Khiladi 786 Movie Review by Anupama Chopra

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    shahid khan 8 years ago

    The film is an awesome one. Akshay Kumar it his level best great masala comedy a must watch.

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    whats wrong with Akshay?

    Really? This question arises lots of time In Mind & It brings toward forcely Think. Yes we are talking about his recent venture which have arrived at Big Screen with 5th time named Khiladi786. Akshay Kumar back WithIn 9 Month of Spame of his 5th release Khiladi786, So People was expecting another 100+cr from him[Including Me] , Specially his Loyal fans,But reality was Something else. Movie’s fake hype had created by Some Exhibitor & some Trade analyst In last 1-2 weeks, But when had released on 7th dec,the Collection was Very below to Expection. Why??? Lets find :

    1- Akshay Kumar released his 5th Movie in this which too Much Facing for General Audience,they felt bored to watch same Actor again & again at Big Screen.

    2- I think It was wrong time For Movie release Specially for Masala gener, because One Big Movie already had arrived i.e SOS & next Big Blockbuster Movie sequal is Coming after Khiladi786,so Venture is looking Pissed between these two.
    3- Peopld already watched K786 type movid before 3 week i.e SoS, so It was too boring experience for Him.
    4- When movie’s 1st look Poster Out & Scripted by Himesh, people thinked bad for Film.

    Solution For Future :

    1- firstly He should try to do atleast 2 movies per Year[Max 3] For Put better Boxoffice Numbers & superb faith in Audience.
    2- Akshay Kumar shouln’t Try to do Very Hard for Recent form of gener

    3-He should try to change alternate gener of Movie to got the faith Of Audience.

    4- If Akshay wants to release more movies Per year ,than he can try as a Producer.

    PS : As An Akshay Kumar Fan, I’m little dissapointed from him, but Hope he’ll do least above mentioned things & Next Year Only 3 Movies will release i.e S26 ,BoSS & OUTIAM2. Thankx !

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    Aditya007 8 years ago

    sputnik, please Can U post My view?

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