Best Male and Female performers of 2012- My views.

2012 has been a fascinating year. Few films had unprecedented box office success as well as audience’s acceptance, while few films did not really set the box office on fire but surely placed themselves in hearts of audience. Here are my bests of 2012 performances.

Male –

5. Sharman Joshi in Ferrari Ki Sawaari- In this small little heart warming film, Sharman Joshi plays a very adorable father and a martinet son. He packs an excellent performance and he has instant connect too!

4. Aamir Khan in Talaash- As a confused and depressed cop, Aamir Khan shines once again in a role which has its own oxymoronic rhythm. There are many layers to his characters and Aamir conveys his emotions through right blend of expressions and diction. He is not a perfectionist for nothing!

3. Irrfaan Khan in Paan Singh Tomar- Irrfan Khan is a veteran actor is a very obvious statement. In Paan Singh Tomar, Irrfan Khan once again delivers a riveting performance as the guy who has lost his patience when he is been rejected by police officer for demanding a basic and ethical action against illegal on-goings! A Significant performance in a significant film!

2. Ranbir Kapoor in Barfi- As the mute, deaf, charming and happy guy, Ranbir kapoor makes you feel his character. Pick up any of his scene and you will find a heart in his acting. Irrespective of the fact that it is a well established character, but Ranbir doesn’t miss a single beat.

We have a tie for Numero Uno of 2012.

1 Paresh Rawal in OMG and Salman Khan in Dabangg 2

Paresh Rawal understands his character pretty well and he enacts equally brilliant. It becomes sort of impossible to take off your eyes when he is on screen. Terrific and realistic in his body language and expression, Paresh Rawal makes OMG a film that it is today.

Salman Khan back as Chulbul Pandey also brings fun back to screen. Easily his career’s best performance, Salman throws life in Dabangg 2. Even some corny and clunky lines goes clap-worthy because the man on screen does it so effortlessly! Khan, you have a long way to go!

Special Mentions- Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Gangs of Wasseypur 2), Emraan Hashmi (Jannat 2), Akshay Kumar (Housefull 2), Arjun Kapoor (Ishaqzaade), Hritik Roshan (Agneepath), Shah Rukh Khan (Jab Tak Hai Jaan), Ajay Devgn (Bol Bachchan), .


5. Sridevi in English Vinglish/ Deepika Padukone in Cocktail.

English Vinglish is a film about which I don’t highly think about. If at all it was enjoyable for me, however in bits, it was its leading lady’s earnestness and relevancy towards her character. Her unusual voice is additional benefit as it gives the reality structure to her performance, but she as a performer leaves no stone unturned.

Deepika Padukone shines in an excellent performance, but in a mediocre film. As good as silver lining, Deepika never disappoints in the film, even though the film does! She delivers a very entertaining performance. Note her breakdown scene, and you can figure how well this actress knows her art!

4. Kareena Kapoor in Talaash- Kareena is often known for her big films where she has less substance. In Talaash, she flaunts her grand horizons of acting ability. She surprises in every scene and her dialogue delivery is effective. A performance she and her fans should be proud of!

3. Vidya Balan in Kahaani- Kahaani was an engaging thriller with some fast paced, nail-biting sequences. There were many note-worthy performances, but Vidya Balan stands apart and she leaves you spell bound. Her character was a difficult one especially because she plays the central character and the whole suspense revolves around her. Vidya Balan does it with ease and helps Kahaani in being more engaging than what it could have been otherwise!

2. Priyanka Chopra in Barfi- Easily her career’s best performances, Priyanka Chopra portrays the part of Autistic girl with incredible energy. She makes you cry, laugh, feel good and so on. She is so strong in her performance that not even once the fact strikes you that she is Priyanka Chopra the hot, sizzling lady and not a Jhilmil whose happiness is somewhere hidden!

1 Parineeti Chopra in Ishaqzaade- This is her just second film and yet she has managed to make an unforgettable mark in Ishaqzaade. She plays her virago and fallen-for-someone sort of girl flawlessly. Her pains are identifiable and she holds the film together in its emotional potion, a portion where most of the films fall flat. No words remained!

Special mentions- Kareena Kapoor (Heroine), Rani Mukherjee (Talaash), Anushka Sharma (Jab Tak hai Jaan), Kareena Kapoor (Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu), Katrina Kaif (Ek Tha Tiger).


  1. sputnik 11 years ago

    Agree on Aamir and Irfan. Disagree on the rest. Irfan is the best IMO with Hrithik a close second.

    Agree on Sridevi, Deepika, Kareena, Vidya. Vidya was the best IMO.

  2. Saif 11 years ago

    Yes salman does great acting in dabangg2

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