Mom First Look Poster Starring Sridevi

Check out Mom First Look Poster Starring Sridevi.

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Sanjay Dutt Interview from 1993 after his first release from Jail

Sanjay Dutt has been released after having served his jail term. Check out Sanjay Dutt’s Interview with Movie Magazine from 1993 after his first release from Jail.


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Juicy Gossip Stories from the Past

mamta• Hema was with Dharmendra and Jeetendra with Shobha. But when Hema and Jeetu started working together they fell madly in love. Secretly they decided on marriage. During an outdoor shoot they would have almost completed their pheras if Shobha and Dharmendra hadn’t got a clue to the situation and rushed to the spot and brought back their respective partners.

• Sridevi had fallen in love with Mithun Chakraborty on the sets of Rakesh Roshan’s Jaag Utha Insan. But Mithun was already married to Yogeeta Bali and they had a son. Sridevi had also pleaded with Yogeeta to leave Mithun, but of course she didn’t let go. Sridevi and Mithun had got married secretly and later Mithun admitted to the press. But only when a fan magazine published their marriage certificate! Yogeeta Bali took an overdose of sedatives, after which Mithun went back to his wife.

• When Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu looked like they had the perfect marriage, out came his marriage with Asma. When Saira threw a fit and asked for a quick divorce, Dilip Kumar retracted to Saira and divorced Asma. Asma remained the loser all the way, as she had left her husband and children to be with her beloved. She tried suicide and later went back to her former husband.

• Karisma and Ajay were madly in love with each other. That was before Ajay fell madly in love with Kajol. Karisma had called Ajay one day while he was on an outdoor shoot and heard a female voice in his room. She threw a fit and left in a huff. Quickly, Kajol moved in leaving her long-standing boyfriend Kartik.

• Rekha got into a heady alliance with Sunjay Dutt (then referred to as her toyboy) after she was disallowed to meet Amitabh Bachchan. Even when he was in hospital after the accident on the sets of Coolie she went in for a relationship with a vengeance and did whatever she did rather publicly. It lasted a month.

• Kamalahasan and Sarika were in love, but not public about it for some time. But Sarika got pregnant out of wedlock. Of course, Vani Ganapathy, his wedded wife, raised an uproar and went public. But Sarika went ahead and gave birth to her love child. Later they got married and have recently split.

• Rajesh Khanna, the 30+ Superstar was into a relationship with Anju Mahendru when he announced his runaway marriage to a girl half his age, the 16-year-old Dimple Kapadia. Dimple at that time was romantically involved with Rishi Kapoor. The marriage was a disaster and the Superstar moved on to Tina Munim. Dimple left with her two daughters and made a dramatic comeback with Sagar opposite Rishi again. Later she was also involved deeply with Sunny Deol. As for Rajesh and Tina, their love could be measured by the fact that they would even share their toothbrush and were the first ones to start ‘living together’. Later, Tina married Anil Ambani.


• The latest was, of course, Preeti Jain who accused Madhur Bhandarkar for ‘raping’ her for five yeard. She alleged that he had promised to cast her in his film. Though it created quite a sensation and nightmarish time for Madhur it fizzled out.

• A huge ruckus was created by Vivek Oberoi when he called a press conferance to tell the world that Salman, blinded by his ‘love’ for Aishwarya had called him up 41 times in the middle of the night. Vivek went on camera sensationally charging Salman with harassment and even Aishwarya went on record saying how she was ill treated and mentally abused by Salman. Since Salman kept quiet and nothing came of it really.

• Mamta Kulkarni had accused Rajkumar Santoshi of asking her for sexual favours and on not complying her role was chopped off.

• Manisha Koirala had accused Subhash Ghai of chasing her down the corridors, though later she decided to keep mum.

• Mahima Chaudhary turned coat on her mentor Subhash Ghai, after her stunning success in her debut film, Pardes, and later back-pedalled.

• Tabu had accused Jackie Shroff of attemps to rape her after calling her to his friend Danny Denzongpa’s house. She apologised later.

• Chetan Anand’s sons, Ketan and Vivek, were charged and sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiracy for the murder of Priya Rajvansh who had been living with their father. Later they were granted bail. Vijay Anand, too, took filmdom by storm when he married his much younger niece.

• Gulshan Kumar, the music baron, was gunned down in broad daylight in front of a temple. More shocking was Nadeem being accused of this murder and his fleeing to London, where he still lives.

• Producer Brij Sadanah gunned down his wife, daughter and son. And later killed himself. The wife and daughter died, but Kamal survived somehow. This was result of a family feud.

• Boney Kapoor’s marriage to Sridevi made his first wife, Mona, livid. Once when Sridevi was pregnant they came face to face in a party, and taking the opportunity Mona’s mom started assaulting her until Archana Puran Singh intervened and stopped the enraged woman.

