Sanket’s Review : Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

PyaarKaPunchnaama2 In a film that’s glaringly about how girlfriends bring unhealthy atmosphere in a relationship, its hard to make a comedy and still not to be misogynistic. So here we have “Pyaar Ka Punchnama-2” which is unapologetic and unabashed in its approach and it goes full throttle to depict relationship problems among urban youth.

The film walks on the same route that its first part did although this time it’s a little more fun. The film doesn’t take time to build romance which isn’t its focus point. The film kicks in when there appear cracks between the leads. First half has hilarious moments and the tempo is maintained. The cricket match scene and the intermission part particularly bring ache in your stomach. Although the problem is one feels the film is moving round and round in the loop and the screenplay is repetitive. It’s the jokes and the boys chemistry that keeps the film brisk paced.

The second half also grapples with same problem of being overly repetitive but I overlooked most of its flaws for its comedy at places that left me laughing loud. And thunderous applause to the writer and Kartik Aryan for Carrying the 7-minute-monologue with elan. It’s not easy to hold the screen for 7 minutes in a row and manage to continuously tickle you. Although one felt that the film didn’t have a dry ending that was so predictable.

This film looks updated version of its previous instalment so one can easily notice the affluence in its technicalities. The songs are peppy but forgettable. The dialogues yet again is an ace card.

The three heroes share terrific chemistry and each one serves their role. But its yet again Kartik Aaryan with his strong screen presence display who impresses the most. Ishita Raj is too good in few scenes. Nushrat falls prey to the character that’s rather over written.

The film packs lots of comedy despite its rough and unimaginative screenplay. Give it a chance.

Rating – 3/5


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