Sanket’s Review: “Table No. 21” has its heart in the right place, but it deserved better writing.

Cast: Paresh Rawal, Raajev Khandelwal, Teena Desae

Director: Aditya Datt

Length: 1.45 hours approximately.

To start of this New Year, we have this week’s “Table No.21” which has its heart in right place, but deserved better writing. The film makes a point to deliver a very good message and has social concern too, but all it would have hit the nail had the writers justified with their job. Not that the message is not clear, but its just not louder!

The film begins up with romantic bits of the leading couple who finds themselves in a game held by Paresh Rawal who plays the owner of a hotel where the couple has come to. Although the film is shorter in its length, but still the portions seems repetitive and predictable. The first half of the film has some engaging moments like the one where the couple is been asked to kiss on a busy street which is not a comfortable move for the couple.

But the problem lies that all the prophecies that viewer can think about of every “game”, comes out to be true and hence the unpredictability constraint is tremendously missed! Although the film has very heartening climax and that is the only major twist. Frankly, “Table No.21” would have been just an ordinary affair without the final 15 minutes which is the major high-point in the film. But some questions remains unanswered and which definitely goes against the film

The two songs are fine. The background score is very contrived and it pops up for reasons unknown. The cinematography is excellent and the camera-work is appreciative. The director is confident and his scenes are well executed but how you wish the writers would have not let down the film. The film needed gripping script because it’s a thriller that has some major twists which are not well disclosed, except for the finale one.

Rajeev Khandelwal has disappointed with his acting for the first time. His expressions are single pointed and he never quite conveys his emotions thoroughly. Teena Desae does have some good acting talent but doesn’t get much of the scope to do it. Paresh Rawal is in terrific form which he displays his character who is perilous, lout, and also witty! Thumbs up again!

“Table No.21” is a fine attempt and should be given a fair chance for its very novel concept and a significant message. It has its quibbles, but it manages to overcome many of them, if not all. I am going half extra star just for the finale.

Rating- 2.5/5 (Above Average/ Decent)


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