Gangs of Bho***pur

Warning : Adult content in review

Before giving a review of the film,I need to make an appeal to Anurag Kashyap :

Dear Anurag,When will you shed your small townish sex obessesed mentality and ruin your films?What is this infatuation with the ‘Bhosdaa’ of the woman and the “gand” of the man? It is necessary to give your sexual perversions so much prominence to your film and characters? Is it not possible for you to write a script which is compelling on its own?And this is not the problem with you alone.Its the same case with your fellow small townies Imtiaz Ali (Rockstar) and Habib Faisal (Ishaqzaade).

Now on the film, GOW was basically meant to be a revenge film. There is a conflict shown between the Quereshi (Butcher) gang and the Pathan (upper class muslim) gang. Then there is a Hindu MLA also in the proceedings which looked like the main villain of the film. The first 20 mins or so are very engaging. The historical references were blended with the story quite well. The character of Bajpai’s father is written pretty good who is a pathan. I liked all his scenes. After his death, the film loses its way.Manoj Bajpai’s character speaks how the revenge of his dead father is the sole aim of his life but never quite shows the urgency towards it. Instead he is chilling out in the film, he seems more interested in having sex with his wife and almost every other woman. The film forgets the conflicts with the Quereshis and the Hindu MLA and focuses on the affair of Manoj and his Bengali whore. Now few such scenes are alright but there is a limit to irrelevance. I mean who is interested in watching Manoj Bajpai in speedos! At times Anurag is reminded of the core story, so after all the perverted timepass scenes, he would add few scenes relevant to the plot. If you thought GOW is about gangster revenge drama and politics, you are more wrong than right. To compensate for the lack of drama, Anurag has filled the movie with unnecessary profane language. But even there he doesn’t quite succeed bcos it seemed as if everyone in wasseypur only knows one abuse ‘bhosdi ke’. May be I need to give them some tutorials on abuses. But I will charge the ticket money. Then there are chronological errors too in the film. Trishul is being watched in theatre in 1985.

In the climax, Anurag is again reminded of the basic story so Manoj talks about the revenge thing again but its too late by now as 2.5 hrs have passed. In the end it says “abhi baaki hai”. I replied “Tu shuru ki kab hua? seedhe part 2 hi banata”

Rating – 2/5 (story had potential, Manoj is good)

  1. Tango 11 years ago

    Baap re baap is film ko Baba ji ka shrap lag gaya. Ab kya hoga 🙁

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      LOL tango ji – I liked few things in GOW as i have mentioned in my review.There are few smart lines too like “haath kitna bhi lamba ho jaaye,laand ke neche hi rehta hai” and “wasseypur mein kabootar bhi ek pankh se udta hai aur doosre pankh se apni izzat bachata hai”. 😀

      Problem is anurag is a very poorly focused director.He was making a film on gangster revenge drama but there is hardly any of it in the film.His fans say this is his USP.He never makes focused straightforward films.May be I am not his audience.

  2. fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    Baba tumne to sach mein GOW ka mileage LOW kar diya. BOW to you n your reviews. They are just WOW…

  3. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Which was the LAST BOLLYWOOD MOVIE u liked Immensely Baba???

    Like ‘Oldboy’ Level!

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      serenzy – Old boy is my all-time favourite film.I didnt like any film at Old boy level.In this year i liked agneepath,hf 2 and PST.kahaani was decent,could have been better.Not seen RR.

  4. Aftab Ahmed 11 years ago

    There’s everything, except revenge in GOW. Want my money back!!!

    • Baba Ji 11 years ago

      In part 2 anurag will show us the perverted side of Manojs son in the film,faisal khan and then in end credits he will again say revenge “abhi baaki hai” for part 3.I dont even care about part 2.

  5. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    One of the things I liked in the climax was the use of this song in the background.good music by sneha khanwalkar:

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      In Bollywood there are hardly any female music directors. The last one I remember is Usha Khanna and now it is Sneha Khanwalkar. She is definitely talented and very young. Hope she will be a big success in future. Here is a small 30 second interview where she talks about music of GOW.

      • Baba Ji 11 years ago

        yes one of the positives of GOW are its background song.she seems talented.Just saw the climax scene online again.The BGM lifted the scene somewhat.

  6. Baba Ji 11 years ago

    Another great song – Womaniya .must say GOW music has been great on every repeat listen.

  7. Baba 9 years ago

    one of the best climax scenes in last year.the song jiya ho bihar ke lala was apt. the song was used in two different ways in two different sequences in the the first time, it is used to describe the spontaneity and flair of manojs character and in second part, the climax it is used to signify a tragedy that he could not do anything about his revenge.the song almost works like a self deprecating thing in the climax

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