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Madras Cafe Has Fair Opening At Multiplexes

Friday 23rd August 2013 12.30 IST

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Madras Cafe had a fair opening at multiplexes. The opening was not strong at all multiplexes but premium multiplexes in Delhi and Mumbai had decent collections. The opening at PVR and DT screens in Delhi was much better than would be expected of this type of film. The premium multiplexes opened at around 40-50% while the general multiplex opening was 20-25%. Single screens were dull. The film has been released on over 1000 screens.

These type of films tend to do better in the evening and if Madras Cafe manages to pick at multiplexes where opening is low then the film should have a pretty good first day.

The opening is much better than a similar film D Day which releases a few weeks back.

  1. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    B.O. update: ‘Madras Cafe’ starts slow, but strong merits!
    By Taran Adarsh, August 23, 2013 – 14:30 IST

    MADRAS CAFE has embarked on a slow/ordinary note with 25-30% occupancy in the morning/noon shows. However, considering the fact that it does not have the regular run of the mill masala and songs to attract the footfalls, the opening trends can be termed pretty good. The two things working in favour of the movie are the positive word of mouth and terrific critical acclaim. The business, therefore, is expected to grow from evening shows onwards.

  2. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    Madras Cafe First Day Business

    Saturday 24th August 2013 10.30 IST

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    Madras Cafe collected around 5 crore nett on day one which is a decent figure for the film. The film did well in the Delhi/NCR area while business in single screens circuits was dull. The film also fared well in Nizam/Andhra and Mysore though did not release in Tamil Nadu.

    The film should have decent results for the weekend as just normal weekend growth will take it over 15 crore nett and with the type of film Madras Cafe is, it would be expected to have more than the normal weekend growth.

    A similar film like D Day had opened to 2.40 crore nett and the collections for Madras Cafe are double of that film. But the film still has a long way to go as is pretty costly for its genre.

  3. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    Madras Cafe First Day Territorial Breakdown

    Saturday 24th August 2013 14.30 IST

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    Madras Cafe collected 5 crore nett approx on its first day. The weekend territorial breakdown is as follows.

    Mumbai – 1.70 crore

    Delhi/UP – 1.24 crore

    East Punjab – 49 lakhs

    West Bengal – 20 lakhs

    Bihar – 7 lakhs

    CP Berar – 19 lakhs

    CI – 15 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 23 lakhs

    Nizam – 31 lakhs

    Mysore – 30 lakhs

    Others – 10 lakhs

    TOTAL – 4.98 crore

  4. sputnik 11 years ago

    Madras Cafe Set To Emerge A HIT

    Sunday 25th August 2013 11.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Madras Cafe showed a huge jump in business of 30% plus on Saturday as it collected around 6.75 crore nett. The film had huge jumps in Mumbai, Delhi/UP, East Punjab, West Bengal and Mysore while other circuits were also up but much less.

    The trend on Saturday looks set to make the film a hit as a 30% plus jump means the film has very good chances to hold over the weekdays at multiplexes. the film is not so strong at single screens and smaller cities so the Sunday jump will not be as big as Saturday but the film will come out with a minimum 19 crore nett weekend.

    This is a good result for the film and even though the budget is high for the genre it should now easily cover a huge chunk of it from theatrical revenue.


  5. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Taran Adarsh 5.17 and BOI 6.75 cr.
    Thoda ajeeb sa h

    • mate 11 years ago

      Bhai, ajeeb nahi hai, bus ap ne Friday ko Saturday samajh liya.
      According to Taran,
      Friday: 4.25 cr+
      Friday (Revised): 4.90 cr
      Friday (Revised Dobara): 5.17 cr 😛
      Saturday: 7 cr approx.
      According to BOI,
      Friday: 4.98 cr
      Saturday: 6.75 cr

      • Reddemon 11 years ago

        Hehe Nagaland aa k thoda pagal ho gaya hu 😛

  6. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    Madras Cafe Has A Good Weekend

    Monday 26th August 2013 10.30 IST

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    Madras Cafe showed a good trend over the weekend to collect around 20.25 crore nett. The opening itself was not too bad as audiences came at the good multiplexes and Saturday saw excellent growth and good growth on Sunday.

    The film collected 5 crore nett on Friday, 6.75 crore nett on Saturday and 8.50 crore nett on Sunday. The film did well in Mumbai, Delhi/UP, East Punjab, West Bengal, Nizam and Mysore. Rajasthan was the disappointment as the circuit is now clearly the fourth biggest in India and does come on board for multiplex films but this was not the case for Madras Cafe. The business in Rajasthan was lower than all the above mentioned circuits.

