Nikal Gayi Hain Jaan..!!!

NOTE: These are My Comments Written from My FAcebook Status Update…. That’s why the Review will seem Distorted but You guys should get the Flow.

‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’ is Shit in the Name of Cinema…. Utter Crap!

Disgusted, Dissapointed and Angry… πŸ™

I can’t Compose Myself to Review this Movie… I Just Cannot… I just don’t know what to say Exactly…. πŸ™

At this Moment, I am Just Upset…. Upset, Angry and Distraught.

The Only Positives from the Movie are Some Moments in the 2nd Half, Anushka Sharma and the Amazing amazing Camerawork.

I want this One to Flop… FLOP so fucking badly so damn bad….

I dont want no more RA.ONe, MNIK type of Successes… I want a Clear Cut Failure

I Still maintain RA.One is Not a BAD Movie at all…. It’s Noit a BAd Movie.

People Overexpected from RA.One and it failed in that respect..
Still it was a Watchable Movie and had Many Positives going for it.

It was 2.5/5 for me and the failure of RA.One was Not much Heart Breaking.

JTHJ Deserves to Fail

I have No Pre Judges Intentions to Dislike a Movie and that too SRK’s for that matter..

JTHJ had ZERO Passion, ZERO Romance… SOme CHarming Moments can’t save a 3hour Fuckshit.

THe Dialogues…..OMG, I still need to get over those clinched dialogues.

JTHJ had No Passion at all…. Nothing

The SRK-Anushka Moments saved the Movie for me to a lot extent..
And, of coz the SOngs and Cinematography.

Katrina has been the WRONGEST choice possible for this character….

SHe just culdent emote and handle the responsibilities of the character she had to potray
Katrina was Bad…. I have hardly disliked her in movies but she just culdnt handle the Pressure of a Movie like JTHJ…

She is made for MBKD, APKGK stuff…. JTHJ is not for an actress of her calibre

SRK has the Army Samar was Good…. As the London was he was Average.

The two Major Portions i Liked in the Movie were
– SRK and Katrina meeting for the 1st time – Ishq Shava SOng

– ANushka’s making the Documentary Movie in SRK

Except these two Sequences, the rest movie is Utter Crap.

Not even a SINGLE Katrina-Anushka Interaction Sequence was Good

Anushka Saved the Movie with her Quirky act and Dialogues…

That’s how u make ROmace work….. Not like SRk-Katrina were doing.

Sadly, SRK-Anushka track was kept in the cold and kept as a side track…. That amazing track was again sidetracked int eh 2nd part of the 2nd half.

the memory loss angle does not work…. It’s just a CHance to bring katrina back in the movie.

SRK shud have died at the end when they found the 2nd Bomb…. that wud have left their love which dint meet it’s eventual End like GHajini.

But heck no!

The Good Outcome of JTHJ is that SRK-Salman are Friends again

RATING: 1.5/5

  1. Ritz 12 years ago

    Please stop spreading negativity!!

  2. Jasper 12 years ago

    Serenzy you seem to have hated the film.

  3. Author
    Serenzy 12 years ago


    Just try and See the Movie at a Theatre near you at Rs.200+

    If u LOVE this One, I will do anything you say.

    TALAASH is My Most Awaited Movie of the Year…. It’s a Forgone COnclusion that it is a CLassic.

    Khaali Release karni ki deri hain.

    • Shinji 12 years ago


      even talaash can be bad movie.

      i dont think talaash might be that good movie, as

      1) good luck has to fail sometime, aamir has enjoyed too good a luck with scripts.
      2) reema kagti’s first film was comedy.. this is her first thriller.
      3) promos have not impressed me much. they have only made me curious, that’s good not revealing much.

      thus i also think it might be good, but this days u cant rely on anyone in bollywood to make a good movie.

  4. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    serezny – what did i tell you in my review yday πŸ˜€

  5. Author
    Serenzy 12 years ago

    i din’t Read ur Review yestrday Baba… Just had Seen the Rating.

    Noticing the Average WOM Around, I Went with Low Expectations and Still it Managed to Dissapoint.

    One of My Friends Walked Out in the Interval saying that he wants to go to Bandra.
    I Hope He isn’t Lurking Around Land’s End ATM.

    I am Very very Dissapointed Baba ji… Such Mediocre Filmmaking from Yash Chopra,.. I Mean, Yes you have been Praised for Ur Eternal Love Stories[Ironically, I always maintained Darr and DTPH were Craps and VZ though was a Good Effort], but Why Repeat the Same Ol’ Boring Formula?

    If you are a Genius Filmmaker, Give the Audience Something more Realistic, Emotionally Charged Up, Contemptuary Romantic Stories.

    On top of that, a 3hour Run Time.

    and what shit was that… that Deal Making with Sir Jesus and Katrina Blindly Following Such a Belief?

    Srk fixing Bombs at the UK Train Station…Hahahaha!

    • Baba Ji 12 years ago

      thats the problem serenzy. I didnt go to jhtj wiht huge expectations too. who would after watching those promos? I was atleast sure it would be a below average or silly passable flick like ett. I did not write a review for ETT and i wouldnt have written for jhtj too .But jthj is a “masterpiece” in its own right πŸ˜€ . it deserved a review!
      seriously. the script of jhtj and direction is ridiculous beyond belief.

