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Happy_New_Year_Poster_(2014_film)When you go for a movie, you go with the hope to get entertained, thoroughly enjoy, come out with smiling faces and Happy New Year exactly does that. It’s thoroughly entertaining, witty and totally paisa vasool movie and you will come out with smiling faces. We all know what is the story of the movie, we all know there is no secret in the movie, we also know that this is mindless entertainment and we also know that it is somewhat inspired from couple of Hollywood movies but in spite of these “we know things”, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie with my family.

We all know how good the movie “Chak De India” is and how brilliantly Srk performed but one thing I observed that whenever there are any dialogue deliveries related to the country or patriotism, his voice tone gets Hindustani from filmy and ignites some kind of fire, magic, passion and love for the country within. His speech from “Filmfare” award on “best personality award”, his speech and dialogues of the movie” Chak de India”, his emotional and heartrending dialogues of “Swadesh” and a small but stirring dialogue of HNY during the last dance enraptures you completely.

Now let me tell you about the performances and I would like to start with “Boman Irani & Abhishek Bachchan’s” deadly comic duo but if you want to segregate the performance based on individual than you can’t decide which actor was better in the two. The next best was the team’s (all actors together specially in the first half of the film) enthralling performances followed by “Srk”, “Deepika”, “Sonu” and 50gm ka paneer as the Leading actors. On the other hand, Jackie Shroff was looking fab as villain and he justified his role without much hazzle or show off.

Farah Khan is brilliant in direction and her direction was best in the first half of the movie. Some of the scenes are rib tickling and in continuation which does affect your stomach and the team has done an exceptionally brilliant job in the comic department. They were absolutely hilarious in most of the comic scenes only due to their timing and expressions. Overall the Movie is Fantastic. 4/5

Wish you all a very Happy New Year as well!


  1. sputnik 7 years ago

    Thanks for the review FS.

    Looks like you loved it and this is very surprising.

  2. cr7 7 years ago

    The most surprising HNY review I’ve read .Of all people I’ve never expected FS to like it .

  3. shezad 7 years ago

    same here.
    FS was not at all interested by hny

    btw, saw it last night, like it, some funny scene , and very good character especially srk boman and abhishek

    for me action and emotion was missing

  4. Author
    FS 7 years ago

    As an audience if you are laughing throughout the movie, your family enjoying more than you and moreover whole theater was bursting out with laughter then what would you call such a movie?

    • AAP 7 years ago

      One review said if you love SRK or if you love Dubai – you will like this film. Is the later the case with you to like this? 😛 (just kidding)

      • Author
        FS 7 years ago

        The opening scene is taken out from New Year Celebration of Dubai. There was record breaking 1 hour firework show and its out of this world and they have shown some exotic locations of Dubai but that’s all to do with production values. The movie is laugh riot in first half and last half an hour of second half is very good too. The emotional quotient is not over exaggerated, nor Srk hams during those scenes.

        Deepika has some good moves and dances pretty well. She looks million buck in some of the scenes.

        • shezad 7 years ago

          the opening scene looks great on screen

          and yeah first half have plenty of comic scene

          boman with his mother, jag , mohini english probleme ect…

  5. AAP 7 years ago

    It is notable that BOI is now absconding to give regional breakup and also overseas number. Though overseas numbers come on Monday mostly from BOI, not giving the breakup region-wise for the first day speaks a lot. 😀

    • AAP 7 years ago

      Also it is notable that no of Komal Nahta/ Taran Adarsh or no “Official” has given overseas number for the first day so far !!

  6. cr7 7 years ago

    Agree with your review .The comedy scenes worked for me big time . Enjoyed it .

  7. hithere 7 years ago

    Except the climax the movie was poor for me. Even the last part of climax was difficult for me to digest. It seems many scenes were stitched together as filler with no purpose.

  8. Nilda 7 years ago

    @sputnik- where’s ur review of HNY?

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      Have not watched it yet. What about you @nilda. Have you watched it and did you like it?

      • Nilda 7 years ago

        Ya I saw.. Did not like it. Same old spoofs Comedy scenes did not work for me. Agree with Hithere’s views on the movie.

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