Aamir creates new genre-HORRIFIC SUSPENSE

Movie Review…Talaash  (Spolier Galore)

The movie starts with an empty marine drive road in the middle of the night in Mumbai where three persons  present along with a female dog ,seems to be scared for no reason( probably they are scared off the sound of the ocean)….Off comes a car zipping from the opposite direction , bangs itself in to the cement barricades without provocation  and rolls in to the ocean ( cinematic high moment)…Needless to say the driver ,who is an actor, dies …On the face of it ,it looks like an accident but for some unknown reasons Inspector Surjan Sekhawat (aamir khan) decides to investigate the matter assuming it as murder…(probably the inspector still didn’t forget his dialogue in his previous movie…excellence ke peeche bhago)..

As the insepector who is leading a depressed life ,( as he blames himself for his sons’ death, who drowned in the river), starts investigating the case, new startling revelations surface one after another…Like, the deceased used to be a flop star before he became a hit star( new revelation) and he has got a friend whose name is kejriwal (No.. not arvind kejriwal..its sanjay kejriwal).  The moot question is why the car banged in to the barricades without provocation ?? The mystery is so deep that sekhawat couldn’t sleep in  nights and in one such night he meets Rosy ,a hooker( kareena kapoor)…The hooker starts giving information to the inspector about the supposedly murder  .Truth begin to surface about the unprovoked banging ( I am talking about the car…)

As sekhawat use his great investigating skills( help from the hooker) to reach to the end of the mystery, his wife(Rani Mukherjee) re-connects with his dead son through the process of spirit calling( we used to do this stuff a lot during our college days…but ,damn, we never met any spirit but since aamir is epitome of intelligence the spirits must have decided to surface in his movie)..

Just 15 mins before the movie, shockwaves and chill spreads throughout the theatre as the audience alongwith the talented investigator sekhawat discover that the hooker Rosy is actually a Ghost .The banging of car is actually provoked .The provocation is  that the dead actor, his kejriwal friend and another friend had picked the hooker ( you know for what) one night but before they start enjoying themselves, they meet with an accident where in the three friends left the injured hooker on the road for dead( yes this is the provocation)…At last ,justice prevails  and the justice is served by ghost in tango with her inspector friend ….

The script of the movie should be sent to the Oscar library( intelligent wing) for preservation as a piece of special art …

The directoion by Reema Kagti is  national award winning stuff.

Performances from the lead actors is thrilling and outstanding …Aamir khan delivers his career best performance .His intensity is at par with Al Pacino of Godfather and Robert De Nero of Taxi Driver…Kareena kapoor looks sexy for a ghost …Rani is  as good as Merryl Streep  of the Manchurian candidate…

BO Prospects…1.This movie will appeal specifically to the people who disliked JTJH for its lack of logic since this movie displays absolute logical stuff.

2.All the intelligent people from IT sector will like this movie( people with lack of intelligence may not like this movie as the logic in the movie might go over their head)

3.Single screens audience may not like this one but multiplex audience will latch on to this one for its fresh and clever screenplay….

4.Aamir has explored new grounds,experimented and is  part of a truly path breaking cinema….He has created a new genre with this movie. HORRIFIC SUSPENSE…Bravo Aamir Khan….The epitome of intelligence ..the thinking man’s actor…

My personal Opinion….The movie should get the “best movie” award in this years Oscars ahead of the Dark Knight Rises, Argo, Lincon and such stuff..

Rating..4.99/5    ( Deducted 0.01 as aamir had a intense moustache. I like him without it)

  1. sputnik 9 years ago

    Ha Ha good one.

    I liked Talaash but agree that there is lot in Talaash that can be mocked using logic if one wants to.

  2. Bored 9 years ago

    This is funny in parts but more ‘for-srk’ and ‘anti-aamir’ stance.

    The basic difference between our 2 khans is one takes his act seriously the other doesnt. Bollywood stories are hardly logical – excessive emotional tones in aamir movies are personally as jarring as srk’s facial contortions!

  3. Author
    RAJ 9 years ago

    “This is funny in parts but more ‘for-srk’ and ‘anti-aamir’ stance.


    Thanks for reminding me…you really can see through and read between lines 🙂

  4. I.One 9 years ago

    Horrific Suspense! LOL

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