Happy Birthday Katrina Kaif

Today is megastar Katrina’s birthday so presenting my fav songs on her:

Zara Zara Touch me

Though the song had glimpses of Saif-Bipasha making out in hay, Katrina made all impact with her erotic number:

Gale Lag Ja

What a song and how harami was Akshay in this! I hated how he kisses her navel and squeezes her. He said in an interview that he was under fever while shooting this, could not concentrate well. Wonder what would he have done in good health 😛

Sheila Ki Jawaani

The sole reason why TMK opened well.This song proved Katrina was right when she dissed shakira as just another belly dancer.

Do Dhaari Talwar

An ok song made made highly erotic by Katrina’s hip and waist movements especially in that “Nainon se karti hun amin vaar” line.The other girl was completely overshadowed.Check 5.00 to 5.05 to know what I am talking about 😀

Chikni Chameli

A song that was on my mind for months. It has amazing shock value especially that hip-step of Katrina which was so in the face.A real knockout!I had written my interpretation for it too here 😉

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    hithere 9 years ago

    One song I like more..

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    hithere 9 years ago

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    sputnik 9 years ago

    Good post and good songs Baba. Like the song Just Chill too.

    I like Uncha Lamba Kad and Soni De Nakhre a lot. Katrina looks very pretty.


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