    The film was excellent in Delhi/UP and East Punjab while it did good business in Mumbai, West Bengal, Nizam and Mysore.

  7. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    Madras Cafe Holds Fairly Well On Monday

    Tuesday 27th August 2013 11.00 IST

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    Madras Cafe held up fairly well on Monday as it collected in the 2.75-3 crore nett range making its four day total to around 24.50 crore nett. The film has advantage of a holiday on Wednesday which help its cause and take the first week figure to around 32 crore nett.

    The film will get hit on Friday as a big film like Satyagraha is coming but Madras Cafe has appreciation amongst the audience that watches films at premium multiplexes so should pick up again on Saturday.

    The film should comfortably cross the 40 crore nett mark and remains to be seen if it can get near or even go over 50 crore nett.

  8. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    Madras Cafe Gets Benefit Of Janmashtami On Wednesday

    Thursday 29th August 2013 11.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Madras Cafe has held steady on the weekdays as it got a boost on Tuesday evening and Wednesday due to Janmashtami. The film has grossed around 30.50 crore nett in six days.

    The trend of the film is very similar to Ranjhanaa released a couple of months back and that film went on to gross around 60 crore nett but that is unlikely to happen to Madras Cafe not only due to the fact there is a good flow of releases over the next few backs but also because Madras Cafe is mainly holding at the good premium multiplexes and these high grossing cinemas tend to come down quickly.

    The collections of Madras Cafe were down at many centres on Monday and those places cold well see another big drop today (Thursday) again.

  9. sputnik 11 years ago

    Madras Cafe Grosses 32.50 Crore In First Week

    Friday 30th August 2013 10.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Madras Cafe grossed around 32.50 crore nett in week one. The film had a good weekend but the weekday collections are a little disappointing considering the huge jump it took on Saturday and the weekdays had a holiday.

    The problem for the film is limited appreciation outside the premium multiplexes. The film has not done well outside the metros but even in metros it is dependent on the cinema. In a city like Delhi a PVR City Walk records very good figures but its not the same at a Fun Motinagar.

    The film will gross over 40 crore nett but may struggle to get to 50 crore nett. Films like Aashiqui 2 and Ranjhanaa which had similar weekend figures but lower costs went on to do 80 and 60 crore respectively.


  10. sputnik 11 years ago

    Madras Cafe Drops On Day Eight

    Saturday 31st August 2013 11.30 IST

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    Madras Cafe dropped on eighth day with collections around 1.25 crore nett. The first day had collected around 5 crore nett. The business of film is mainly coming from Mumbai, Delhi/UP, East Punjab and Mysore while other circuits are now contributing small amounts.

    The film should jump on Saturday but still it looks like the film is heading for a 70% week on week drop which is okay for a big film which has a wide release but not so good for a film like Madras Cafe.

    The film is an average fair and will finish with business around the 45 crore nett mark.


  11. Anjanpur685Miles 11 years ago

    So a very well appreciated and well-received movie like Madras cafe drops by 70% in week 2. So much for WOM theory. It shows that one should not judge appreciation based on %drop alone.

    • Baba 11 years ago

      BO never can decide the quality of a film. by wom theory, BMB must be a classic 😉
      having said that, i am happy with the BO of MC. for the kind of film and starcast it had, 45 cr with avg tag is a good result.i was happy with a similar verdict for commando too.both films are sincere attempts to push the boundaries of their genre.

      • phoenix 11 years ago

        I think what works is combination of WOM and genre. Some films are just meant to be watched in Netflix. 😀

  12. mate 11 years ago

    So, KRK won his all three bets. 😛

  13. Author
    aryan 11 years ago

    Madras Cafe Struggles In Week Two

    Tuesday 3rd September 2013 10.30 IST

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    Madras Cafe has found it tough going in week two with collections coming down all over. The film grossed around 5.75 crore nett over its second weekend and around 75 lakhs on its second Monday. The second week business is looking to be in the 8.50 crore nett region.

    The two week total for the film will be around 41 crore nett and a lifetime total looking to be around 45 crore nett. The film has not really consolidated after a decent weekend and despite a holiday boost last Wednesday the collections have generally been on the slide.

    Overall the film is an average fair thanks to a decent weekend and Janmashtami holiday last Wednesday.

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