolving any murder mystery. You will learn how careful one should be when approaching the targeted victims and find a suitable place to vanish them in thin air without leaving any traces behind that leads up to you.  It also preaches that justice cannot always be served by law and order; sometimes the task of justice should be taken upon us and become a responsible citizen unleashing the wrath of injustice. Learn some Marshal art basic technique before you pry and never underestimate your target.

It tells blood stains can be found on walls or floors if they are not properly bleached with specific solutions. One can trace your DNA from the fiber’s, hairs or anything that may be related to your body. Always check your car for any GPS tracking device attached to it when you are following your next target. If caught, do not confess and speak to your attorney first 😛

breaking bad Breaking Bad – How to Cook? How to Murder? – Yeah, that’s right. These are special types of Cooks, they don’t make you biryani, chicken chilli or pasta but instead they cook meth, heroine and other sort of drugs & pots. It teaches you how to cook a Meth in details but you need to learn Chemistry as well in order to increase the purity of meth. Hold on, it doesn’t stop there; this series will also teach you how to handle the basic fundamentals of business. It teaches you all the marketing strategies you need to promote your products, develop contacts that are important for the business, set up of alternative business to handle money laundering for the income you earn through the drug sales and keep a clean reputation among your pals. It stresses more on to division of labor for any business.

By any chance you are confronted with your arch enemies in the business or competitor and if there is only one option remains to eliminate your rival by vanishing him in thin air i.e, killing him, then immerse his body in a plastic container with hydrofluoric acid, if it doesn’t work then try sodium hydrochloric acid or alkaline hydrolysis 😉 The body gets dissolved within matter of hours and your problem is solved without any traces. It teaches you the basic fundamentals of Drug sales and a business opportunity to unemployed people.

Not a Love Story – Mistakes: One should never receive or call from the place of murder and the place where you dump the body. Supposedly you did then never ever lie about it especially during an investigation.

There are many other movies where I had my concerns but forgot note it down. Anyways others are not so serious one 😉

Seven – Never instigate any Psychopath or challenge his existence in this world or you may find yourself a gift wrapped worth more than your life.

Talaash – Ghosts exists and they can even swim. So don’t be shocked if you find someone lurking around river side with white saree or dress, probably it’s the time they go out for a swim.

Newsroom – There are terms called “on record” & “off record”, that means they are like an oath. You can abuse a journalist, reveal her secrets, provide her all classified information, sleep with her/him but before that all you need to do is say “off record” if they have to remain “off the records”, I mean not to be published. Anything you say on the record or forget to mention “off record” then you become a target & vulnerable to all kinds of politics and mall practices in media.

Homeland – If you find an advertisement that quotes “young lady can provide girlfriend experience” then be aware and don’t fall victims to such advertisements because it could be CIA agent’s ads. They believe in providing girlfriend experience to extract information that doesn’t even exist.

Prison Break – Any escape has to be planned before even being caught or trapped. Without spending time on studying the basic fundamentals of escape plan, executing it, will lead to an impromptu escape that might get you into much more troubles. This plan is necessary be it either for mental stress or from a physical trap.

Special 26 – Since the movie itself is based on true story it obviously teaches you in more practical demonstration than scripting the fundamentals on paper. You can create any forged documents, plan any kind of heists and get away easily if you master the art of masquerade any characters that are necessary to be dealt with.

OMG – Please read carefully the terms and conditions of any schemes, plans or contracts you enter into. If possible read the terms and conditions of apps and software up gradation before clicking the “accept” button during installation process.

Vantage Point – Do not try to assassinate President of America because the one who lectures out in the street or campaign in open space could be his clone. Saddam failed to reserve his patent rights before he was hanged.

Sholay – Friendship bond can blossom between two male friends; just make sure you have girlfriends too so that the stage of blossom may not let you bone him.

PS: This post is not intended to incite or promote violence. It is to raise caution among the directors for disclosing vital information related to deaths and mysteries to the general public at large, that could be misused for personal gains or violence against society itself.

  1. Author
    FS 8 years ago

    Oldboy – If you ever were or are involved in incest relationship & would want to fogert the entire episode then go get yourself hypnotized 😛

  2. cr7 8 years ago

    LOL FS good one .

  3. sputnik 8 years ago

    Good post FS. Skimmed through it. Will comment after reading it completely 🙂

  4. Author
    FS 8 years ago

    No doubt the crime rate is on increase. Lets take our college days, one must have a godfather or friends those are connected to godfather if you don’t wanna get bullied or tortured or ragged more often. Being a Don, Smuggler and even a Serial killer or being a Serial Rapist has become a cool thing in their part of life, so is being a rowdy or someone’s godfather.

    but my point is the minute details they disclose to laymen like us could do more harm to the society than good. They have not shown much about how to encounter such problems as a normal human being except to be careful (like saying “prevention is the best cure”). It takes a while even for police to resolve the problem and that’s what encourages these psychopaths to take such drastic steps and their desire for more enhances their ability to master the art they learned.

    Normal thieves can become more dangerous than thieves and we know India is like a heaven for thieves. They hardly get caught and even if they do then it’s no going back after the bail.

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