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Considered as the Finale or the final chapters of the Avenger Series, it is the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the only film of this century that has garnered such a Huge demand in domestic as well as International Markets. Fans, especially the kids and teenagers are awaiting its release with baited breath and fortunately I was able to watch the movie couple of days earlier than the International Release.

The Movie is 3 hours long but believe me it is too short to cover such as vast ensemble cast and package all their stories into it within the stipulated time. I believe that the movie should have been made into two parts. Why I feel this way? Let me explain it to you. There are certain parts of the movie where you feel they are trying to build up the story and later you realize that they just dragged it and there are other scenes in the movie where you feel it is being done hastily before we the audience could sink in the gravity of the scene or the moments resulting the emotional scenes as bland. Now why would they even consider building up the story as Avengers Infinity Wars had already set the stage for the Finale? Everyone who has watched the prequel to Endgame only wants to know how these Heroes will make things right and how emotionally they have been affected.

If they had made it in two parts then every character would have shined like in Infinity War but here even the main characters fail to make an impact. There are jokes here and there but they aren’t enough. There are too many unnecessary, silly scenes that only consume time and nothing else. I believe after watching the Endgame, every fan will agree that Infinity Wars is the best movie of the Franchise. If you recall Captain America – Civil War then it reminds you of the brilliant action choreography because most of it is done in the daylight as against the dark creepy VFX settings like most of the other Superhero flicks. Even the Infinity War triumphs in the Grand Battle because everything was done in daylight. Those scenes looks real compared to the dark graphics. I was Very disappointed with the Finale 8 -10 mins of Grand Battle of Endgame, it was similar to Aquaman.

My opinion may sound bit negative but its not, you will definitely enjoy the movie and there are some good moments including is a moment where you may get heartbroken, I mean literally if you are a Marvel Fan. It is one of the most heartbreaking emotional scenes ever in a Superhero Flick because of its impact. Go watch it and enjoy but go with lower expectations so that you can enjoy more.


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  1. sputnik 5 years ago

    Thanks for the review @FS.

    I have watched only Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther from the Marvel Cinematic universe and I am not really a fan of superhero movies but heard that there is a lot of craze for Avengers Endgame.

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