Sanket’s Review: Singh is Bliing

sib Singh is Bling is one of those formulaic films where all you can sit and do is be embarrassed. We have had enough of potboilers in Bollywood and I have enjoyed fair number of those films. But Singh is Bling lies in the category of absurdity in the name of “masala”.

The film is funny in parts and gives away few moments to chuckle at. But there’s enough unfunny ingredients that may get on the nerves. Lara Dutta’s schizophrenic antics are tastelessly added in the film. Akshay does get to tickle your funny bones in first half, but much of the film’s screenplay is invested in unenjoyable cooking up of chemistry which is largely cold.

But the real problem starts post intermission when the writers are running short of ideas and the scenes start getting repeated. There’s superficial drama that replaces comedy and then there’s K K Menon in possibly his worst portrayal. All he gets to mouth in the film are 2 clunky, self-praising line ” I am too good”. By the time the film has ended, one feels exhausted.

The songs too are ordinary with only couple of songs leaving a mark – TungTung, Aaja Mahi.
Akshay Kumar has few genuine laughs to provide but that’s about it. He seemed as tired while performing actions as we were while watching the fim. Amy Jackson gets to perform in a very mundane role. Rest not a single performance is worth mentioning.

Prabhudeva yet again fails to keep the film’s momentum intact for throughout. To sum things up, Singh is Bling turns out to be boring, unfunny and just too repetitive.

Rating – 1.5/5


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