Guess Who? Childhood Pictures of Bollywood Celebs

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    Baba Ji 7 years ago

    thats a lot of pics tho many of them are seen already

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    Who are:

    – the boy in superman suite
    – the pic above jaya and abhishek
    – last one

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      The boy in superman suite is Tusshar Kapoor.

      The pic above jaya and abhishek is Amitabh.

      Last one is Amitabh too.

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    Thanks 🙂

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    sputnik 7 years ago

    Here is another link with childhood pictures of Bollywood Celebs. Some are already in this post while some are new.

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    SRK has pretty good hair right from that age – even now he has.
    Abhishek’s eyes are still that bright – the only actor after Madhuri to have that million dollar smile which reaches eyes and very bright eyes 🙂

    (I know he is an average actor – but off-screen he is more lively – in above dept he has taken all from his mother..though Jaya didn’t have a great smile as him, her eyes were bright and not like Amitabh )

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    Bored 7 years ago

    I like Amitabh’s eyes – they have depth and true Abhishek’s eyes are not like that.

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago


    True. Amitabh is fantastic and expresses a lot with his ‘still’ eyes – but his main strength is his voice and that too his pauses, pronunciation and mastery over the language (not the Bass of his voice it as many mimicry artists do). He is THE only Indian actor who has mastery over Pure Hindi. (Though I hate overuse of it and love “Hindustani” more)

    ..But I like all kids. And Abhishek has retained that expression in this age (offscreen). Its a rare thing. Its a sign of being healthy in mind and body and also about being a good human being overall. IMO.

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    Bored 7 years ago

    Yes I am a great admirer of the way Dilip Kumar spoke in Urdu and also Amitabh’s oratory skills – which were always his primary assets (apart from the baritone and the height, which are anyways God’s gifts).

    • Baba
      Baba 7 years ago

      dilip kumar has good urdu but so does kader khan, raza murad and many yesteryear actors. with dilip , i think there was an issue with his obsession with urdu. he would unnecessarily use heavy urdu words even when he is playing some haryanvi dacoit. he would use the word kambhakt when he is playing a bengali.he will use words like “naahak” and so on.needlessly showing off his urdu from characters which never demanded them

      • Avatar Author
        sputnik 7 years ago

        Yes he was obsessed with Urdu and may be more so in his later years. I don’t think he used Urdu words while playing a dacoit in Ganga Jamuna from the few scenes that I have seen.

        Devdas is based on a Bengali novel so Dilip or anyone else in the movie should not be speaking in Hindi/Urdu. They should all be speaking in Bengali. But since its a Hindi/Urdu adaptation for the Hindi audiences so its ok if he uses the word Kambhakth.

        Never really liked Kader Khan. He copies Dilip Kumar whether its use of Urdu or style of dialogue delivery. He would tell a funny joke and then go on to explain the joke making the whole joke unfunny.

        Watch this scene from Saajan. The scene is funny till Kader Khan starts to explain the lines he said earlier at 1:27. Its explaining the obvious and he did this in a lot of movies. May be it had something to do with his being a Professor in real life before he joined movies.

        • Baba
          Baba 7 years ago

          that is ok. explaining a scene is not an issue in acting.many dilip kumar fans have this perception that all actors who came after him copy him.thye would say amitabh also copies dilip! Kader khan is nothing like dilip. dilip used to murmur his dialgues while kader khan always speaks in a louder pitch.more importantly, kader khan was able to control his urdu diction acc to the characters, dilip cudnt do that

          • Avatar Author
            sputnik 7 years ago

            Its not a perception. Lot of actors like Manoj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar, Amitabh and SRK have copied him. Even Dharmendra is a big fan of him. And Amitabh has said many times that Dilip was his idol and he did copy Dilip. The fast talking as well as whispering that Amitabh does is from Dilip.

            Anyways this is Kader Khan’s Interview where he talks about Dilip’s acting and how it was Dilip who gave him his first break.

            “There has never been an Indian artiste like him.

            Actors copy his smile, the way he speaks, and will continue to do so. His contribution to India will never be equalled by any other artiste. He is an institution and we are all students of that institution.

            Till this industry is alive, Dilip Kumar, the institution, will remain.

            Dilip Kumar picked me up from the stage and brought me into films. The film was Bairaag. I was acting in a play called Taash ke patte, which had received rave reviews.

            One day, I received a call from Dilip Kumar at the college where I used to teach civil engineering. He told me that he had heard a lot about my work and wanted to see my play. I was thrilled, of course. He asked me to meet him at Rajkamal Studios. That is how I entered a studio for the first time in my life.

