Akshay is the top star since 2007

Akshay Kumar is top star since 2007 if we take total net of successful films since 2007. 2007 is a game changer and Akshay with one hit, 2 super hits, 1 blockbuster became top star. He continued to remain on top by having the biggest box office impact and generating most revenue of successful films. A successful film is a film which is atleast average.

Total net of successful films


2007 -Namastey London – 36cr, Heyy Baby – 51cr, bhool Bhuliaya – 54cr, Welcome – 75cr Total – 217cr
2008 – Tashan – 27 cr(50cr if released in multiplexes), SIK – 74cr – Total – 101cr
2009 – KI – 51cr, DDD – 50cr
2010 – Housefull – 73cr, TMK – 63cr – Total – 136cr
2011 – Thank you – 46cr, Desi Boyz – 50cr – Total – 96cr
Akshay’s total net – 651cr

Salman Khan
2007 – Partner – 62cr
2008 – None
2009 – Wanted – 62cr
2010 – Dabangg – 140cr
2011 – Ready – 122cr, BG – 142cr Total – 264cr

Salman’s Total net – 528cr

Shahrukh Khan

2007 – CDI – 63cr, OSO – 79.5cr – total – 142.5 cr
2008 – RNBDJ – 82.5cr
2010 – MNIK – 69cr
2011 – Don 2 – 105cr

Shahrukh Khan Total net – 399cr

Aamir Khan

2007 – TZP – 62cr
2008 – Ghajini – 115cr
2009 – 3I – 202.5 cr

Aamir’s total net is 379.5cr

Hrithik Roshan

20008 – JA – 58cr
2011 – ZNMD – 90cr
2012 – AP- 120cr

Hrithik’s total net – 268cr

So Akshay’s total box office impact is bigger than all others.I have made a few changes to BOI, like changing Tashan from below average to above average.

MNIK is 69cr and not 73cr. Ra1 has not been included as its a flop. I have made changes based on my own analysis.

  1. Author
    sunil 9 years ago

    If there is any discrepency in gross please let me know.

  2. Baba Ji 9 years ago

    sunil – on yearly total gross basis for each star,barring 2007 akshay is not even in the picture for top.And it is not wise to include tashan in the gross while not accounting the losses it made.Same for KI,DDD,TMK,TY,DB etc.BOI verdicts as everyone knows is a joke.
    And in anycase the total gross theory flops bcos it doesnt take the costs into picture.Absolute gross doesnt mean much.

  3. hithere 9 years ago

    I agree with Sunil.Akshay is the Kinnng, rest are Jokers! He has given rozi-roti to more people than so called superstars.

  4. asif 9 years ago

    kitna ghatiya hisab kitab banaya hai. 100 filme release kara dete to total aur bhi jyada hota.
    aapko maloom hai Aksay kumar ki aaj tak kisi bhi year koi bhi film top par nahi rahi to bhala
    aksay kumar top par kaise pahuch gaya.

  5. Author
    sunil 9 years ago

    Baba,Tashan will be included.Its a profit maker.And in 2010 Akshay is second biggest star with Housefull,TMK.
    Salman Khan had a flop in veer before Dabangg.
    Asif,ghatiya hisab star to salman khan hai jiski MAMK gross 8.5 cr hai.
    Ghatiya hisab star hai shahrukh khan jiski dulha mil gaya 4 cr gross hai
    Ghatiya jisab star Aamir khan hai jiski Dhobi Ghat 14.5cr gross hai.

    This post is about total box office impact,and the top grosser of the year happens due to many reasons and that is and not a paramater for stardom.
    Welcome is the biggest grosser of 2007.

  6. asif 9 years ago

    Biggest grosser of 2007
    1 Om Shanti Om 79.4 Blockbuster
    2 Welcome 70.75 Blockbuster
    3 Chak De India 67.7 Blockbuster
    4 Taare Zameen Par 62.5 Super Hit
    5 Partner 61.2 Blockbuster

    Salman, Shahrukh and Amir ki filmo ka gross mat dekhna sunil ji, pagal ho jaonge.

  7. asif 9 years ago

    Biggest grosser of 2010

    1 Dabang 145 ATTB
    2 Golmaal 3 105 Blockbuster
    3 Raajneeti 92.93 Blockbuster
    4 My Name is Khan 72.74 Hit
    5 Housefull 72.07 Hit

    Are Houseful to panchve number par hai. Akshay kumar no. 1 kaise ho gaya?
    aapki sari information aur data galat hai.
    3 Idiots, Gajini, Dabang, Ready and Bodyguard ke bare mein bhi kuch achcha Post kar diya karo.
    Thank You.
    Joker ko aane do dekhte hai.
    Philhal Ek Tha Tiger ka update dekhte raho

  8. Reddemon 9 years ago

    Sunil- why take the selective period and why not the whole career. And what led u to choose the year 2007??

  9. asif 9 years ago

    Salman have 4 life time blockbuster
    Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) 15.00 ATTB
    Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (1994) 69.75 ATTB
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hain (1998) 45.25 ATTB
    Dabang (2010) 145.00 ATTB

    And You see
    EK Tha Tiger bhi All Time Blockbuster two or Three days mein ho jayengi. Aap bata sakte hai itni sari all time blockbuster
    kisi aur actor ki hai?

    Akshay kumar ki to pure carrier me ek bhi all time blockbuster nahi hai.
    to Akshay Kumar No. 1 kaise ho gaya?

  10. sunil 9 years ago

    asif,dont quote BOI.The real numbers are different.You know the meaning of ATBB?
    reddemon,I choose 2007 because Akshay really became top star in that year.
    If you want to take whole careers ,then I can compare entire career.

  11. Prerna 9 years ago

    Umm, why have you omitted the collections of Billu(Barber) from Shah Rukh’s collection? And why haven’t you included overseas figures? If you’re only concerned with how much money a movie makes, then shouldn’t ALL the money be counted? If you count overseas figures as well, Ra.one won’t be considered a flop!

  12. Author
    sunil 9 years ago

    Ra1 is flop even if overseaas is included.Billu is flop anyway.Overseas wont be included in star ranking.The purpose of this post is that the total box office impact of a star is important in star ranking and not biggest grosser.The top grosser of the year has no importance.In Hollywood,this is the way stars are ranked.There are genre based hits which cant be attributed to stars which wont be inclcuded.The total net of Akshay’s films is the highest.

  13. asif 9 years ago

    Sunil Babu
    Aap mujhse All Time Blockbuster ke bare me puch raho ho
    Kal Taran Adarsh aur Komal Nahta se puchonge
    Kamal ke ho yaar aap bhi
    jo akshay kumar pe suit karta hai wo data utha lete ho ye Hollywood nahi hai bhai.
    Ye Hindustan ka bollywood hai. Yaha Salman Shahrukh Amir Hritik and Ajay Devgan bhi hai
    aur ye sab Akshay Kumar se bade star hai.

  14. Author
    sunil 9 years ago

    Asif,my numbers are well researched.HAHK.Gadar,3I are ATBBs since last 2 decades.I think you understand what I said.
    My parameters are clear.And these parameters will be accepted later by all.

  15. Suprabh 9 years ago

    I like Sunil’s commentary..

    ITs like the congress (UPA) government….

  16. Author
    sunil 9 years ago

    What nonsense suprabh.Dont compare me with them.

  17. Suprabh 9 years ago

    Sunil πŸ™

    But congress is also in power since 2007

  18. KM 9 years ago

    hahahah good joke, made me laugh – go ask the public who they think is no.1 and it surely won’t be Akshay. By the way BOI has ra.one as a hit so don’t make up your own agenda.

    once again good joke

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