• Rekha was seen running down a Juhu road after a fight with Raj Babbar in his office in the middle of the night. Amitabh Bachchan was waiting outside. Torn between the two men she wanted to flee from both. Amitabh in a white Ambassador tried to stop her, but she was hysterical and just kept running.

Mukesh Agarwal married her and was found having committed suicide very soon after.


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SOTD: Surmayee Ankhiyon Mein – Sadma

Check out the hit song Surmayee Ankhiyon Mein from Sadma on Ilaiyaraaja’s birthday.
Singer: K.J. Yesudas, Music by Ilaiyaraaja, Lyrics by Gulzar

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Apna Bombay Talkies Song – Bombay Talkies

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Hit Telugu Songs of S. Janaki

“S. Janaki, is an Indian playback singer renowned for her voice modulation abilities, she has sung in many Indian languages, most frequently in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi. Throughout a career spanning more than five decades, she has recorded over 20.000 songs, won four National Film Awards and 31 different State Film Awards. Her association with singer S. P. Balasubramanyam and composer Ilaiyaraaja is among the most popular musical combinations in South India. She is fondly better known as, “The Nightingale of the South”. In 2013, the Government of India announced the Padma Bhushan award for her, at the age of 74. The singer refused to accept the award, because it came too late and because South Indian artists weren’t given their due recognition.” (From Wikipedia)

Today is her birthday so check out some Hit Telugu Songs of S. Janaki.

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Rajeev Masand Interview with Sajid Khan on Himmatwala

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Voting Starts for 2nd Wassupbollywood Viewers Choice Awards

wb awards

Voting for 2nd Wassupbollywood Viewers Choice Awards has started. Me & the whole team of are pleased to invite the members & visitors of to vote for the most deserving artist in each category.

Voting closes on 19th Feb. Follow the link below to vote:

2nd Wassupbollywood Viewers Choice Awards

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Best Picture – English Vinglish[4.5/5]


A Delightfully Sweet Movie with One of the Strongest Female Protagonist I’ve Seen on Screen.

‘English Vinglish’ is One of those Few Bollywood Movies that have Touched Me Deeply and Connected with Me Like NO Movie Before.






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Milind’s Reflections: Cinematic Thoughts on the Year gone by-2012!

It is imperative to note that the year that went by was not one of the best years for Cinema as such.Neither the Hindi film-makers,nor the southern ones,especially Tamil directors shell out something spectacularly brilliant.One also cannot dispute the fact that inspite of nothing extraordinary,there was some splash in the pan and some films did steal the hearts with their sheer honesty!

The year started with a remake of an old-cult classic called Agneepath that had given Bachchan a national award. Hrithik was nowhere near the persona of Bachchan [that inspite of being itself irritating at times was superlative in terms of the emphatic portrayal of a character betrayed by life]. Agneepath was never about raw power,nor was Scarface from which it was partially inspired.These two films were about characters and their confrontation with life amidst a debate between the duty to do good and the necessity to outdo evil with evil.The film did boast of a few superlative performances like Rishi Kapoor who was good in his role and did bring out the emotion with aplomb.Hrithik disappointed.Nothing new in it as SRK in his role as Vijay had put up a miserable performance compared to Bachchan’s legendary portrayal of the same! Agneepath[old] was not masala,it was a drama..the thin line between a drama and masala is in the obvious intention to incorporate scenes to make the screenplay more audience friendly letting the script take a backseat..The new Agneepath was more on populist theorem,less on the symbolism of a path on fire!

A movie in the meantime caught attention.It was a small-budgeted drama woven around the purulence of semen.Vicky Donor was special even apart from a hilarious and aesthetic take on sperm donation.The breezy romance between Ayushman and Yami were a treat to watch.The buildup of it where two cultures are at loggerheads has been beautifully done.Infact the marriage scene where the slow and gradual amalgamation of Punjab and Bengal takes place is one of the best shot segment in a long time.It is not only convincing but also funny at the same time.Ayushamn gives a character that he most probably has lived in his real life.But the beautiful Yami is the scene-stealer,she is not only effervescent but also mature at the same time.Beautifully timed expressions.Vicky Donor teaches how to dirct a film on fluff but still pack in some solid scenes,both emotional and social.Anu Kapoor as Dr.Chadda is just as good as the actor he is!

I must say,I never fancied Kahaani as much hype it got.It was a nice film with Vidya being absolute stellar in her role but as a film it did not evoke much within me.It was neither fully engaging,neither the disconnect could be fully established. Saswata Chatterjee was the best thing about this film that also boasted an inconsistent performance from an accomplished actor-Nawazuddin Siddique.His expression in the climax did not even touch the emotion he was carrying. Parambrata could have been much better,have seen him doing better.Ending was heavily praised on many forums but if one has seen Angelina Jolie’s Taking Lives ,one would find it an underwhelming experience.Kahaani did not disappoint me but it was not worth the hype it had generated.

