“Airlift” is a Masterpiece, Brilliance & one of a Kind. 5/5 – FS

AirliftAs we all know by now that India carried out the Greatest Human Evacuation in History saving more than 170000 Indians with 488 flights in 59 days. An Operation such as this in itself is a Proud moment for Indians no doubt and to justify its recreation on Big Cinema is no less than a Challenge. It not only accepts the challenge but stands out on par with the best of the best Hollywood movies ever made based on true events. I can proudly say that “Airlift” is one of the Greatest Movie I have ever seen in Hindi Cinema and it would be in my list of Top 10 Movies of All Time.

The scenes directed by Menon in Airlift after Iraq invaded Kuwait are as real as they can get. First 20 minutes are absolutely The Best 20 minutes you will ever see in Indian Cinema. The cinematography is one of the Best; indeed, it changes the whole dimension of Indian audience’s perspectives. The movie is visually rich and enchanting, looks as though shot on a very high budget with stunning artistic works on war, invasion and Crisis.

The husband and wife’s relation depicted in the beginning of this movie is exactly the same as seen in many usual couples. They love each other but they do argue sarcastically every now and then which is bit irritating for the present audience.

There are so many Excellent scenes in the movie that it becomes difficult to choose one. The creativeness in recreation of invaded Kuwait is purely Genius’s work of Art. Salute to him as he made it look like a real event caught on documentary, Unbelievable.

I was never so much inspired by any movie such as this. This is a Landmark movie in Bollwood which should only inspire the creation of many more such movies in coming years.

Nimrat did her job with utmost honesty & sincerity to the character without looking for any credit for her character in the movie. Her argument with Prakash Belawadi was Fantabulous and Spontaneous.

I would definitely applaud Prakash Belawadi as he was kind of smile in between on the saddest and darkest faces. Purab Kohli was brilliant in his short act. It’s remarkable that these two guys made an impact in 10-15 mins of screen time with their impeccable performances.

This is Akshay Kumar’s Best Movie ever and his Best Performance in his Entire Career. He has gained huge respect from me doing this movie and I am sure from many other Audiences as well. Henceforth I will always look forth to his upcoming movies as he has turned the tide in his favor by delivering better & better movies every year consistently.

I never remained in a theatre till the end credits roll on, I use to walk away to avoid rush but this time my family and 3 other Indian families in theatre remained till the last credit rolls were up. (last three as I watched this movie in its third week’s weekday). The Vande Mataram Chant dispensed electrifying Goosebumps all over the body and they remained till I walked out of theatre. The last song is so beautiful, sentimental and patriotic that you yearn for more even after it stops playing. A huge respect for Akshay Kumar and Raja Menon from me, simply Awesome.

All in all, “Airlift” is a Masterpiece, Brilliance & one of a Kind. 5/5

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  1. cr7 6 years ago

    I disagree with what you said . But a very well written review. heartfelt and honest .

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