Sanket’s Review : Ghayal Once Again

Ghayal Once Again Ghayal Once Again is a kind of a film where you pretty much know the ABC of its screenplay and yet you sit in hoping there’s some form of entertainment. The film has that but restricted only to the first half.

The story doesn’t just start with random characters. There’s a lot of reference from its first film that released 2.5 decades ago and one might struggle a bit if he hasn’t followed the first film. But don’t worry, Ghayal doesn’t have any path breaking story and it jumps into the usual revenge drama mould before you know it. I have to admit I was impressed how Sunny lets his story unravel through the characters of 4 young college kids. The entire chase episode inside a shopping mall before interval makes for an edgy ride. You are literally hooting for the 4 kids.

But the film turns on the repeat button in second half. The film just travels in a loop of chase sequences, largely amidst road traffic, and you end up feeling sorry for the sheer amount of cars crashed instead of feeling for the characters. The climax is particularly juvenile given that it drags unendingly without any thrill quotient.

The chase sequence in first half is applause worthy. It literally binds you without letting you breathe. That’s how good it is! But what happened in second half is a staggering mystery.

Sunny deol tries and tries hard to emote through his Expressions and his anger but one literally can’t do anything when the dialogues are so outright outdated and the screenplay is down in dump. Manoj Joshi provides few cheap chuckles in a caricature that we have seen umpteen times.

If its a must, watch this film at a very reasonable ticket price so that you won’t be disappointed if you have to head back home just after the intermission.

Rating : 2/5

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  1. sputnik 7 years ago

    Thanks for the review Sanket.

    It did not look good from the trailer itself.

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