Another movie letdown by the climax and a ridiculously self-indulgent second half was Talaash. Not only did the movie spiral down the staircase of mediocrity but also ended with a climax that was not in sync with the essence of a mind-boggling suspense thriller.The biggest problem with the movie was its conceptualization.In times when you are some decade and half ahead of classic sagas like Sixth Sense,you cannot vouch your film being a masterclass suspense evolver! Sixth Sense was not a true cut suspense thriller but the end startled minds,one saw the movie triple times atleast to get a clue,if any,regards the ending.And yes there was,the clever usage of colours by Shaymalan.[Will explain it in comment]. Here there was nothing so mind-boggling so that the audience would rewind and try thinking about hidden clues.Most of them had anticipated the ending.Aamir was better than the monotonous act he regularly puts in.But the best part of it was the way the climax was shot..terrific!

Rowdy Rathore was the best Masala film of 2012.Ok.It was a remake.Ok,Teja has done it before.Ok.It was already a hit formula.But beholding the southern BB in its Hindi avataar was a treat.The music was foot-tapping and the execution was top notch! Infact this is the best remake after Wanted. Akshay was great as the con-man and also as the police officer.This film signified masala in its full glory.It pitted the protagonist against some “heart-wreathing” moments and allowed the revenge to be clamoured for!I enjoyed this popcorn fare too much although it didn’t stay there for long making any impact.Fluff at the end of the day remains fluff.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan allowed me to sit back and relax,watch romance,although not in its full glory[nowhere close to SRK’s yesteryear love sagas], and feel the pain and the pangs.The best part of this film was cinematography and the most endearing act was of Sha Rukh Khan’s. But the biggest fault lay within the screenplay of this movie.Inconsistent pace,more disconnect than connect and lack of tear jerker moments sans a few.But then in the ambiance of masala,this film was a relief with its promisary note on love.The confrontation scene of Sir Jesus and SRK,the scenes between SRK-Anushka were the best of the lots.The choreography of Ishq-Shava was great and must be mentioned.Being a SRK fan,I did enjoy this saga that did not do full justice to the essence of promises in love.Sleepless in Seattle was a movie that exactly not on same theme,but relied heavily on characters and their emotions to bring out the belief that love does meet happiness at the end with hope as its greatest weapon!

Between Dabangg2 and ETT,I enjoyed Dabangg2 more.Atleast Salman did what he is currently doing best.Although not a patch on Dabangg[that itself isn’t exactly a fav of mine],it does incorporate the moods of Chulbul with the macho image of his-sometimes comical,sometimes treading the borders of insanity and sometimes grave-Chulbul did make an impact in an otherwise bland film with no novelty,no desire to make the sequel incorporate substance.ETT was a totally forced film,neither did I feel the pain of being on the wrong side of love,neither the connect nor the escape.It was all looking like a vehicle to showcase Salman as the demi-God which never worked for me!

OMG can easily become the best movie of 2012.This movie is not only an interesting take on religious fanaticism but also hits out at the agenda of using religion as a tool to blind faith itself. The script must be lauded and the summation itself becomes praiseworthy.It strikes at our own beliefs but breaks only the wrong ones,leaves faith in our minds but aloof from the rituals.It does force us to think on our ways of following a religion,whether to incorporate it as a guide to life or practice it asa tool to ask favours from the Almighty!Paresh was good,so was Akshay.But the real hero here was the script and screenplay.

A last mention for a film that I could not connect with but did like the way it was handled,especially the climax..the language was used as an effective tool to bring out the insecurities we harbour,same language is used as a weapon to win over them and prove oneself and at last in the flight,same language is ridiculed by refusing to read the newspaper in the concerned language. Sridevi is good in her role.But special mention for Adil,one who played her husband,he was so spontaneous and natural.Gauri Shinde has done a decent job and the effect is also heart-warming.

More than the Hindi films,it was an exciting year for English films. Next post will be about it.


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My take on Bollywood in 2012

I made a similar post last year  LINK

1) Hrithik in Agneepath– Agneepath was a tough one to be remade and Karan Malhotra did good by having a fresh take towards it. The best thing about this movie was Hrithik as Vijay Deenanath Chauhan. Hrithik did really well by portraying a famous character in his own way and not trying to repeat anything Big B had done in the original. He excelled in the fight sequences, as well as in the emotional family scenes. The best thing about Hrithik’s performance was that since it was distinct and dedicated, it took all scope of comparison out of the frame. A very good performance.

2) Irrfan in Paan Singh Tomar-I found Paan Singh Tomar a really average film. I thought the direction was average and so was the cinematography and background score. However despite some noteworthy flaws, Paan Singh Tomar became a legendary film, due to a tour de force performance by Irrfan. He was the Paan Singh Tomar right from the first till the last frame. It was one of those once in career kind of performances. Fortunately, with an actor like Irrfan, we may be able to see many more of these.

