Sanket’s Review: Gabbar is Back

Gabbar-Is-Back-Poster Cast: Akshay kumar, Shruti Hassan, Sunil grover
Director: Krish
Length: 130 minutes

A plot that’s milked time and again, a narration that isn’t path-breaking, and a hero who is here to flush away all the corruption – yes, this pretty much suffices the overview of “Gabbar is Back”. But yet, there’s something really striking about the film’s intent that chews away some of the problems that the film suffers from. The film gives a very interesting account of a common man’s anger that turns out into an outrage resulting into menacing avenge against the corruption that is taking place every day, every second.

“Gabbar is back” thrives on some terrific moments which give the film an energetic tone. The first half nicely establishes the plot including the one of a constable played by Sunil Grover. Although a particular episode constructed in a Hospital robs away all the applause of the film. Although one has to deal with some slow paced scenes and interrupting song sequence that creates restlessness.

The second half is a mix of some heartening moments like that sudden outrage of a constable or Akshay’s playfulness against the villains and also some overdone sequences like the final 5 minutes. Also the uninteresting item song did by Chitrangada leaves no impact.

The only song that is likeable is the one filmed on Kareena and Akshay. The action in the film is largely good because of its realistic approach although the “bounce” scene looked silly. The dialogues penned by Rajat Arora are good enough.

Akshay Kumar plays his part well. Apart from few scenes where he did try hard, his character felt very enjoyable and yet heartfelt. Sunil Grover gets a juicy role that shall connect with hoi polloi and also gets clap-trap sequences. Shruti Hassan has good presence but her dialogue delivery sounded imperfect.

To put things into perspective, “Gabbar is Back” is watchable but not thoroughly enjoyable because of lot of pretentious heroism towards the end and also the uneven pacing in second half. But a onetime watch won’t bother you if you know what you are heading for.

Rating – 2.5/5

  1. Shruti 8 years ago

    Its high time Akshay Kumar, realises what movies he should pick and what movies he should leave, eventhough he is a notable actor and being a very big fan of his acting and movie selection ( Special 26, Holiday etc. ), I feel he is losing his charm, expecting a lot from him.

    Well written review, the movie disappointed me too! 🙁

    • Naveen 8 years ago

      The film is carrying excellent WOM. Feedback to the film has been heartwarming and Alshay Kimar is credited to do films that are meaningful and contemporary. Hats off to him for his choices like Baby, Holiday, S26, OMG, Rathore etc. he is mixing it really well.
      His strategy to release 3-4 movies that generates 300-350 Cr nett is now getting recognised. In one of the recent article in Aaj Tak Hindi editorial, he was hailed as Baap of Bollywood box office.
      His movie choice is getting him a cult fan following now.

      So Shruti, your concerns are not adhered to reality. Why don’t you go and watch this superb movie before typing lose comments like this. Atleast see the public reaction video of this movie posted in this forum.

  2. sameer 8 years ago

    This is a dangerous film. Yes, dangerous for the corrupt.

    Gabbar is a powerful film.This movie has the iconic Gabbar stamp all over in but is also so contemporary. It is ironic that someone could adapt the iconic name of Gabbar to a south remake and come up with an all Indian massy, zany, adrenalin rushing film which is also making your think, react and pick up the mantel of an activist.

    Superstar Akshay Kumar has reintroduced Gabbar to Bollywood, and to the world, and I think only he could. Akki is the soul of the film and has nailed the character brilliantly and given a powerhouse performance.

    The film is a winner because of him, the tight on the leash direction by Krish,the taut editing, music, background music and also the production values courtesy Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Shabina Khan. Shruti Hassan is lovely in her act and is convincing. Sunil Grover has done a great job.Suman Talwar and Jaideep Alahwat are also fantastic. Even Chitrangada Singh is very sensual. Kareena Kapoor believe me has never looked so beautiful recently. Songs add to the proceedings and are good. Action is just super. On the whole a tight, massy, contemporary, patriotic, timely and fantastic, entertaining movie…

    Kudos to the team of Gabbar you guys have a winner on your hands. Don’t miss this one absolute entertainer which gives a message also.

  3. sameer 8 years ago

    It is an absolutely dangerous film. Just imagine if after watching the well made film some in the audience is carried away by the message conveyed by their favourite hero and take to vigilantism in a violent way. Or can it be called communism? I think there was a time when a name inspired fear in the minds of the corrupt and the rich. The name was of a famous don.

    I loved the well enacted, tautly directed, tightly edited film. But I wonder what will happen if we take to anarchy and violence to correct all problems.
    Arvind Kejriwal says doing dharna is the only way. He didn’t like the way Akki tackles the problem of corruption.

    I think the only way is the Gandhian way to deal with any problem politically. Or is it?

    The film is food for thought.

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