I remember when i first saw the pics of Ranbir , he looked exactly like Neetu Kapoor. Incidentally there is a dialogue in Besharam that also talks about it. Ranbir Kapoor, right from his debut in 2007s Saawariya has never been known for manly aspects. The feminine aspects in his personality could be seen in each of his films , with the exception of Rocket Singh.

In Besharam , it has realized its full potential. If gays were not satisfied by his towel dance in Saawariya, he has a nude shower scene in Besharam with his butt crack not even blurred and just like saawariya, there is no significance for that scene. There is a scene where his partner complains about Ranbir getting an erection every time he sleeps with him on the same bed. In the climax, Rishi tells him “take this gun , kam aayegi” to which Ranbir replies “mujhe iski zarorat nahi, mera kaam pyar se chalta hai” and no, this was not a comedy scene.

I have not seen Anjaana Anjaani but this is Ranbirs worst performance by a mile. Worse, this is his most feminine act. During JTHJ I had said Katrina has regressed to her Boom days, in Besharam Ranbir has regressed to his Saawariya days and undone whatever he had done post Saawariya. He is terribly exposed in just about every department – his hammy acting, outdated clothes, wig, intro dance and the fights.

Rishi and Neetu are equally hammy and irritating in their roles. The herione is the gf of Abhinav Kashyap which explains her casting, rest she is wooden and ugly. The only guy somewhat normal is Jaaved Jaffrey. The plot is about a car theft. That’s all. Yes and with half a dozen outdated songs. The film is titled Besharam but Ranbir is not even an unapologetic creep. Even that would have been more interesting than this. The 3 perverts in Grand Masti were far more Besharam than Ranbir. There are silly 80s and 90s style excuses thrown for his thefts. “ye dil ka acha aadmi hai” bcos he donates the money to anath ashram. I never thought Abhinav could make a career in film making after i saw Dabangg and this film reinforces it.

Rating – 0/5 among the worst of the year

  1. Bored 11 years ago

    LOL, funny review.

    Maybe Ranbir has it in him to take on SRK and Aamir on their home turfs.
    But trying to do a Salman is a poor decision – specially for feminine stars like Shahid and Ranbir. They shud stick to multiplex romcom for their own good, instead of exposing their limitations.

    U need a mix of macho-ness and ability to laugh at yourself, in order to pull off such bastardized masala from the south – be it Salman/Akshay/Ajay.

  2. sputnik 11 years ago

    Ha Ha.

    Looks like the movie was horrible as the promos suggested. The reviewers are still trying to sidestep talking about Ranbir’s bad acting or are still praising him as I said they will.

    Don’t know if this is true but Abhinav denied that Pallavi is his girlfriend.


    I am not having an affair with Pallavi Sharda – Abhinav Kashyap

    Ever since newbie Pallavi Sharda was cast opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam, rumours have been rife about Pallavi landing the role due to her alleged closeness with the movie’s director Abhinav Kashyap. Pallavi was even quoted saying that she considers Abhinav her mentor and not Karan Johar whose My Name is Khan was her debut movie.

    Abhinav, on his part however had a hearty laugh when we asked him about his alleged closeness with Pallavi. The jovial director wished in good humour that Pallavi should be his girlfriend. “Media says she is my girlfriend. How I wish this could be real. Can’t you see me blushing,” joked Abhinav.

    On a more serious note, Abhinav said he was really surprised to see his name doing the rounds with Pallavi. “I am very amused. I am a happily married man with two daughters. Pallavi is my daughter’s friend. She came through a series of auditions and was finally approved by myself,
    Ranbir and Viacom,” clarified Abhinav and also added that many other big actresses were also auditioned for Besharam.

    Abhinav also hoped that all the talks of the so-called affair would die down and said that he is not the one to mix pleasure with work.

    Besharam which releases on 2 October will see Ranbir pairing up with his parents for the first time.


