TUJHE MERI KASAM – Blockbuster and Cult film in Maharashtra.

First things first, I love this film to core.Its such a pleasure that I have seen this 6 times in theater and waiting for another view.

TUJHE MERI KASAM starring Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia was released some 7-8 years ago at the box office. This was a debut film for both these guys. The film did very well in Maharashtra, but was an ordinary earner at some places, and at places it was colossaly disappointing.

At the Box office, this film might have not done anything great and remained as an average box office earner. Vilasrao Deshmukh (father of Ritesh Deshmukh) declared that this film won’t release on television as well as on Dvds.

This film has immense craze in Maharashtra. I am from Solapur, so let me tell you the case how the film does in Maharashtra when it re-releases there everytime when there’s lack of any releases.

Let me clear, In Solapur this film only releases in single screen. In 2008 September, there was dearth of films which could have done even average business in Single Screens. One Single SCreen owner had put this film in his property. Believe it or not, the film made the people crazy there. There were 4 shows each day. Each show had capacity if near 550 seats and trust me, each show was houseful, half hour before the start. After seeing the unimaginable response, the film was sold in black rate on the very first day. The first two-three weeks of its re-release in Solapur was houseful and the sundays tickets were sold in black rate.

AFter that KIDNAP (Imran Khan, Sanjay Dutt) released which had good command in Single Screens there. SO TMK’s (Tujhe Meri Kasam) business saw some decline but the pwner went on showing the film for another 4 weeks, till GOLMAAL RETURNS released. In this period of 7-8 weeks the film did fantastic business. I saw twice in this duration. Once in the beginning and the next was on a last monday (27th october). The film was taken off then.

Enter 2009, the year where the tiff between multiplex owners and producers took place. There were no film releasing in April, May period. This time the another Single screen showed Tujhe Meri Kasam. I expected that there will not be that huge craze as it was last time around. I was surprised to know I was wrong. Guys, the film still opened to phenomenal occupnacy in that theater. The owners were making huge money. Infact they had that film till 18th June 2009, untill PAYING GUESTS (Ashish Choudhary, Javed Jaffery, Shreyas Talpade, Vatsal Seth) released. I saw the film for third time on 16th June 2009, and the theater was near 60-70% full. Can you imagine that!

2010- The IPL time. Films liked Love Sex Dhoka and Shaapit were running with 6 shows together in two single screens. Where as in another theater, the owner decided to put TMK yet again. I was thinking, that it will not do even half of what it did last time, and this time I was pretty sure. How many times will audience watch one same film in theater? Well, but dont know why, I was still interested to watch it. When i went to see the film in that period, I was speechless to see the film was housefull for that particular show. My expressions were mixed- Sad because I did not get tickets, and happy to see the euphoria for the film. I saw the next day and again on a sunday. In this duration I saw it twice. The film had good 6 week run untill HOUSEFULL (Akshay, Ritesh, Deeoika) turned up at theater.

When Dabangg released at the box office, all theater owners were running behind to showcase the film in their respective theaters, but one theater was left with no print of Dabangg. And you know the rest. TMK again. This time too the film did excellent and I saw it 6th time. I saw on second sunday of its re-release and it was 70-80% full. After this record I was stunned and was convinced that, the dull and dry period at theaters wont last much as the owners have an option to overcome the lull period. Tujhe Meri Kasam’s business is like an Khan film in today’s date. Blockbuster Business everytime around.

2011- IPL time again. The film re-released again and this time it ran for 9 weeks. 29th April 2011 to 30th June 2011. I did not notice what business it was doing that time, but if it ran for so many weeks than its but obvious that it was doing fantastic.

Now I am in Pune. I though this TMK craze is only among Solapur people. But that’s not true. Tujhe Meri Kasam will re-release in Pune tomorrow as well. And one of the localite said me that this film releases here quite often. I was told that the film releases in Kolhapur and Nashik as well.

I know there’s no point in this post. But my aim was to tell you guys the craze factor of this film in Maharashtra. The film is good weapon for the owners to fight against bad cinema time.


  1. sputnik 10 years ago

    Thanks for this post. I added a poster. Did not know that the movie did so well in reruns.

    Its supposed to be a remake of a Malayalam blockbuster, Niram directed by Kamal.


    I have not seen the Hindi version but I have seen the Telugu version “Nuvve Kavvali” (I only want you) countless number of times because my roommate used to watch it all the time. He loved the movie and it wasn’t even a good print. I liked the movie too – its a nice love story.

  2. Author
    sanket porwal 10 years ago

    Yeah Sputnik its a remake of Nuvve Kavali. My Mom have seen the original. And today the film has opened to a great response in Pune. 75-80% occupancy for first show. The second show is 35-40% booked. Incredible!

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