Sanket’s Review: Main Tera Hero is your watch-and-forget kitchen fun

mth2Cast: Varun Dhawan, Ileana D’cruz, Nargis Fakhri, Anupam Kher, Arunoday Singh, Rajpal Yadav.

Director: David Dhawan

Length: 2hrs and 5 mins approx

The platform is set forever when it’s a David Dhawan film- and ensemble cast filled with wicked and witty characters, one out of them has some weird physical expression, some has physical illness etc. And there is where the humor is derived from even in MAIN TERA HERO which is a faithful addition to Dhawan’s school of film-making which is your regular watch-and-forget kitchen fun.

There is not much to seek for narration here as every actor in the film has single point agenda- be as funny as ever. And for that, Dhawan ensures he sells his film in over-exploited way of comedy. But what marks a point here are the fresh dialogues and terrific lead performance. So one after the other scene is set for you to laugh out loud and those scenes are not necessarily in cohesion and straightness. A better screenplay and good editing day could have saved the film from tiring scenes like the introduction scene of Arunoday Singh who wants to have a command over his anger, or also like Shakti Kapoor part in latter half of the film. Yet, despite clichés in abundance, there is still enough joy intact to the film’s overall packaging- there are shocking twists, there are delicious dance numbers, there are hotties around, there are sharp wit-driven dialogues and then there is the major ace in form of Varun Dhawan. These things bind together the film in a way that doesn’t let you go uncomfortable with the scenes.

Although one definitely wishes that an unfunny Arunoday Singh’s part was reduced to half or lesser. He hams in every second and even his physical and facial humor is inappropriate. Such small negatives do hamper the overall film as Arunoday Singh has good enough screen time. Also one wishes Rajpal Yadav, a magnificent talent we all are aware of, was given meatier role to play to his boundary.

MAIN TERA HERO has songs jumping from all sides, yet one never complaints. The songs are fantastically executed and the tunes are too catchy even if you try and forget them. But one of the biggest plusses of the film has to be the dialogues which cannot be dumb down just for the sake of it. There is smartness that reflects in Milap Zaveri’s dialogues which plays crucial player of most of comedies. David Dhawan is a man who knows how to extract winning performance from his lead movie star. David Dhawan also manages to make the film watchable and enjoyable despite its derivative type of story-telling. Quite seldom does a film shows sparks of freshness even in antiquated template.

Varun Dhawan is so easy on eyes in MAIN TERA HERO that its surprising to see him being able to pull through with such zing in his performance. And mind you, its just his second film. The confidence put out there by the actor is a revelation to witness. His buffoonery, goofy yet charming boy portrayal sucks you in the film totally when he is present. Although the girls doesn’t really have much to do here apart from wearing suggestive designer clothes, delivering the ordinary lines and maintaining the sexiness throughout the run time. Saurabh Shukla helps the film have some good laughs and so does Rajpal Yadav whose prowess isn’t wholly realized in the film.

It’s a good weekend watch with your friends, but yes, that is only if you have been a fan of Dhawan’s pronounced and loud comedy and if you are still ready to take them. It is not a great comedy, far from it, but yet it manages to put fun on screen. A worthy time-pass!

Rating – 3/5


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