3) Sujoy Ghosh for the original screenplay in Kahaani-Everyone like Vidya Balan in Kahaani, and so did I. She was fantastic; but what stood for me, and stayed with me for a long time was the screenplay of Kahaani. A rare edgy thriller from Bollywood that surpassed all other in its genre. Some argued that its climax was inspired from the Angelina Jolie film, but again, it was only that part that resembled that film, the real twist was the one that stumped everyone. This is THE bollywood thriller to be remembered.

4) Some Comedy bits in Chaar Din Ki Chandni -CCKC was your one more comedy film, however there were some genuinely hilarious scenes, involving, Tushaar Kapoor, Mukul Dev, Sushant Singh and Chandrachur Singh. I couldn’t help myself laughing non-stop during those scenes. I wouldn’t recommend the film but would recommend some scenes from it.

5)The simplicity of Vicky Donor-To be honest, I found Vicky donor, a decent to good film with some light moments. However, what I really appreciate about VD is its simplicity and how it said a lot without saying it put loudly or repetitively. Everyone from Ayushman to Bebe to Anu Kapoor to Yamini and to the director Shootjit Sarkar kept it very simple and extremely down to earth. That’s where Vicky Donor found its connection with the audience.

6) The Rathore in Rowdy Rathore-Akshay Kumar played a double role in RR. While many would have like the Rowdy comedian , I preferred the Rathore. In fact, Akshay’s role as Vikram rathore is what he has been missing in the last 10 years or so- an out and out action role of a tough guy.

7) Aditi Rao’s looks in London, Paris, New York– The film was poorly inspired from Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, with hardly any memorable moments, except Aditi Rao’s looks in the film. She looked better than any actress in the past year. Her french look was the most delightful part of the film and she carried it off with elan. Very beautiful actress. Looking forward to seeing more of her films.

8) Zeishan Quadri, Akhilesh,Sachin Ladia,Anurag Kashyap for the screenplay of GOW-2 – I hated GOW-1 for what it was. GOW-2 however, was “kick ass” in its truest meaning. A screenplay so crisp and so inviting for a mind orgasm that you cant get enough of it. I know the performances by Nawaaz and the gang were superlative but it was the narrative and the lines and the language that made GOW-2 what it was. Hats off to the writers.

8) Ranbir in Barfi-What was it about Barfi that made a relatively small , in a way offbeat film to achieve the success. Well the reasons could be many but the one that holds the most significance is “Ranbir Kapoor”. A ton of scenes from this movie was copied inspired from a ton of movies and even knowing all that I couldn’t hate Barfi and the reason- again Ranbir Kapoor. A performance so honest and splendid that I can sit for 3 hours and watch a movie where the lead character is a deaf mute again. Ranbir Kapoor deserves a big applause for doing something different and doing it the way it should be – honestly.

9) Sridevi in English Vinglish-Ram Gopal Verma said he wants to touch Gauri shinde’s feet for making English vinglish- and I can understand why. Sridevi returned the big screen and how? No shor sharaba, no big lines, no loud melodrama and yet, Sri wins your heart every time she smiles in the movie. It was such a great experience the audience almost swooning over a yester year actress delievering a knock out performance in one of the better films of the year. I know it’s a cliché but I’ll say it anyways- I can’t imagine anyone else playing Shashi and making English Vinglish what it became other than Sridevi.

10) Aamir In Talaash– Yes Zoya Akhtar and Reemi Kagti kind of disappointed with the climax of the film. Yes it did not live upto the hype it created and yes, it wasn’t as good as we all wanted it to be yet Talaash did give us one of the best performances of the year given that we had some pretty good ones this year. Aamir Khan’s portrayal of Surjan Shekhawat, the stressed , emotionally devastated and the restless, insomniac cop was a great performance indeed. Not for a second did Aamir waiver off from the character and one could see the pain and trauma of such a character on Aamir’s face. A great subtle performance, which helped Talaash more than anything else.

11) Chulbul Salman Pandey In Dabangg2– Yes I know, even a lot of Fans were disappointed and that kind of was expected as people were expecting the story of the “Dabangg” to go forward while actually, it regressed to a point that there was no story per say. However, dispite that major flaw, Dabangg worked for me providing non-stop entertainment without a single dull moment and all of this because of one and one person only- Chulbul Pandey aka Salman Khan. Salman lived the character of the notorious Robinhood Pandey (now also known as Kung fu Pandey) in each frame of the movie. It was almost as if I was watching a documentary of a UP cop called Chulbul Pandey. Hats off to Salman for making this character unforgettable.