  3. Baba 11 years ago

    i was expecting a bad film from the promos but since this came on a national holiday and i was bored to sit at home, i thought of checking it out.was hoping to see atleast some funny scenes. its a disaster of a film and no actor could have saved it

  4. John Galt 11 years ago

    Looks like Baba is Ranbir fan.

    Watches his every movie in theater. :3

    • Baba 11 years ago

      i see most of the big films in theatre especially if its on a holiday 😀

  5. John Galt 11 years ago


    Is it worse than JTHJ?

    • Baba 11 years ago

      yes. worse than jthj or may be at same level in some scenes.this is among the likes of chasme badoor. it makes yjhd look like a well made film 😀

  6. ank_16n 11 years ago

    means Besharam will do 100cr as baba also didn’t liked yjhd..!! 😀

    • Baba 11 years ago

      yes those who like watching ranbirs butt crack should go for it 😉 but just 100 cr? seems even you have read the writing on the wall 😀

      • ank_16n 11 years ago

        yes 100cr is still very good…seeing how people want besharam to finish below even 70cr 😀

  7. Baba 11 years ago

    for those have seen the film, i want to ask a question – the herione is a manager in an MNC. and she lives in a chawl. why? she has the money to buy a mercedes though 😀

  8. Baba 11 years ago

    how interval happens? heirone calls ranbir and agrees to go with him.ranbir faints in happiness and thats interval 😀

  9. Manish 11 years ago

    hahahaha 🙂 good one baba (Y) will catch it on torrent , never liked promos of it

  10. sameer 11 years ago

    Beshaaram is a very important film for Ranbir. With this film he wants to be No.1 that is what the previously supposedly unambitious (not worried about 100 crore bracket) Ranbir has said. So I will definetely watch this film to see how he has done.

  11. 11 years ago

    worst film of the year. Big let down !!!

  12. Baba 11 years ago

    Abhinav’s debut film Dabangg was a rollicking hit and this is for the first time that he is facing such a backlash from press and social media and he reasoned: “It all started when the promos of the film were released. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan fans took offence to certain scenes, although we had no intention to hurt anyone.”

    • shan 11 years ago

      Abhinav is like his brother – a sore loser. He is unwilling to accept his movie is crass, banal and unfunny. Even Dabangg, for that matter, was no great shakes. It had a slightly more coherent story and better character development, but still was an average movie overall.

      I want to hear Anurag Kashyap’s reaction to the response to Besharam and what he thinks of the film as well. He had been very vocal at the time of Dabangg saying “Salman thinks he made my brother’s career, we will see who made whose career”. Will be interesting to see if he is gracious enough to accept Abhinav made a bad film this time. Might be too much to expect from someone who deleted his twitter and facebook accounts in protest for candidature for nomination to an award he himself dissed in his blog years ago 🙂 He has made some good movies, esp Gulaal and Black Friday, but doesnt change the fact that he is a bad loser. Saw this at the time of No Smoking, post Dabangg and now again for Lunchbox.

  13. sameer 11 years ago

    Besharam will make it to the Super hit category…Ranbir Kapoor is not a superstar…Even his bad films will sell….and they do not even release during the festival period. This one is all masala. I am going to see it tomorrow
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    By the way if you register and attend the festival, please look out for and see director Suresh Shelar’s Shuruaat which is categorized in the Celebrate Age section and selected by the prestigious MAMI Film Festival, Mumbai. It is a fantastic film. There is an article in today’s Mumbai Mirror:

    • shan 11 years ago

      Is this comment generated by a bot? The statements dont make any sense.

  14. sameer 11 years ago

    Just come back from Besharaam and have to say I liked it. Ranbir Kapoor is fantastic. So was
    the rest of the cast. Abhinav Kashyap has done a good job.The only thing I did not like was the sudden devotional song in the climax, which I found out of place and forced for effect. Other wise a good movie.
    3.5 STARS from me.

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