Box Office Predictions of Dil Dhadakne Do

DilDhadakneDo 2015 has got a big month in May where “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” and “Piku” surpassed the expectations at the Box Office and “Gabbar is Back” sustained well. Now comes the month of June which will see interesting films starting this June 5 with DIL DHADAKNE DO.

First day – 8.5crs

If word of mouth is GOOD,
Weekend – 31crs
Week 1- 50crs
Week 2- 22crs
Lifetime- 88crs

If Word of mouth is MIXED,
Weekend – 28.5crs
Week 1- 43crs
Week 2- 10crs
Lifetime – 57crs

If Word of mouth is BAD,
Weekend – 27.5crs
Week 1- 39crs
Week 2- 6crs
Lifetime – 46crs

P.S. – If the Word of mouth is on the extremes (Outstanding WOM or Terrible WOM) then the numbers might “swing” accordingly.

  1. Tall Pike 9 years ago

    Four words, “Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gum”

  2. Tall Pike 9 years ago

    1st Weekend : 40 Cr+

  3. anchal joshi 9 years ago

    This movie is a must watch. These type of movies are rarely produced in Indian cinema but they are highly appreciated by the audience. This movie will surely cross 100 crore mark.

  4. Tall Pike 9 years ago

    From all directions, I hear positive things about DDD. Either everyone is being polite or this movie is really good.

    Every age has its own voice. Every medium likewise has it own face. Zoya is today’s Bollywood. Perhaps she does not represent the hopes and aspiration of all Indians, but no one person ever did.

    I found ZNMD a progress beyond DCH (made by Farhan). Looking back it appears that what started with DCH finally found its groove in ZNMD. In the same vein, I think DDD will be a progress beyond ZNMD.

    Sure this is not the life of all Desis, but it surely IS A SCLICE OF LIFE in today’s India. In a different era, Bimal Roy/Mehboob Khan gave us another SCLICE OF LIFE, of another set of Desis. Agreed that Zoya’s characters and the typical Bimal Roy’s characters are two very different Indians. They represent not just different economical background but two different stages of India on the world stage. The characters of Bimal Roy and Mehboob Khan have walked out of their farms, discarded their Bhojpuri dialects, changed out of their Dhotis, put on some hip clothes, and have boarded a cruise liner.

    Beware there is no potty humor. Those looking for poor constipated acting should look elsewhere. Here the characters emote, they breathe, they allow us to peak inside their minds and their hearts. DDD is an invitation to the fans of Bhojpuri Stars to come aboard and sail with a new, young, and different India. It is an alarm bell saying, “Wake up this is Zoya’s India”.

  5. Author
    sanket porwal 9 years ago

    Tall Pike: While I totally agree with you on Zoya, who apparently is my favorite director after Hirani (I enjoyed Luck By chance a lot and ZNMD is one of the best films in the last 10 years), but I am doubtful if that “potty humor” jibe was at Piku. If yes, I disagree. Piku was a fantastic film with terrific screenplay, terrific performances and….well, just about everything terrific! No wonder the film has done so well despite a low first day and competition from Tanu weds manu

    • Tall Pike 9 years ago


      As India walks into a market driven economy, it is finding a market for potty too.

      Clearly PIKU is quite enjoyable. It deserves much better than what it has done. TMWR establishes what a small movie that is “accepted” can achieve. Overall I feel PIKU lost a little on account of Amitabh’s poor acting but gained on account of Bombay Velvet’s epic no show. But by the time TWMR rolled in PIKU had ran its course, it was like Modi, one year of his election, it’s “Achche Din” we’re over.

      We don’t have to agree on everything. You perhap like Potty humor. Your views have an equal opportunity and equal respect. I don’t have to agree to respect your views.

      On the other hand it makes me happy that you agree on Zoya.

  6. Author
    sanket porwal 9 years ago

    Tall Pike – Absolutely! We are free to disagree. I think BigB was a major contribution towards what the film is! It could not have been the same. And btw, Piku did’t get lost with TWMR release. Infact despite TWMR, Piku managed highest third week collections of 2015.

    • Tall Pike 9 years ago


      Third highest in 2015 (so far). Yes it is like a bronze medal at the SPECIAL OLYMPICS.

      The fact that it got there inspite of the curse of Amitabh’s 30+ years of flop track record, and poor performance in PIKU, is a reason to celebrate. But as Amitabh himself says he was a character actor, it appears that the leads salvaged the movie.

      But PIKU deserved better. Anyways let’s move on to DDD.

  7. Author
    sanket porwal 9 years ago

    Tall Pike – Oh, so its Amitabh that’s ailing you! Gotcha!!

    Yup..lets move to DDD.. Will try and catch it First day first show.

    • Tall Pike 9 years ago


      We can disagree without trying to get into each other’s head.

      I just call it the way I see it. I have no obligation to state things that suit anyone’s persoective. You can agree or disagree or debate. But let’s not resort to deception and distortion.

      Let us end this on a happy note

      Piku made the most money (set a world record) amongst all Bollywoid movies with the name Piku. No other such movie came even close. Nor is any such movie lkely to cross this number soon. Thus record us here to stay.

      Piku made the most money for a movie in its 3rd Weekend of release when we consider just the last weekend of May 2015

      In all these extremely conditioned and narrow parameters Piku is a mind blowing blockbuster.

  8. Tall Pike 9 years ago

    Bollywood’s flavor of the day critic, KRK, after abusing DDD for months, says the movie is good and has given 3 Stars.

    Now either KRK has suddenly learnt humility, or this movie is really good.

    Even the reaction of Bollywood celebrities is outstanding. Javed Sahab, in his own unique way has said that his reaction has the risk of bordering on arrogance (WOW).

    I honestly expect DDD’s narrative style to be a few step beyond ZNMD. This is going to be more substantial also compared to ZNMD.

    Zoya, you go girl, you have finally trounced your brother Farhan.

  9. Tall Pike 9 years ago—movie-review/16265195

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