12) The story, screenplay, Paresh and intention of Oh My God– Undoubtedly the best movie of the year and arguably the most important movie of Indian Cinema in the last decade or so.  OMG Oh My god’s plot is very simple- Something that a lot of Indians discuss over a coffee table , probably everyday among friends- Unfortunately, most of us make sure, that such conversations stay limited to the coffee table, or the Office Desk or the college Cafeteria. The makers and writers of OMG, did the bravest of things by bringing such voices to the big screen and in their original unadulterated form. The honesty and rawness of OMG is what it makes so damn important and its treatment makes it a must watch. Having said that, the gigantic brave task could not have been accomplished without a brave leader and Paresh Rawal does just that. He delivers a knock out performance and more importantly says each line in the movie in the most believable way possible. You can see that Kanji believes in his words very strongly and that there are very strong reasons behind it. OMG and Paresh Rawal are the undoubtedly the best thing about Bollywood this year.
What I thought was okay to good but could have been better

1) PST- I found Paan Singh Tomar a very average film. It was the performance of Irrfan that stands out but apart from that, it required a tighter screenplay and much better camera work. Something that PST needed badly was a great background score and I think that would have made a whole lot of difference. Tigmanshu Dhulia is an efficient director and he’s proven it many times in the Past but as far as PST is concerned, he could have been better.
2) TEZZ – Won’t say much about it. It was just an okay film which didn’t bore me. Had the writers done their job a tad better, it would have been much better a film.

3) ETT– Watching the first half of ETT, it seemed, Salman Khan has finally moved on from the senseless genre and his performance was really likable. But all the good work of ETT in the first half, was simply ruined by a stupid, idiotic storyline and a rushed mindless second half. It was almost the director/producers said–chalo bht ho gayi story, now let’s bank on salman’s stardom. huh!!

4)Raaz 3– I am a sucker for Horror films and make sure I check them out- good or bad. Raaz 3 was a typical Vikram Bhatt horror flick and it did manage to create some chills and thrills. although, better visuals and sound could have made this much much better. I liked Vikram’s Haunted 3D a lot and hence was a bit disappointed by this. Nonetheless, watchable for viewers of this genre.

5) Priyanka Chopra in Barfi– I heard a lot of praises of Priyanka for her role in Barfi. I would say no doubt she did a good job but she couldn’t make it memorable the way Ranbir did. She was subtle at some times and quite dramatic at other times. It was like she needed more rehearsal and more information about the character she was portraying. A good effort nonetheless, although it could have been a great one.

6) The climax of Talaash-I would’t have criticized Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar had there not been a Sixth Sense or the others or Stirs of Echoes. But since all those movies exist, I expected something more original from them and what they presented was admirable yet unsatisfying. The climax of Talaash was a big disappointment for me and something that almost ruined a fairly engaging film.

And now the last part- what I did not like in 2012

1)The Shamelessness of Abbas Mastan- Players

Abbas Mastan didn’t just copy The Italian job, they copied it so blindly and shamelessly that the outcome was even more pathetic than the already mediocre movie. The whole story, the steal job was exactly the same. The most surprising part was they even used the same goddamn mini coopers that were used in the Edward Nortan starrer. It was almost like; did they even work on the screenplay, apart from adding stupid songs?

2)Sanjay dutt’s joke of a performance in Agneepath

Sanjay Dutt’s performance of Kaancha cheena in the new age Agneepath was a disaster. Kaancha Cheena was not about muscles (or flab in this case). He was about meanness . Sanjay Dutt looked fat and the bald look just added to the buffoonery. The only place where this worked was while he was bashing Hrithik in the climax.His dialog delivery was his career worst. It was almost like the directory had forcefully pulled Sanjay out of an all you can eat buffet and asked him to act.

3)The insult of a story by Shakun Batra for Ek Mai aur Ek tu

Shakun Batra-  The protégé of Karan  “Ha ha “ Johar came up with a story so sick and regressive that even Kjo’s KKHH started to look substantial in some sense. He basically asked the nerds out there to get used and manipulated by hot chicks and wait for that time to come.- In other words, wait for a drunk party and you may get laid, until then just hold her purse.

4) The mismanagement of himself by Madhavan (Jodi breakers)
 Madhavan looked his career worst, careless and shabby in Jodi Breakers. He was fat (not that fat is a problem, but you should carry it off), uncomfortable and stuffed in those suits. Even his acting was so rushed that, made the brilliant actor look so outright mediocre.

5) Madhur Bhandarkar’s dishonesty in Heroine

Madhur Bhandarkar wrote his career worst screenplay for Heroine. A screenplay so hollow and narrow, that even David Dhawan seemed considerate in front of it. Heroine was written as if he just wanted one actress to cry and look awfully depressed all the time.  No rhyme or reason for her behaving that way- just cry, cry and cry more. The movie’s screenplay deviated from the main topic of the film and just became about one particular case. Opportunity wasted.