            After he saw my play, he announced, “Here is a good actor who has not been utilised. I am giving him a role in my film Bairaag. He signed me on. After that, I did Adaalat. So it was through Dilip Kumar that I came into film acting. I owe my career to him. ”


            And here is Kader Khan talking about Amitabh copying Dilip.

            I rest my case 🙂

          • Baba
            Baba 7 years ago

            manoj kumar does have similarities with dilip. and the biggest proof is that confrontation scene in kranti where both are giving competiton to each other by hamming in similar style 😉

            dont agree on the others.the next generation actors will always say they are inspired/ copy acting of the older generation actors. it is just to give them some respect and show diplomacy, it doesnt mean anything. hrithik says he copies anil and srk in his films. does the acting look even remotely familiar? 😀 when ranbir made his debut in 2007, he used to say he is inspired by abhishek and hrithik but his style is completely different , same for imran and same for every generation that comes. if someone thinks amitabh copied dilip, he needs to get his head examined. nothing more to add lol

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    Bored 7 years ago

    Errr Kader Khan was not exactly a star …

    • Baba
      Baba 7 years ago

      who cares.he was a better actor than dilip. he didnt use to throw urdu words for every character.

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    Bored 7 years ago

    But i was talking abt stars whom i like for their oratory skills.

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    sputnik 7 years ago


    Hrithik did try to copy SRK in those crap films like AMALL and NTJNH and even K3G. Don’t know if he copies Anil but Anil copies Raj Kapoor a lot (Beta, 1942 A Love Story).

    “amitabh copied dilip, he needs to get his head examined. nothing more to add lol”

    hmm…. so Kader Khan needs to get his head examined 😉

    Here is a comedy scene of Dlip Kumar from Kohinoor which Amitabh copied in Mard.

    Mard and Kohinoor Mirror Scenes inspired from Duck Soup Mirror Scene

    Listen closely to Amitabh’s voice in these scenes from Deewar at 11 seconds (main sab se pahle sign…) and at 33 seconds and at 1:06. That is Dilip’s style.

    Watch this scene. Even the way he spreads his palm at 1:21 is Dilip’s style.

    • Baba
      Baba 7 years ago

      i am talking about overall career acting. hrithik acting style is compeltely different from srk. amitabh has a very distinct acting style and is nothing like dilip. yes manoj kumar is a poor clone of dilip even if he consider overall acting career. i find shahid kapoor a poor clone of srk. harman baweja of hrithik , and ranbir tries to copy raj kapoor sometimes

      • Avatar Author
        sputnik 7 years ago

        Yeah overall career acting is different but he did copy initially in some scenes. Its similar with singers too.

        But while some actors develop their own style or stop copying some just stay as clones (Manoj) for the whole of their life.

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    When ppl say Dilip Kumar copied Brando – its only his mannerisms in some films (of Brando ) that he copied.
    Amitabh did copy lot of his mannerisms – but Amitabh has different physical persona. Also, one thing unique Amitabh braught was straight faced comedy in Indian cinema.

    There are some actors who are carbon copy of Dilip Kumar in every department. example Mukesh Khanna.
    Shahrukh also copied a lot in early 90s from some set of films of Dilip.

    The physical persona/ appearance of a star hides a lot and gives impression that he is not copying even if in his mind actor trying to copy. For example – Shahrukh said that he copied Naseer in Baazigar – doesnt look like that to me. Also he said he copied Nana in Darr (last scenes on boat) – to which Nana himself said nothing like that.

    I think shahrukh copied Dilip kumar better way and Mithun (in his fight scenes / voice of his) than other actors which he mentioned.

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 7 years ago

      Which are the films that Dilip copied Brando?

      Shah Rukh did copy Dilip a lot initially – in Deewana and even in Darr. The scene where he recites that couplet “Jo Dhun” he totally copies Dilip. Don’t know about copying Naseer but he copied Amitabh in the comic fight scene in Baazigar. When I saw Darr I thought he was copying Kamal in those boat scenes but I can see some Nana now in how he did that crazy/psychotic bit.

      Agree with you that – “The physical persona/ appearance of a star hides a lot and gives impression that he is not copying even if in his mind actor trying to copy.”

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    Anjanpur685Miles 7 years ago

    @Sputnik – I dont know 🙂 That is what couple of ppl told me. Maybe they are wrong . But I also read some articles earlier in 90s which said Dilip copied Brando. I am not particularly a fan of Dilip as well as Brando. I slept after watching first 20 mins of Godfather. I dont have the patience to find out the truth 😛 as both are very boring.

    I also see bit of Nana in that boat scene of Darr. Now that you mentioned Kamal – interesting how you saw it. Kamal also could have done that in that way (or somewhat similar). Will have to watch the scene again.

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