Most Underrated Actor in Bollywood Akshay Kumar – Gautam Batra

It is very saddening to know that how few mistakes of a person make the people critice him as he is the worst person in the world forgetting the great things he has done in his life. Same thing is happening with Akshay Kumar right now. I don’t know why? An actor from more than twenty years in the industry who has done almost 100 movies so far with average of 4-5 movies every year & almost 10 movies in the pipeline is being considered the worst actor in the Bollywood.

Akshay has done movies in these two decades which has given him a lot of critical acclaim, very good business & verdicts. Most of his movies has opened to huge response due to huge fan following. No doubt his not a single movie in 2011 has opened to response that is normally expected from a movie of actor like him and not a single movie except ‘Housefull’ was Hit on boxoffice since 2009. It doesn’t declines the fact that he has given a large number of Hits in past and is known as most sellable actor in the industry.

He also faced bad period earlier in 1996-1999 when none of his movies worked at boxoffice but he jumped back with Sangharsh & Jaanwar which gave him lot of critical acclaim. Jaanwar was a major success at boxoffice & was declared a ‘Semi Hit’ and after that he gave many movies which were liked by both audiences & critics.

Here i’ll try to put some light on his career which shows many ups & downs but one thing which is constant is that his value din’t decreased a bit and he kept doing movies every year because producers has faith on him.

1. He started his career in 1991 with ‘Saugandh’ and was noticed for his good looks and action skills.

2. Then he got his major break with ‘Khiladi’ in 1992 which was also a success both critically & commercialy. After that he did Main Khiladi Tu Anari & Mohra in 1994 which were ‘Semi Hit’ & ‘Super Hit’ respectively which made him Action King & Khiladi of the Bollywood.

3. In 1995 came another movie in Khiladi series ‘Sabse Bada Khiladi’ which was also a ‘Hit’ at boxoffice. He was creating a strong fan following with each movie. No doubt his other movies in 1994 & 1995 was not big successes but he was being loved by public.

4. One more addition to Khiladi series came in 1996 with ‘Khiladiyo Ka Khiladi’ which was also a boxoffice ‘Hit’.

5. After that the period started for Akshay in which which he saw 13 consecutive disappointments.

6. But in 1999 he made his comeback with Sangharsh & Jaanwar which were loved by critics. Jaanwar was a commercial success too.

7. Then he did three movies of different genre in 2000 Dhadkan was a romantic movie, Hera Pheri was a Comedy & Khiladi 420 which was an Action movie. His role & acting skills in all the three movies were loved by audience. Dhadkan & Hera Pheri did Average business at boxoffice but are still in the memories of people. The Helicopter stunt in Khiladi 420 is unforgetable. He was on the way to the tag of Superstar.

8. In 2001 he did ‘Ajnabee’ which was again ‘Average’ but garnered him ‘Filmare Best Actor Award In Negative Role’. His another movie that year ‘Ek Rishtaa’ was loved by people. He proved himself as a versatile actor by doing all kind of roles.

9. After doing some other memorable movies like ‘Ankhen’ he got his ‘Hit’ in the form of ‘Andaaz’ in 2003.

10. In 2004 he did 8 movies out of which Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Khaaki, Aitraaz & Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo garnered him a great response. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi was declared a Hit.

11. Then with movies like Garam Masala, Waqt, Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Phir Hera Pheri he continued to prove himself as a great actor.

12. Then came 2007 in which he amazed the whole industry by giving three consecutive Hits & one Blockbuster. His role of Arjun Singh was extremely loved by people especially youth. Then in 2008 he again got a Super Hit in the form of Singh Is King which made him the Superstar of the Bollywood.

But from 2009 none of his movie got Hit verdict and not liked by audience except Housefull. The thing worth notice was that his every movie opened to good response and was among highest openers that year except ‘Action Replayy’ in 2010. His major setback was ‘Tees Maar Khan’ which was highly promoted but was trashed by audience. No doubt movie made profits due to huge weekend but Akshay lost his status and none of his movie in 2011 opened to good response. But he learnt from his mistakes and all his movies in 2011 was good. Thatswhy if we note the trend we find that each of his movie in 2011 has opened to better response then its previous…..

1. Patiala House was his first movie this year which opened to lowest response of 4.14 crore nett.

2. Thankyou also had low opening of 4.90 crore but it was better than Patiala House.
3. Desi Boyz opening was also better than Thankyou. It had first day of 8 crore nett.

The trend suggests that he is recovering to his old image which he lost because of his movies from past some years specially TMK. One thing more to be noticed is that his all future movies are of different genres. So with a hope of good movies in future from Akshay Kumar and above given facts we should stop criticing him as an actor and face the truth that he is unbeatable star of the bollywood.

We wish lot of success to him in Future….


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