6) The Chopras bringing out the worse in them and in Bollywood

Jab tak hai Jaan proved to be the most pathetic movie of last 10 years or so. A screenplay so absurd, it could have only come out of Aditya chopra’s writing. A movie just harping on love love, jesus jesus , memory memory and lust lust. Unexpected pathetic moments, unrequired awfully long length and a stupid narrative. Nothing about this movie seemed right. It was a new low for Bollywood and it came from the biggest moviemakers in Bollywood.

7) Anurag Kashyap’s bore saga of Gangs Of Wasseypur -1

I had huge expectations from the writer of Satya coming up with his own version of Desi Gangs and their lives and boy, I was disappointed and how!! GOW-1 may be exactly what Kashyap wanted to show, but for me it became a sad tale of the lusts of Wasseypur. The first part did not have anything to offer except a painfully long story created around continuing moments of Sardar Khan drooling over his wives and mistresses. There was nothing remember or appreciate as far as story or direction is concerned. It never took off as a Gang story and rather just remained a lust story for maximum of its duration. Excellent performances just a ridiculously bad story. Sheer Disappointment.

Last but not the least; I have to salute S.S. Rajamouli for writing a superb innovative script and having the talent to brilliantly execute it. Even though it was not technically Bollywood, but I would still like to give it credit as I feel language was not really the factor here. It was a universal script and a must watch film for all. Eega was brilliant.


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Best Male and Female performers of 2012- My views.

2012 has been a fascinating year. Few films had unprecedented box office success as well as audience’s acceptance, while few films did not really set the box office on fire but surely placed themselves in hearts of audience. Here are my bests of 2012 performances.

Male –

5. Sharman Joshi in Ferrari Ki Sawaari- In this small little heart warming film, Sharman Joshi plays a very adorable father and a martinet son. He packs an excellent performance and he has instant connect too!

4. Aamir Khan in Talaash- As a confused and depressed cop, Aamir Khan shines once again in a role which has its own oxymoronic rhythm. There are many layers to his characters and Aamir conveys his emotions through right blend of expressions and diction. He is not a perfectionist for nothing!

3. Irrfaan Khan in Paan Singh Tomar- Irrfan Khan is a veteran actor is a very obvious statement. In Paan Singh Tomar, Irrfan Khan once again delivers a riveting performance as the guy who has lost his patience when he is been rejected by police officer for demanding a basic and ethical action against illegal on-goings! A Significant performance in a significant film!

2. Ranbir Kapoor in Barfi- As the mute, deaf, charming and happy guy, Ranbir kapoor makes you feel his character. Pick up any of his scene and you will find a heart in his acting. Irrespective of the fact that it is a well established character, but Ranbir doesn’t miss a single beat.

We have a tie for Numero Uno of 2012.

1 Paresh Rawal in OMG and Salman Khan in Dabangg 2

Paresh Rawal understands his character pretty well and he enacts equally brilliant. It becomes sort of impossible to take off your eyes when he is on screen. Terrific and realistic in his body language and expression, Paresh Rawal makes OMG a film that it is today.

Salman Khan back as Chulbul Pandey also brings fun back to screen. Easily his career’s best performance, Salman throws life in Dabangg 2. Even some corny and clunky lines goes clap-worthy because the man on screen does it so effortlessly! Khan, you have a long way to go!

Special Mentions- Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Gangs of Wasseypur 2), Emraan Hashmi (Jannat 2), Akshay Kumar (Housefull 2), Arjun Kapoor (Ishaqzaade), Hritik Roshan (Agneepath), Shah Rukh Khan (Jab Tak Hai Jaan), Ajay Devgn (Bol Bachchan), .


5. Sridevi in English Vinglish/ Deepika Padukone in Cocktail.

English Vinglish is a film about which I don’t highly think about. If at all it was enjoyable for me, however in bits, it was its leading lady’s earnestness and relevancy towards her character. Her unusual voice is additional benefit as it gives the reality structure to her performance, but she as a performer leaves no stone unturned.

Deepika Padukone shines in an excellent performance, but in a mediocre film. As good as silver lining, Deepika never disappoints in the film, even though the film does! She delivers a very entertaining performance. Note her breakdown scene, and you can figure how well this actress knows her art!

4. Kareena Kapoor in Talaash- Kareena is often known for her big films where she has less substance. In Talaash, she flaunts her grand horizons of acting ability. She surprises in every scene and her dialogue delivery is effective. A performance she and her fans should be proud of!

3. Vidya Balan in Kahaani- Kahaani was an engaging thriller with some fast paced, nail-biting sequences. There were many note-worthy performances, but Vidya Balan stands apart and she leaves you spell bound. Her character was a difficult one especially because she plays the central character and the whole suspense revolves around her. Vidya Balan does it with ease and helps Kahaani in being more engaging than what it could have been otherwise!

2. Priyanka Chopra in Barfi- Easily her career’s best performances, Priyanka Chopra portrays the part of Autistic girl with incredible energy. She makes you cry, laugh, feel good and so on. She is so strong in her performance that not even once the fact strikes you that she is Priyanka Chopra the hot, sizzling lady and not a Jhilmil whose happiness is somewhere hidden!

