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jai hoJai Ho is a movie that showcases the same thing what is being showcased from past 100 years or so that there is always a Hero, a Heroine, a Villian, a Sister and a Mother with innumerable other characters. Salman Khan is the Hero of the film and so he kicks each and everyone who stands as a villain in the script. Villain does all the evil acts knowingly he’ll be kicked one day by the Hero. Mother always worried of his Son’s marriage, sister always cries out for her brother and all the supporting actors intentionally or unintentionally praises out the Hero with slogans like “Jai Ho”.

There are so many instances in the film that reminds you of the previous title of the film called “Mental”.  I think they should have gone with the previous title instead of “Jai Ho”. Sohail Khan had a very good opportunity to make it one of the finest films of Salman Khan but unfortunately ruined everything with overdose of action, irritating quote like “thank you mat kehna instead teen logon ki madad karna” and all the clichéd emotional scenes. The comical scenes had no humor, the action does not excite you, the emotions scenes are too rotten and too many known faces for small bits and pieces roles just projects the film as a community show or a charity show instead of a “Movie”.

In most of Salman Khan’s films, if there is too much of action, there will be few good scenes here and there or some humorous scenes but in this I could hardly recall any. If first half is torturous then second half is suffocating. No doubt the film’s response is so low. If Salman Khan don’t rectify his mistakes immediately like postponing “Kick” and doing Sooraj Bharjatya’s first then he’ll hardly have any audience for very big numbers at boxoffice. Enough of Charity, let him have clarity is my wishes to Salman Khan.


  1. sputnik 10 years ago

    Looks like you hated it.

    • Author
      filmygyani 10 years ago

      Spoiler Alert:

      Just like Akshay smashes the bonnet of jeep, Salman punches the bonnet of Lamborgini & the rear end bounces off lol. In climax fight, the medical ambulance doesnt start, he kicks the rear end of the ambulance & it starts. People sitting around me were laughing their lungs out & saying even in south remakes they just pull off goons bashing stunts but in bollywood, heroes are now a days smashing vehicles lol.

      Salman is jailed and police asks tabu to find a good lawyer. People around me instead looking at the options Tabu has, they were guessing which actor would now perform the lawyer role. It was a laugh riot for me.

      Home ministers son-in-law with 100 other hooligans comes police station to butcher Salman & instead gets beaten up by Salman but funny part is those 100’s of hooligans gets scared and run off leaving the son-in-law in no mans land. The police also gets scared to arrest him later lol.

      The confrontations with Denny was the only good thing abt the film and he does an excellent job just like in his previous movies.

      One scene between Mahesh Manjerekar & that drunkard was excellent but very short. That scene actually makes you very emotional.

      Rest everything is CRAP

  2. 10 years ago

    Perfect review. These brothers Arbaaz and Suhail are going to finish Salmaan. I feel if action was less, more people (families) would have gone for it which is not the case now. There may be big drop during week days.

  3. aryan 10 years ago

    Most of my friends saying its a time waste movie.

  4. Manish 10 years ago

    Maybe Multiplex ppl are nt liking it bt seeing the SS figures iam sure SS ppl are liking it maybe not as much as Dabangg Bt still…. ( Though SS sustenance will be known by today’s figures as SS break late always )

    Nothing can happen to Kick till its an eid release ….

    Festival period / Extended weekend always give a boost of 30-40 % and mostly films sail through in suchg periods …

    I think its his prior commitment as he will be doing no entry mein entry , Sooraj bar jatya and Kabir khan movie after kick …all in different genre.. and he himself said as masala genre will go down pretty soon so many times

  5. Author
    filmygyani 10 years ago

    Relief for Salman Khan in Hit and Run Case


  6. dwnpiyush 10 years ago

    I think FS you always bestow extra hate on Salman movies. Is it because you expect the best from him, or is it because you want to find favor with the intellectual (or the seemingly intellectual) crowd?

    This is hardly a review, it is more like a diatribe. I am not saying that you cannot hate this movie. But I find it really hard to believe that you found nothing much to appreciate in the film, despite it being all about Salman Khan and his performance and his intentions, and this despite you being a Salman fan from what I know.

    My view is that it could have been a lot better, but even in its present form it is a solid film with some really intense action scenes and confrontations, a nice (though simplistic) message, and honest intentions. It is a film that is meant for mass consumption and communicates in a simple language with the common people.

    The low response is not because of content, in my view, but because of shoddy production values, charity parts (like you pointed out), stale music, dry release period, unappealing female lead, overexposure of Salman on TV, and very ineffective promos.

    • Author
      filmygyani 10 years ago

      Yes, I do expect the best of him in each and every movie of his and most of the time I get disappointed, so is it my fault to expect best of him?

      What do you mean by getting favor from intellectual crowd? Who are they? Can you name a few?

      This is my take, not a review (I don’t know to write review, i.e Fenil’s and Sanket’s passion) but a my brief take on the movie.

      No, I didn’t find anything special in it. He is doing the same thing in all his previous 7-8 movies barring one or two. It is a charity show for Sohail Khan with a social message “3 log theatre jao aur sohail ki jeb bharo”. He is taking his fans for a ride to 80’s to feed his family members and that is mean.

      He has got overconfident with his recent hits and why not, media also started pumping him as the blockbuster khan for years now. If he continues the same path, he will be the first one to fade from the three khans.

      He is aged now and he should stop doing actions or else he should find Rajnikanth type of fans to survive another 4-5 years in TOP

      • shan 10 years ago

        Well said FS and totally agree on the following :

        Yes, I do expect the best of him in each and every movie of his and most of the time I get disappointed.

  7. shan 10 years ago

    What a truly terrible movie! Watched it on youtube. It may still be up on the link below. Terrible direction, bad acting, cringeworthy dialogues, and boring to the core! Salman tries hard to bring some excitement and credibility to the proceedings but is saddled with a serious character that takes itself too seriously. A couple of scenes are okay – like where Salman suggests the idea and the one between Mahesh Manjarekar and the drunkard, but that is hardly 5 mins of the movie. Tabu is competent. Nadira Babbar is so irritating and has the worst dialogues! Sudesh Lahiri track is bad. Daisy Shah is no heroine material. That whole pinky-chota chooha track was pathetic and inappropriate (same level as the kid in Ra.One saying Condom Condom), although the kid Naman Jain acts well. Songs are poor. Production values are shockingly low! Sohail Khan spoils the movie completely with his direction. The whole movie is formulaic and doesnt manage to even do formula well. It is neither entertaining, nor well-made. If they had avoided all the over-the-top action scenes and the unnecessary comedy, it could at least have been a mediocre but focused social msg movie. The good intentions are visible, but the bad execution cannot be overlooked. A director like Rajkumar Hirani would have made this into gold, but then Salman wouldnt have worked in the movie, coz in his own words, he doesnt do good movies, only hit movies. 🙂 Soon, he will be doing only flop movies if he carries on like this.

  8. Dhamaka 10 years ago

    Just because of this guy Sohail i was not interested a bit in this film. how can one forget his atrocious Hello Brother . Now salman should keep him miles away from his brothers he has already done alot for them now its time to do work in big projects with some Big director.

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