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phantom-poster-saif-ali-khan-katrina-kaifI am bit confused about Phantom

On one hand they have named all the real names of masterminds behind 26/11 attacks and the actors look just like them. It needs guts to name those who are still out at large with followings in their home country which could pose a serious threats to the director or anyone associated with the film anywhere and anytime.

On the Other hand the screenplay lacks which impacts good direction by Kabir. For example, the execution of the targets that takes places is shot brilliantly but it don’t impact on the viewers that such thing was really executed, it lacked conviction.

I think Kabir got carried away with the emotions related to 26/11 while shooting but failed to recreate that onscreen or in reel life. The impact or the thrill was missing whenever each target is executed or action took place. The whole Syrian mission (Though shot well with brilliant locales) hindered the flow of the movie that could have been taken out of the book without screwing the mission.

Kabir didn’t deviate from his mission but there was lack of some sort of imbalance between the emotions and the actions. Saif was brilliant and surprisingly Katrina was very good.

The backdrop was real, the characters of masterminds are real except the lead characters & its mission was fictional. Overall it was a very good movie but remained as one man show just like hollywood make-believe stuff. Realism was missing even with presence of real characters which resonates with Kabirs tagline “A Story We Wish Was True”.

There are some spine chilling moments in the movie and those moments felt only during Climax and Post climax scenes.

This movie should be watched and director should be encouraged for his bold steps to name the real culprits without manipulation and fear. He has fearlessly shown how Indian Authorities should tackle terrorism and beat them in their own backyard.

  1. sputnik 9 years ago

    Finally a post from you after a long time 🙂

    Will check out the movie and comment.

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