1 Parineeti Chopra in Ishaqzaade- This is her just second film and yet she has managed to make an unforgettable mark in Ishaqzaade. She plays her virago and fallen-for-someone sort of girl flawlessly. Her pains are identifiable and she holds the film together in its emotional potion, a portion where most of the films fall flat. No words remained!

Special mentions- Kareena Kapoor (Heroine), Rani Mukherjee (Talaash), Anushka Sharma (Jab Tak hai Jaan), Kareena Kapoor (Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu), Katrina Kaif (Ek Tha Tiger).


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Blast from the Past: Anil Kapoor Interview after Lamhe

Today is Anil Kapoor’s birthday. So check out his interview from 1991/92 after Lamhe and before the release of Beta. He talks about Woh Saat Din, Meri Jung, Eeshwar, Ram Lakhan, Mr. India, Parinda, Lamhe and song ‘Yaar Bina Chain Kahan Re’ song from Saaheb.

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PSOTD : Sadma Climax

So I am back to the second in the glorious “Pathetic scene/song of the day” series thanks to sputnik. The first one is HERE

I am talking about that (in)famous “heart-wrenching” climax scene of Kamal Haasan. Now many feel its Kamal’s best performance to date. I also agree it is. Though in a different way 😉

Firstly, in those days with that hideous moustache, Kamal always looked like a rooster somehow. I didn’t count how many times he said “Lekshmi” in that funny South Indian accent but it irritated after a point. Now Sridevi forgot Kamal towards the climax of the film, big deal. I can excuse those monkey-like facial expressions and the excessive limping while carrying a steel matka on head, may be he was reminding her of his earlier retarded habits but whats with those somersaults on the railway platform? LOL! Was he thinking that he is going to beat the speed of the train doing that! thank goodness that platform ended or else he may have continued the somersaults chasing the train all the way till the next station 😀 Whats with those gay-like hand gestures at 3.04?

All in all, a great scene no doubt.Now watch the scene:

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Movies You Watched This Month – December 2012

OMG: Oh My God! The plot is inspired from the movie The Man Who Sued God. Some scenes are very good like the scene where Paresh sells the idol or the scene where Akshay talks about his latest photo not being updated on Facebook or the milk scene. Paresh Rawal proving Goving Namdeo is not a Siddh Purush scene was excellent. The paralysis track seemed unnecessary. Govinda Govinda song looked totally out of place in the movie. The movie does resemble a stage play/TV serial. Some TV scenes and the way people reacted after them looked like from a Raju Hirani movie. The production values are really bad in some scenes like the scene of his destroyed shop during earthquake. It reminded me of earthquake scenes from Waqt 😉 Paresh Rawal was good but his role/performance is similar to roles he has done before. Liked Akshay Kumar more. He was very good. Not sure which Baba Mithun was trying to imitate but his mannerisms seemed gay. Govind Namdeo hammed like anything and he was extremely annoying. Dialogues were excellent. The message against rituals and asking people to donate money to poor instead of temples and dargahs is excellent. Movie deserves praise just for being so bold in a country like India. Definitely recommended.


English Vinglish is about Shashi, a housewife who runs a laddu business from home. Shashi suffers from low self esteem due to her inability to speak/understand English. Liked the scene where Sridevi meets the school principal or the scenes between her and the French guy. The scene where she tries to drive away her sister so that she could go to the class was very good. Also liked that her English speech at end was like that of a newly learned person and not fluent. Her being told that she cannot take sweets at airport was nonsense. Amitabh translating English dialogues scene was copied from SRK’s scene from Yes Boss which itself was probably copied from For Love or Money. While that was in a room here it was ridiculous with Amitabh doing that on a plane. The smartass answers during Sridevi’s visa interview by the Indian guy or Amitabh’s immigration check were ridiculous. The cafeteria scene was another stupid scene with the receptionist demanding she answer her greeting and demanding a Thank You. The laddu falling scene was so deliberate. The movie had every stereotype that you can think of – the non english speaking Indian housewife, the MCP husband, the gay English teacher, the French cook, the Pakistani driver, the ‘Madrasi’ Software Engineer, the Spanish nanny, the Asian salon worker. English class scenes reminded me of Mind Your Language. The English teacher coming home and passing her was another BS. Sridevi was excellent and she was perfect in almost every scene. Amitabh was totally annoying and irritating in his cameo. Rest of the cast ranged from decent to good. Liked only the title song. All songs sounded the same with techno and auto tune except for last song. Despite the issues movie was still good because of Sridevi.


