Sanket’s Review: “Jism 2” – suitable tagline would have been ‘to watch this film is to laugh.’

Cast: Sunny Leon, Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh

Director: Pooja Bhatt

Length: 2.05 hours approximately

Bipasha and John’s version of JISM didn’t really have any engaging story neither the intimacy level was higher compared to the sequel. But, for once, it wasn’t as hollow and over the roof as this one is. In-fact, frankly it was not entirely unwatchable unlike this one. JISM 2 clearly focuses on revealing dresses of actress, close-up shots of her toned body and dozens of kisses that comes just to remind its audience that the film is named JISM 2 so you have to take it. How I wish, there was any kind of sincerity in at-least one department except of over-the-top one.

The film starts with the way you would like to have it- yes, a sex scene! The plot of the film, if you can call it that, revolves around a so called intelligent agency that is in search of a gangster. Even before the film reveals its cards further, you have already predicted half way through of the film very correctly. Yes, it’s that predictable and puerile! The tasteless songs flow in to fill the first 40 minutes of the film. When you finally witness one decent engaging scene, you expect something to happen, but nothing ever happens!

The second half particularly can be best described as sleeping pill. What is Bhatt trying to make out of the story is something which nobody really can know, yes, not even her I guess. The film tries to throw some curveball in form of twists, but they are so clichéd that it only cuts down the pace. Sadly, even a talented Hooda is wasted in such a terrible role. If the love scenes are something that engages you, then surely you have one long scene in this half to cheer. But for that, you have to bear this whole 125 minutes of pain. The climax has some of the most hilarious situations that lands up. But even the climax is stretched to an unending length.

Music is simply poor. Apart from one tolerable song “Abhi ABhi”, the music is largely ignorable. The dialogues are so outdated and poorly written that it brings laughs out of you. That strikes me to lend a suitable tagline for this film- “to watch this film is to laugh”. Pooja Bhatt definitely needs to polish her directional work and must learn some aesthetics and nuances of such films from any one member of the Bhatt camp. The screenplay involves nothing more than just countable decent scenes. And about editor, well I suspect if anyone was even hired to do that work, seeing the sluggish pace of the film.

Over-acting is the thing which JISM 2 offers in abundance. Not a single player of this film has attempted to act well in this already boring film. Randeep Hooda’s emotions serves you good laughs, and Sunny Leone’s expressions suggests that she might have got cheated as she might have thought she is doing a horror film. Arunoday’s performance did have some elegance in beginning, but too soon even he hams it up big time.

JISM 2 is better left untouched. It’s that film where everything is going wrong and the makers are still to realize that. If relishing those hot intimate scenes on big screen was your only agenda to buy from JISM 2, then it may give you some worth of your money back!

Rating- 1.5/5 (Poor)

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  1. Baba Ji 10 years ago

    “If relishing those hot intimate scenes on big screen was your only agenda to buy from JISM 2, then it may give you some worth of your money back!”

    you went to jism 2 for story? you must be joking!

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