  6. Author
    Serenzy 12 years ago

    Yes Baba,

    Fans Need to Understand that the Script and the Mediocre Songs, Story, Direction and Dialogues are the Major Reasons for JTHJ’s Underperformance.

    Katrina was the Weakest Key of the Movie and so was SRK in that London Avatar.


    In all this Madness, let Me add that the Camera Work and the Locales of Leh, Ladakh and Kashmir were Outstanding and Out of this World.

    Also, I wud Give a Shout Out to Anushka for Being the ‘Soul’ of the Movie and Giving the Movie it’s Life for her Chemistry with SRK.

  7. prashant 12 years ago

    Respect your opinion….
    But for me its definetly a one time watch…Srk was brilliant btr thn his previous outing,kat was surprise package best performance of her n anushka sharma har movie me wahi repeat kar rahi hai nthng new

  8. mate 12 years ago

    From the title, I thought the author has all the praise for Yash ji last EPIC. But slightly moving the scroll bar down, I found it quite opposite.
    Anyway, I have the privilege to watch the movie at last. And my instant impression is also ‘Nikal Gayi Hain Jaan” but in different context, because I am totally blown away after watching this modern day CLASSIC. Once in a decade, I am amazed to watch such a beatiful love story, that’s a sheer poetry on celloloid. This is the kind of movie that you like more on repeat watching. I want to give a standing ovation to cinema genious, Mr. Yash Chopra.
    I have not seen all the movies of Yash ji, but amongst the movies I have watched (includes Deewar, Kabhi Kabhi, Chandni, DTPH, Darr and VZ), this is undoubtly his best work. May GOD his soul rest in peace.

    But surely it’s not everyone cup of tea, so difference in opinions bound to happen. Anyway, I go by 9 out of 10 for this movie.

  9. Author
    Serenzy 12 years ago

    Mate, Baba, Sputnik, Ritz, Aryan, Shinji, FS, Prashant, Shilac and anyone else who cares to comment,

    Which Movie IYO is Shah Rukh’s Best ROMANTIC Outing till date??

    Just Name the Movie please…
    I always Wanted to know.

  10. Author
    Serenzy 12 years ago

    btw, Good to Know you Loved the Movie So Much Mate…
    Last Time, I Felt in Such a Way for Any SRK Romantic Movie was Way back with KHNH.

    Though, It’s about time Now that Shah Rukh Moves Beyond Romance now tbqh.

    • mate 12 years ago

      Thanks bro, to appreciate my appreciation for JTHJ. πŸ˜€

  11. Sneha 12 years ago

    Just back from JTHJ… My Rating 2/5…

  12. Author
    Serenzy 12 years ago

    Haha… Better than Fanaa, RH??

    And Your Fav SRK Romantic Outing??


    In Shetty, We Trust!

    Chennai Express

  13. mate 12 years ago

    “It’s about time Now that Shah Rukh Moves Beyond Romance now…”

    Serenzy bro, it’s not like that SRK did’nt try beyond romance, the thing is that he got most of his success in romance genre as you know. But the fact is that he has done many brilliant movies and deliver outstanding performances in other genres too, but most of them did’nt get their rightful due, as they hide under the cover of BO failure. In the last decade, MNIK, CDI and Swades are considered to be his best performances, out of them only Swades failed at the BO. As a Srk fan, I love Swades and Khan performance as well. But I think it’s a bit over-rated also, thanks to media/movie buffs who praises/defames something according to their β€˜will’. Infact Paheli is a movie that I found better than Swades, it’s one of the finest folk tales I ever watched in Indian Cinema. Asoka, as a whole, was just a mediocre attempt, but one of Khan’s best work, infact If I have to choose the better performance amongst the Asoka, Mangal Pandey and Jodhaa Akbar lead performances, I instantly choose the first infinitely over others.

    Out of his romantic outings, obviously DDLJ is by far his best, though his performance in JTHJ is more subtle and convincing. If I have to rank his romantic movies in your style, πŸ˜‰ then my list will be in that order.
    1) DDLJ – 10/10
    2) Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 9/10
    3) Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa – 9/10
    4) Devdas – 8/10
    5) Kal Ho Na Ho – 8/10
    6) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – 7.5/10

    Non-romantic movies,
    1) Paheli – 10/10
    2) Swades – 9.5/10
    3) CDI – 9/10
    4) Baazigar – 8.5/10
    5) Dil Se – 8.5/10
    6) Don /Don 2 – 8/10
    7) My Name Is Khan – 7.5 /10
    Best Performances,
    1) Chak De India
    2) Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa
    3) Swades
    4) Jab Tak Hai Jaan
    5) DDLJ
    6) My Name Is Khan

  14. prashant 12 years ago

    Kabhi haan kabhi naa…my fav srk movie as well as my fav romantic movie bolly&hollY combined…

  15. prashant 12 years ago

    DIdn’t liked DDLJ that much…
    Masala movies ke is daur me jthj jaisi pure romantic movie ko haters toh milenge he but i hope pyar karne wale zyada milenge….

  16. narad_muni 12 years ago

    Best romantic movie – if you can say so is Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, followed by DDLJ and Kal Ho Na Ho

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