Memories of Murder is based on the true story of South Korea’s first known serial murders, which took place between 1986 and 1991. Some scenes are very good like the scene where they find out about how the serial killer requests a particular song or the scene where they chase down one suspect or the scene where they find out the suspect had soft hands. The scenes with the last suspect were excellent. One of the cops trying to check out “hairless” men or going to astrologer scenes seemed stupid. May be they were intended as comedy. The Chief kicking one of the officers scene looked totally ridiculous. The movie is very engrossing but it has a open ending which may not be liked by some. Its more a movie about how the investigation affects the three detectives. Two of them pretty much interchange personalities by the end of the investigation.


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Blast from the Past: Filmfare Article on Rekha from 2011

Today is Rekha’s birthday so check out this Filmfare Article on Rekha from 2011. It has Rekha’s quotes over the years and her bio.

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English Vinglish First Day Business

English Vinglish collected a poor 2 crore nett on day one as per early estimates. The collections at some multiplexes did improve in the evening and the film has good reports as far as multiplex audience is concerned but it remains to be seen how much the film can jump over the weekend.

Saturday is the all important day for the film as it must have a huge jump to have any chance at the box office. A 25-30% jump is a norm on Saturday for such films aimed at multiplexes but English Vinglish will have to show a much bigger jump as starting point is low. It will have to show better growth than last week’s release OMG! Oh My God though does not have a weekday holiday advantage like that film.

The film collected 45-50 lakhs nett in Delhi/UP, 20 lakhs nett in East Punjab and around 10 lakhs nett in Rajasthan.

Note – The 2 crore approx figure is for Hindi version and the film has also released in Telugu and Tamil although with limited prints.


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English Vinglish Movie Review by Rajeev Masand

Rating: 3.5

Cast: Sridevi, Adil Hussain, Mehdi Nebbou, Sujatha Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan

Director: Gauri Shinde

Returning to the screen after a hiatus of 15 years in first-time director Gauri Shinde’s charming comedy English Vinglish, Sridevi hits all the right notes.

Five minutes into the film, and she’s already found her way into your heart as Shashi, the uncomplaining Maharashtrian housewife who quietly puts up with the playful but insensitive jibes her husband and kids take at her, for her inability to speak proper English. It’s such a terrific performance in fact, that it makes you overlook the rather trite notion that a caring wife and mother, who runs a small but successful catering business from home, must speak fluent English in order to regain her sense of self-worth.

Shinde, who has revealed that the film’s premise is inspired by a slice of her own mother’s life, constructs some moving scenes that are not hard to relate to. Shashi’s school-going daughter cringes in embarrassment at a PTA meeting when her mother asks a teacher if he could speak to her in Hindi because her English is weak. When another parent engages her mother in a conversation, she nervously steers her mum away.

There’s little that’s blazingly original here; much of it feels formulaic and predictable, in fact. Yet Shinde knows there’s comfort to be found in the familiar, and she mines feel-good moments in been-there-seen-that territory.

Things come to a head when Shashi reluctantly travels alone to New York to help with preparations for her niece’s wedding. Humiliated while struggling to order a coffee and sandwich at a Manhattan café, she impulsively enrolls for a four-week English speaking course at a language school. From this point on, the film resembles an episode of the popular BBC sitcom Mind Your Language, whose laughs are derived from a motley bunch of foreigners wrestling with English. Typically, the class comprises a Mexican nanny, a Pakistani cab driver, a Chinese hairstylist, a South Indian software engineer, an angry black kid, and a dishy French chef named Laurent (Mehdi Nebbou) who’s instantly attracted to Shashi.

In these classroom scenes, Shinde uses her characters to deliver a message about Indo-Pak camaraderie, and even against homophobia. Yet these seem like mere tokenisms against the more natural, tender scenes between Shashi and Laurent. Like those moments when the two are conversing in their respective languages, and yet manage to convey what they’re feeling to each other – it’s these interludes that make English Vinglish so watchable.

This is the story of how Shashi gets her groove back, and Shinde nails it by casting Sridevi in the central role. The actress is effortlessly charming as the neglected protagonist who discovers herself when she’s allowed to fly. She infuses the part with the right portions of vulnerability, restraint, and quiet strength, delivering a performance that is nothing short of perfect.

Even if it treads a safe path, English Vinglish achieves believability through its supporting cast of mostly unfamiliar faces, including Mehdi Nebbou as Shashi’s sensitive French admirer, and Adil Hussain as her inattentive husband. Sujatha Kumar as Shashi’s older sister oozes warmth, and both kids playing Shashi’s children are spot-on. There’s also a delightful cameo by Amitabh Bachchan, who steals the scene he’s in with his impeccable comic timing.

Making an assured debut with a light, frothy film that still has something important to say, Gauri Shinde delivers one the year’s most pleasing films, and Amit Trivedi lends some of his best compositions to the soundtrack. I’m going with three-and-a-half out of five for English Vinglish. It’s warm and fuzzy, and leaves you with a big smile on your face.


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English Vinglish Movie Review by Anupama Chopra

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English Vinglish Public Reviews

More Reviews below

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