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BrothersWell, I never expected this movie to touch me so much but it did. The depth of emotional scenes in this movie are beyond words, only to be felt, experiencing the trauma one goes through each characters by putting oneself in their shoes.

You might find many couples in most part of India just like Mary (Shefali Shetty) and Garson Fernande (Jackie Shroff) where a woman struggles every minute of her life, fighting off herself in midst of relationship crisis & injustice bestowed upon her just to save & protect the family she love, for the sake of her children, their future & their happiness from being destroyed in minutes. One may find happiness to be a distant dream because of their sacrifices but not for them as they are strong enough to find the happiness in little things, things that would mean world to them, things they wished to hate and in happiness of their loved ones.

Yes, it is the same old story because even in case of men it is not entirely different as we see men turn drunkards / alcoholic resulting in domestic violence, extra marital affairs, sin, tearing down the family, hurting & losing the loved ones & destroying themselves in the end. We also see men seeking redemption, reconciliation in which some may fail and some may actually succeed.

The characters shown on the screen attributed with the above characteristics would seem clichéd; watched umpteen numbers of times that will disinterest your movie watching experience but the act of our Couple (Jackie & Shefali) and their performances in Brothers was nothing like seen before because each emotional scene was filled up with such depth of emotions that even considering to pretend to experiencing it alone would literally swirl you down into depression.

In most movies when a character acts as a drunkard he hams like anything, but Jakie don’t in Brothers. He puts himself in his shoes and behaves exactly the way he behaves when he is drunk. He don’t act as drunkard, he lives it, he has mirrored his real life behavior in reel life. He has not shown any reluctance or resilience to put up a performance as drunkard with I don’t care attitude, a drunkard with no attitude at all or a drunkard who is not in control of his actions & aggressions. He does exactly what a drunkard would do in a given situation with an uncompromisable egoism & male chauvinism. He has given a stellar performance of his life, infact he has lived it.

Now let me come back to the main lead and pair of the film, i.e, Akshay (David) and Jacqueline (Jenny). Their journey from lovebirds to a settled family is captured mesmerizingly and their beautiful bonding of emotions, expressions of their love & care for each other, sharing the burden of painful suffering of their child could be literally seen through their eyes. The words shared between them are scarce but the essence of love & care displayed is infinitely present in the atmosphere between the two. Their beautiful bonding and Chemistry seen in the movie Brothers is one of the finest ever. The subtlety, the innocence, the purity in their love & affections towards each other leaves you intoxicated.

For me Sidharth (Monty Fernandes) was someone who is not meant to be in the life of Jackie’s family or in the movie but he is there in their life as well as in the movie and that’s how it should be when it meant to be as such. He is excellent as a guy who lost someone whom he loved dearly twice, walking in the path of oblivion without any direction or aim like as if he was forced to be born in to the world to live a life of unknown.

What I didn’t like was Karan Malhotra’s partiality towards Akshay. Akshay’s fights are best choreographed, he looked stronger and better fighter than Sid (whom he was supposed to be if not technically but physically) and his fights didn’t leave any impact on my mind to actually endorse the atmosphere built up around him in the movie. The whole fight scene becoming an instant hit and going viral looked forced and deliberate. It was the weakest point in the movie along with first fight scene of Sid where the opponent is doped into long lasting sleep with pinch of punch :P.

Every fight scene of Akshay in the ring is fantastically choreographed that have never been seen before in Bollywood.

The First half is a Masterpiece, A Classic and benchmark for films to be made in future. It should not be missed at any cost. The Second Half should be a benchmark for all the upcoming action movies and to the action directors. This movie has so many scenes that are Extraordinary & grandeur in its own size, Mighty to be recreated again onscreen, wonderful and sensational.
Melodious songs elevate the ‘already set mood’ into fantasy that every lovebird dreams to endure in real life. The song played during the time of Training boosts up your manhood setting adrenaline rush almost like I can hear my blood rushing through my veins.

This movie deserved 5/5 had not Karan Malhotra been partial. Its 4.5/5 – Highly Recommended!!!

Brothers Movie Review – FS

  1. Ritz 7 years ago

    Looks like another classic like Dhoom3.

    …that was in jest. Personally I feel, we tend to like certain things in movie and praise it. But when we revisit it again we know how ridiculous they are.

    I have seen very few critics like Sputnik, who judge movie in an apt way and dont get carried away.

    But then who cares…as long as u enjoy a movie (even once) its fine .

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      ha ha

      Thanks for the compliment but I have been wrong a few times too.

      Sometimes we might like a movie more because of the atmosphere or for nostalgic reasons or just because we had fun while watching with friends.

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