Star Rankings: Salman Khan Tops India Shahrukh Khan Worldwide

Salman Khan remains number one for the India market though Shahrukh Khan has closed the gap after the huge bumper openings of Ra.One and Don 2. In the Overseas markets its a one man show after Ra.One and Don 2 while its also Shahrukh Khan number one Worldwide due to the mega opening of Don 2 in Overseas.

The opening of Rockstar coupled with Ghajini going out of the system as its release was over three years ago puts Ranbir Kapoor ahead of Aamir Khan in third place.

The links for the rankings are below.

BoxOfficeIndia.Com Star Power Rankings INDIA 26/01/12

RankLast WeekStarRelease CountPointsWeekly Points Change
11Salman Khan6738.20+34.90
22Shahrukh Khan3626.40+210.30
34Ranbir Kapoor4137.70-17.20
33Aamir Khan1135.00-20.10
55Hrithik Roshan3-102.70
67Saif Ali Khan3-176.40-1.40
76Akshay Kumar10-230.70-57.20
88Shahid Kapoor4-268.70+31.90
99Imran Khan5-410.50+5.00
1012Emraan Hashmi5-479.00+34.00
1110John Abraham3-506.00-40.60
1211Ajay Devgn10-511.00-18.70

India Ranking

BoxOfficeIndia.Com Star Power Ranking OVERSEAS 26/01/12

RankLast MonthStarRelease CountPointsWeekly Points Change
11Shahrukh Khan6710.00+241.50
22Aamir Khan1120.00-15.00
33Hrithik Roshan3-65.00
44Saif Ali Khan3-115.50-3.00
55Salman Khan7-128.50+48.00
66Ranbir Kapoor4-188.30-7.50
77Shahid Kapoor3-239.60+17.20
89Imran Khan5-418.00+20.00
98John Abraham4-432.00-46.00
1010Akshay Kumar11-489.00-37.90

Overseas Rankings

BoxOfficeIndia.Com Star Power Ranking WORLDWIDE 26/01/12

RankLast MonthStarRelease CountIndia PointsOverseas PointsWorldwide PointsWeekly Points Change
12Shahrukh Khan3626.40177.50803.90+261.70
21Salman Khan6738.20-32.13706.07+46.85
33Aamir Khan1135.0030.00165.00-47.00
44Ranbir Kapoor4137.70-47.0790.63-15.32
55Hrithik Roshan3-102.70-16.25-118.95
66Saif Ali Khan3-176.40-28.88-205.28-2.16
88Shahid Kapoor4-268.70-59.90-328.60+35.20
77Akshay Kumar11-230.70-122.25-352.95-66.67
99Imran Khan5-410.50-104.50-515.00+9.00
1010John Abraham4-506.00-108.00-614.00-89.50

Worldwide Rankings

Rankings Criteria

  1. Avatar
    hithere 9 years ago

    These are ridiculous ratings. Ajay Devgn so low in India?

    • Avatar Author
      sputnik 9 years ago

      They are saying that this list is based on just the opening weekend. So not sure how accurate it is.

      Movies like Aakrosh, TKS and Rascals might have brought him down a bit but then still John being above Ajay is a joke. But again Ranbhir being above Aamir and Hrithik is also ridiculous.

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