Sanket’s Review: Mary Kom is promising one-time watch

Mary-Kom-movie-onlineLength: 124 minutes approximately
Director: Omung Kumar
Star Cast: Priyanka Chopra.
Indian biopics have always had the distinction of making them as mixed up as possible. The ‘masala’ factor is something that drives most of the films made in the country. In “Mary Kom”, an entertaining drama film, the audience is so much hooked up to its climax, utilizing cinematic liberties unapologetically, that the film finishes on a good note despite erroneous handling of situations in some parts of the film.

The film starts with flashbacks and nicely switches on to present although the use of flashback never felt required. So, without investing much time in childhood portions, which most of the film in this genre tend to fall far, “Mary Kom” transports immediately to this lady who is uncontrollably waiting to box and is willing to convince her parents. The problem in the film is its too linear at times and the depths of emotions are pretty flat for audience. The initial boxing games happen in such quick spans that its like you-blink-you-miss. For a film that’s accounting of India’s sportswoman, the major light of the fight should have been the boxing games rather than only dramatic twists in the film. Although, the surprising cheeky humour in the film nicely fits into conversations and it gives the character strong textural values. The virago-esque nature of Mary comes across with ease.

The film shifts its tone nicely post-intermission and picks a flight. The proceedings feel brisk and equally engaging. The scene where Mary ties her two kids back is one of the high points of the film and is added with smart back-up dialogue for the scene. The intensity in the film does feel real at portions, especially the training ones. The climax, as discussed earlier, is supremely entertaining despite the fact that writer has manipulatively interwoven two dramatic portions, including the final box game, just to add to the drama. That climax reminds you of “Fashion”.

The writing has lots of fictions which is evident from the way they are handled in the film. Although the points have to be given for some sharp dialogues that sometimes change the momentum at many places. The songs are not really breaking the pace of the film because all arrives at some significant point in the film and are effectively used to push the story ahead.

Priyanka Chopra emerges life of the film. Although facially its hard to digest her as a Manipuri girl, but her language and her posture brings immense authenticity to the film. She’s so much with energy and subtlety that its hard to not take her seriously. Also she kills it when it comes to pre-climax banter with federation member, although that is the “Chak De India” moment of the film.

Rest all actors do get to do their bit well. Mary’s coach is excellent in his few little scenes although there are not many dialogues for him to mouth.

A little more real and ingenious writing and some more in-depth detailing would have done accurate justice to innumerable victories of our real life Mary Kom. Yet, for what the film is, it’s a really well made film and there are strong efforts to bring in the Manipur flavour, which seldom any film has done as effectively as this one does. Priyanka Chopra displays fantastic amount of talent and energy and infuses life in each scene. Although the story settles in place more easily than what it happened in real life, and thus lack of real feel of the film, but the final boxing game, Mary’s cheerfulness and non-relinquishing nature does put the film in right spot. Not a film that you’ll remember after 5-6 years down the line, yet, a promising one-time watch.

Rating- 3/5

  1. sputnik 10 years ago

    So its a masala movie as expected.

  2. dhary 10 years ago

    Superb best movie i have seen this year priyanka is a revelation she is too awesome n excels in her role of mary kom

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